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Sainsbury's Energy Drink Original

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Manufacturer: Sainsbury's / Type: Energy Drink

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    1 Review
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      08.07.2009 19:18
      Very helpful



      Doesn't do a thing for me sadly!

      I really do love my energy drinks! I think it's a thing in my head that believe they wake me up and stuff and they probably don't but me, I get so low on energy (due to low potassium levels) that I seem to be permanently sipping them!

      I am a huge original lucozade fan. I absolutely love the stuff but at over a pound a bottle it can work out pricey so when I saw this, packaging wise it reminded of my beloved lucozade but at 45p a bottle and less than half price, well it really was begging to be tried!

      The Packaging...

      380ml clear plastic bottle with a light orangy/red see through label over the main of it and a plain cap/lid to the top of it which screws on/off in the same colour. On the front I'm told it is Sainsburys Energy 'Original' Sparkling Glucose Drink with added B vitamins and there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there and I'm told it is formulated with glucose(the main form of carbohydrate used by the body to provide energy). On the back of the bottle nutritional advice is given, ingredients and allergy advice is all listed along with safety instructions and advice on how to store it also being given, contact details for Sainsbury's are listed and finally there is a bar--code on there. Nice enough bottle so I have no complaints!

      The Drink....

      Well it isn't like Lucozade at all! It's like the much poorer younger brother. It is orangey in colour, slightly sparkling and smells of a blend of mixed fruits. Taste wise it's rather salty and nicely and naturally sweet. Not very thirst quenching though it is what it is and that's an energy drink. It tastes ok but it is a bit too salty making me ever so thirsty after drinking it.

      Does It Do Anything Though To Your energy Levels?....

      Not for me no. I drank this when I needed a drink such as this. My brain had gone numb cos I was sleepy and my body felt overworked so I slugged it down out of the bottle and felt nothing at all. I then went to bed and went to sleep. Not a very good advert for an 'energy' drink I think! lol.

      Quality wise, it's ok. It misses to it and has too much salt in it and at the end of the day if it did anything for me then sure I'd drink it cos it's not unpleasant or anything and just drink a pint of water or something after-wards. However it isn't worth the sour after-taste after drinking this or the price it costs on effects.

      Worth a go if your interested and only available in Sainsburys.

      Allergy Advice...

      Contains Sulphites

      Nutritional Information Per Bottle....

      Energy... 275 Kcal
      Fat: Nil
      Sat Fat: Nil
      Salt: Trace
      Total Sugars: 36.9g


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