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Sainsburys Basics Breakfast Juice

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Fruit Juice

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    1 Review
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      04.09.2008 17:39
      Very helpful



      My new favourite juice!

      Sainsburys Basics: Breakfast Juice

      I usually buy Basics Fresh Orange or Apple juice but decided this week to have a change! I looked at other branded drinks but found these very expensive, I then spotted another juice in the Basics Range: Breakfast Juice and decided to give this a try!

      The juice is in the usual Basics Packaging:
      This is white with the usual simple orange writing and a little doodle of a simple orange!
      It says 'Breakfast Juice, from concentrate. Simply grapefruits and oranges, still refreshing'
      I personally like Sainsburys Basics packaging, it looks simple but not cheap, quite an effective design and I'm loving the doodles!

      On the front of the pack is also the nutritional information in a little pie chart as usual on Sainsburys products. I will go into the actual nutrition stuff later!
      It also states that a 200ml glass of this juice counts as 1 of your '5 a day'.

      The Juice
      It looks nearly like Fresh Orange Juice but the colour is maybe lightly duller if that makes sense, also a bit cloudier.
      To taste, I would say this feels 'smooth' when you drink it not as sharp as OJ but still a nice tang of grapefruit, a mellow drink.
      When you pour yourself a glass from the carton you get that satisfying 'glug, glug, glug' noise which I don't know about you but I love.
      As you pour it you can smell quite a sweet orangey smell but then if you give it a good sniff the acidity and tanginess of the grapefruit bursts through, all in all this juice smells lovely and very appetising.
      Very refreshing, I just had it straight out of the carton as soon as I got in from the supermarket but I bet it tastes even better chilled, with ice or even with vodka for an evening, what an idea!!

      A really lovely drink, as good a quality as a lot more expensive branded juices. Very fruity tasting and I would recommend to anyone who enjoys fresh juices.

      Nutritional Info
      A 200ml serving contains:
      # 83 calories
      # 0.2g of fat
      # A trace of salt
      # 18.1g of sugar! I know this is a high amount but these are the naturally occurring sugars from the fruits in this juice.

      Ingredients: 90% orange juice from concentrate** and 10% grapefruit juice from concentrate** so all good stuff with nothing artificial added!

      **'From concentrate' just means that the fruits are squeezed and then the water content is driven off in the country of origin, this 'concentrate' is then frozen, shipped to the UK or wherever it is heading and then the same amount of water they took out is put back in to restore the juice to its original strength! It is then pasteurised.

      Other Info
      The price of a carton of this juice around 57p if my memory serves me correctly!
      The carton is available in one size; 1 litre, which should provide about 5 'normal' sized glasses so this works out at just over 10p a glass, what a bargain!
      The juice is obviously suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
      Once opened, it is recommended the juice is refrigerated and drunk within 4 days which isn't a bad amount of time, it won't last that long in my house!
      The carton is recyclable so you can do your bit for the environment too!


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