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Sainsbury's Diet Dandelion & Burdock

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    4 Reviews
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      17.04.2013 19:31
      Very helpful



      Nice tasty drink and refreshing.

      Dandelion and Burdock is one of my favourite soft drinks. I buy lots of different brands. Cheap brands and branded ones too. I find the cheaper ones are quite good value for money. I have always loved the taste and it is a taste which I find really enjoyable to drink, especially on a very hot day during the summer months.

      The drink comes in a transparent plastic bottle, the colour of the drink is a dark brown colour. Once the top is removed I can detect a really nice smell of the drink. It is hard to describe the taste but anyone who drinks this flavour will know the smell. It is a pleasant smell, considering it is cheap to buy.

      This one is quite fizzy and it does hold the fizz in a glass for a while after it has been poured, unlike some which tend to go really flat. Also once the top has been replaced it also holds the fizz well inside the bottle and ready for the next time you want a drink. I have opened the bottle the next day and the drink is still quite fizzy, which shows the quality of this drink.

      It isn't a bitter or sour tasting drink, it isn't bland and is just a really nice tasty drink. It is really refreshing too. I love to drink it cold, straight from my fridge. I have drunk it straight from the cupboard and it does taste fine but I do much prefer it chilled. Just gives a nicer taste in my opinion.

      This one is a diet drink, so less calories and ideal if you are trying to lose some weight or want a drink with less sugar etc. It contains a sweetener and is made from real dandelion and burdock extract.

      Per 100ml it contains 3 calories, I think this amount is really good for a soft drink if you like to drink a lot of soft drinks. It is surprising how the calories can mount up from your daily allowance when drinking fizzy pop. I am not on a diet but some days I just feel I want to eat and eat tons in a day. So sometimes I just have a couple of glasses of the drink and it does help to curve the urge to eat more. I am lucky enough not to have to diet but I still like to watch my weight now I am of my mature years. Since I have gained a few pounds as I am growing older.

      This drink is very cheap and is priced at just 69p for a 2 litre bottle. You just cannot go wrong with the price in my opinion. It is a fabulous price if you are on a lower budget and this one is ideal if you are wanting to drop a brand.

      I buy this for my BBQ,s, my family and friends all love it and none of them have complained that it has a bitter taste or a nasty one. All of them are very happy to drink it. It is cheap enough to buy for children's parties to save a little money. It is nice with a few ice cubes dropped into the glass, the cubes give it a much colder taste and ideal for drinking in the garden on a hot day. It helps to quench my thirst and I like to drink it while I am reading in my garden and relaxing.

      The use by date is really good too and for at least 6 months unopened, so it is a nice one to buy to stock the cupboards and ready available if you fancy a nice cold drink. Also once opened it can be kept in the fridge for up to 3 days. A nice length of time I think because if you live on your own, it means you can drink it in the next few days and so no wastage.

      I highly do recommend this drink. It tastes delicious and is excellent value for the price. I will continue to buy it in the future because it gives me all the taste that I expect from a shops own brand of Dandelion and Burdock.

      It is also available in cans, if you fancy just a can instead of drinking it from a larger bottle. The cans are in packs of 6 and priced at just £1.59. The cans are 330ml each. Ideal if you want to take one per day for a drink while at work etc.

      The bottle and cans are also recyclable too.

      I give this drink 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        20.05.2012 19:11
        Very helpful



        can you taste the dandelion and burdock?

        I've just bought dandelion and burdock fizzy pop for the first time in absolutely years, I used to absolutely love dandelion and burdock as a child, we always used to get it from the pop man that came door to door. I don't think the pop man exists any more, so I got mine from Sainsburys!

        Dandelion and burdock is a fizzy soft drink flavoured with fermented dandelion and burdock roots, it has been around for ages and you can get various supermarket own brand versions of it, plus branded versions as well.

        I chose the Sainsburys own brand diet dandelion and burdock, it comes in a 2 litre bottle, and currently costs 57 pence per bottle. This is a no added sugar diet dandelion and burdock, which I think is probably what attracted me to it as I do normally buy the diet versions of soft drinks. The bottle states that it contains just 3 kcal per 100ml.

        The bottle also states that this is made with real dandelion and burdock extract, I'm not sure how much or how real, but probably not much, and probably not that real either!

        So how does it taste? - I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of this, I hadn't expected too much to be honest as it was just a supermarket own brand and it was so cheap, however it has a really pleasant taste. I can't say that I could taste dandelion or burdock, but what do they actually taste like anyway!! It did seem to taste like the dandelion and burdock that I remember from my childhood though, and I did really enjoy it. It wasn't overly sweet, and even my husband enjoyed it, and he's not normally a fizzy pop fan. It's difficult to describe the actual taste of dandelion and burdock as it's quite unique, I would say that it has a kind of a sasparilla/root beer kind of flavour to it.

        The dandelion and burdock was really fizzy, and the bottle didn't lose any of its fizz either, even after being kept in the fridge for a couple of days.

        I did find that it tasted better when chilled and poured over lots of ice, it was ok at room temperature, but much nicer chilled.

        I will definately buy this again, I think that for the price it's perfect. It's a nice change from lemonade or coke occasionally.

        Sainburys also sold a 6 pack of 330ml cans of the diet dandelion and burdock for £1.49. These would be handy to have in so that you could just have a can occasionally without having to use up a large 2 litre bottle if you didn't want to.


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        10.05.2010 22:56
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        quality matters in this soft drink

        Dandelion and Burdock

        Absolutely love the stuff!

        The bottled Sainsbury's version doesn't contain the 'real root extract' properties that are meant to be the all-important ingredient of this halcyon product that has been around for generations, so doesn't have any diuretic effect, making it less of a health-drink than it really ought to be, despite it being a commercial soft drink like any other.

        In addition, the bottled-kind is exceptionally syrupy in texture and heavily sugared that make the entire contents appear like solid-tar, that even the taste, surprisingly give it less of 'kick' than you would expect from a carbonized drink, that when left to go flat, tastes that much worse. This often went down my gut in a very uneasy way and left me bloated (unlike) any other fizzy-pop I have ever had and for reasons I am still not all that clear.

        I switched from the bottle to the cans that Sainsbuy's offer as a thoughtful alternative last year, once I discovered their gem hidden amongst the vast array of Coke brands and other exotically enticing pops. Not everyone drinks fizzy flavours for the same reasons - Generally I will only consume it as part of my healthy diet if it contains beneficial-properties (however small) but that are disappointingly nowhere to be found in this basics value 'vessel version' that equally contain the same natural colours and flavours that Sainsbuy's are eager to follow government legislation regarding no-added-sugars in all their soft drinks range, which is commendable and why I choose to do most of my grocery shopping there.


        Dandelion and Burdock originated in early medieval Britain as an alternative to the ancient 'Mead' that was considered mildly alcoholic as a honey-wine, in the reign of Edward the Confessor, though later experimentation certainly made it a potent knock-out beverage throughout the centuries that followed.

        Before the launch of American-brand Coca-Cola came to england in the late 20th century and available only to the select rich in society, Dandelion and Burdock were a widely available source of water-equivalent that was a locally-produced soft drink since 1265 and traditionally made from the fermentation of Dandelion heads and roots of the Burdock plants. Botanists in those times, knew far more about nature far more than they do today simply because their survival depended upon natural resources in a very different way from now and understood plant properties in all their complexities (hence the reason) as to why surviving medieval archives on living organisms are precious reference materials that modern bio-scientists use as I write.

        Health-properties and ingredients:

        All plant extract contains some degree of beneficial healing properties as in the case of Dandelion and Burdock, that medical science welcome the growing popularity of 'alternative' treatments for certain sickness conditions and, why it is that "Holland and Barrett" for instance are such a favourite consumer choice. Their own Dandelion and Burdock brand supply, usually come in the form of capsules or soft drinks that are not carbonized and therefore are purely medicinal and pure of any additives.

        The active ingredients in Sainsbury's bottled Dandelion and Burdock that act as a diuretic, are simply just the plant extracts and nothing more, the rest of the ingredients that make the overall soft drink are sucralose (natural sugars and colours) even in their diet varieties that simply contain equally less fat; sugar and salt traces. However, there is such little difference between the diet and standard canned types when their calorie contents are about the same: (7) calories per can. The difference in calories in the bottled-versions of standard and diet are perhaps no different, as am not into calorie-counting, only whether something is more or less marginally healthy for my dietary needs.

        The nutritional information on my can of standard Dandelion and Burdock (Sainsbury's own brand) are as follows:

        (a typical can contains 330ml)

        Typical values per 100ml: Energy 9 kJ, 2 Kcal (calories)
        Protein trace; Carbohydrate 0.2g of which sugars trace; fat trace of which saturates trace; Fibre trace; Salt trace of which sodium trace.

        Although not an unhealthy soft drink of pop, it certainly is recommended as an energy booster, though does make you frequent the toilet given its powerful effect on the bladder due its 'Real-Root' extract (not found in the bottled version as mentioned earlier)

        Who uses it and what does diuretic mean?

        Before the monthly period cycle begins in women, they are apt to 'bloating' which is a typical response that the body appears to hold on to fluids that I haven't really looked into. Anyway, those who know what I am talking about, often feel 'enormous' by the fact that their bodies seem somewhat more heavier than they ought to be at that time of the month and want something to relieve them of the additional weight they often mistake as some kind of sudden calorie-explosion from all the sugars that are consumed during this process. Interestingly, what I discovered for myself was that, taking a diuretic a week before my menstrual cycle, actually resolved the heavy-issue regardless of what and how much I ate at that time.

        A diuretic is "any kind of drug that alleviates the rate of urination and thus provides a means of forced urination" though strengths vary according to the distinct category that the drug falls under. I have used "Aqua Ban" and the active ingredients in this are: "Uvi Ursa Powder" Clivers Powder" and "Burdock root powder" they each uniquely contribute to the excess elimination of water in the body, though in fact do not always guarantee this when there have been many occasions I have taken the Aqua Ban pills to no effect, yet the Dandelion and Burdock I drink always makes me go!


        Given my unfortunate experiences with Sainsbury's own brand bottled-Dandelion and Burdock; I would never go out of my way to buy it again unless they stopped making the canned versions that are the real deal in my opinion, when they contain the 'Real Root' extract that if were sold in say "Holland and Barrett" (in carbonized form) would have to pay considerably more than the £1.11 for 6 x cans.

        The only real advantages to this product in bottled form, is that it is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans alike, though considering that many do not consume any means of fat whatsoever in their restricted diets, if they are happy with some trace elements of it, then this is passable as an alternative to soft drinks that don't contain fat of any kind.


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          16.09.2009 20:25
          Very helpful



          A nice, light drink

          My one weakness in life is 'pop'. I love the stuff ever since I was a nipper and as a grow up I still adore it! I do try do drink alot of healthier drinks now I know better but still I can't help myself really!

          I do try very hard though to go for diet or low calorie and no added sugar options so when I saw one of my favourite flavours in Sainsbury's the other day as a none added sugar offering I simply had to try it!

          The Packaging....

          Cream can with silver ring pull to the top of it (it's also available in a 2 litre bottle size). On the front there is a picture drawn on of the drink and in red and burgundy writing I'm told it is Sainsbury's Dandelion & Burdock which is made with real root extracts and of course contains no added sugar and there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there. On the back of the can I'm told a bit about the product and nutritional ingredients and allergy advice is all listed as is instructions on how to store the drink and contact details for Sainsburys and the size of the can is stated (330ml) and finally there is a bar-code on there. Nice enough, informative can this is.

          A Bit About The product According To The Back Of The Can:

          Carbonated no added sugar dandelion & burdock flavoured soft drink with sweetener.

          All our soft drinks are made using only natural colours and flavours and to not contain any benzonate preservatives. Our 'no added sugar' and 'diet' drinks are only sweetened with sucrolose and no other artificial sweeteners. Our regular soft drinks are only sweetened with sugars.

          Vegetarian & Vegan suitable

          The Drink Itself....

          Dark brown and as soon as you open it up the smell of the root extracts really does hit your nostrils and it smells great and with a slight sweetness to it. To me this is best served chilled and with ice!

          It's quite sparkling opposed to fizzy and stays that way for a good while once it's poured. Course if you leave it hanging about it will go flat and particularly if you add water and/or ice to it so your best to open it and drink it pretty much straight away. It is highly flavoursome, not too sweet at all and doesn't taste full of nasty sweeteners. However this to me isn't a refreshing drink at all and once drank I feel the need to drink more! I think this is because as it is so highly flavoured it sort of coats the mouth quite a bit! It is really tasty though, decent quality and value for money I have no major gripes with this at all!

          Allergy Advice....Contains Barley, Gluten

          Nutritional Information Per 330ml Can:

          Calories: 7
          Fat: Trace
          Saturated Fat: Trace
          Salt: Trace
          Total Sugars: Trace

          The 2L bottle of this will set you back about 47p and the can around 38p and it's also available in a 6 can multi-pack which costs £1.06! Only available in Sainsbury's stores.


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