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Sainsbury's Be Good To Yourself Orange High Juice

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Sainsbury's / Type: Fruit Juice

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    2 Reviews
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      11.08.2010 21:55
      Very helpful



      I enjoy a glass of this as it makes me feel refreshed after a long day at work.

      Sainsbury's High Juice.

      This being the pink grapefruit variety.

      Contains 50 percent fruit juice.

      I actually like this juice, it is currently on special offer of two bottles for £2.00 in Sainsbury's. It is just pink grapefruit with sweetener. And i love the taste, personally. This also comes in orange flavopur, im not able to drink orange so dont know what that tastes like, but they also do a summer fruits variety, blackcurrant and a pomegranate flavour, and i do enjoy a chilled glass of this pink grapefruit one. You can really taste the grapefruit and being pink makes a different interesting taste in a glass.

      Just add water to this and a few ice cubes if you are drinking outside and fancy a cool refreshing drink, thats a good price too.

      The bottle is widely recycled, including the lid.

      It is pink grapefruit made using natural colours and flavourings and does not contain any benzoate preservatives.

      No added sugar and diet drinks are only sweetened by using sucralose and no other added artificial sweeteners. I love the taste of this refreshing drink, and at two bottles for a mere £2.00 i find them to be oif good value.

      Contains pink grapefruit from concentrated fifty four per cent grapefruits.

      Allergy advice does contain sulphites.

      Store in a cool dry place and out of sunlifht.

      Shake bottle well before adding to a glass of water. Always dilute to taste 1 part juice, four parts water.

      I think that the pink grapefruit is my favourite tasting juice in this range, and i must admit i was tempted because of the two bottles for £2.00, but glad i did buy this juice as it really has a nice bitter pink grapefruit taste which i love.

      It comes in a one litre bottle, which lasts me ages, but then again i have a whole four different ranges to choose from.

      Cals are only 15 per 250 ml glass full.
      There is just a trace of fat in this drink.
      The total sugars are only at 2.6grams.
      Ans there is just a trace of salt.

      I enjoy this give it a try and see if you like it too, and whilst it is on special offer it is worth buying.

      Thanks for reading and rating my reviews.x.


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      13.05.2009 12:12
      Very helpful



      Its better to buy some other juice drink

      I always tend to stock up on long life juices and squash drinks which are free of phenylalanines. My little one likes trying several flavours per day and I often have little guests over. I don't usually buy a ' be good to yourself' or in other words low cal drinks for him as he is extremely skinny , but that day at Sainsbury's I couldn't spot a regular orange squash bottle and made a grab for this bottle of Orange high juice.


      Sold exclusively in Sainsbury's as it is a supermarkets own brand.

      ** PRICE **

      £1.17 for 1 liter of squash. This size serves approximately 20 glasses of squash so that's the equivalent of less than 7p per glass.



      I liter plastic bottle with a blue cap and a big label with 'be good to yourself' written on a green apple. Nothing noteworthy about the bottle that would make you grab it and place it in your trolley , its just like any other juice bottle in appearance. The content is refreshingly orange in colour when you buy it.
      It's a supposedly healthier version of orange squash with sweeteners.

      The product claims to have 50% fruit juice and is very high in vitamin C (about 12mg per 100mls about 50% of an adults rda), so far so good.
      The ingredients that hve gone towards making this juice are--
      Orange juice from concentrate 50%, Water, Orange comminute from concentrate (15%), Citric acid, Natural flavouring , Trisodium Citrate,Presevatives , Potassium sorbate, sodium metasulphite , Vit C and Sucralose as the sweetner.

      So there is the culprit no one... it has sulphites... though there is a word of caution on the label.
      The calorie output is only 6Kcal per 100gms which is very good if you are on a low cal diet and the additive sweeteners make it ideal drink for the diabetics too...but, there is a BUT... which I have written in my opinion.

      **MY OPINION**

      You just need 1part of squash and add four parts of water to make up a regular drink , which is quite economical from my point of view .

      It can be kept out of the fridge in a cool , dark shelf out of direct sunlight so you save on fridge space.

      Sucralose the lesser potent sweetener used ,though it has not yet been confirmed through research yet could be linked to neurological complications .

      While this squash is ideal for the diabetic and the dieters it has two drawbacks which are hard to ignore..one is tastewise.. well the glass of drink was horrible in taste..my little one rejected it outright and not without reason ...it has an overwhelming zesty taste and a strong bitter aftertaste of added artificial sweeteners . I couldn't really blame him.

      The nice bright colour slowly turned an unappetizing cloudy brown over the next few days , though it was still cold back in January(well freezing really) and the lid was secure . Though it still smelt the same ..there was no way I was going to make a glass and try it out so it went into the bin that very day..about a week after it was bought. What a shameful waste of resources.

      I don't think I am ever going to buy it again and would recommend friends to steer clear of this product as well.


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