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Schweppes Bitter Lemon

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Schweppes / Soft Drinks

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    4 Reviews
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      29.05.2010 17:06
      Very helpful



      Bitter Lemon Fizzy Drink

      Bitter Lemon-versatile drink!!

      This is a very refreshing drink to have on a hot day particuraly if you have cooled it first in the fridge. It is a versatile drink because you can drink it on its own or mix it with other drinks to make an even more refreshing drink.

      I like the sharp taste not to sweet to taste

      Bitter lemon is a fizzy carbonated soft drink that has lemon and quinine and it is the lemon content which gives this drink a bitter taste.. The colour of the fizzy drink is light green.

      This drink is manufactured in many companies which produce soft drink. Schweppes started making this product in 1957 and it is the one that I usually purchase and at the moment I have been buying it at Ocado as they have a special offer on 3 for 2.

      You can make the following drink with Bitter Lemon

      Schweppes Firedog

      Take a cocktail shaker and add a measure of premium vodka and another
      of raspberry liqueur. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the shaker, add
      a dash of sugar syrup and 50ml of raspberry purée. Shake vigorously. Pour
      the contents into a short glass half filled with crushed ice. Top up with
      Schweppes bitter lemon and dress with a spring of mint and 2 fresh raspberries. .
      There are so many cocktails which have Bitter Lemon this is just one example

      Schweppes Bitter Lemon 1L for 99p

      Typical values per 100g
      Energy 143kj
      Energy 34kcal
      Protein Trace
      Carbohydrate 8.1g
      of which sugars 8.1g
      Fat 0g
      of which saturates 0g
      Fibre Trace
      Sodium Trace

      There are different makes of Bitter Lemon and one would think that the bitter taste would be from the lemons but in fact it was adding the quinine actually causes the bitterness and the lemons which were added would be tart in taste and the drink is fairly sweet because of the amount of sugar which has been added.
      The one I do prefer is Schweppes the others I have tried over the years do not have the same taste as Schweppes.

      Easy to hold 1 litre size bottles are the ones i buy but you can also buy it in cans miniature size which are also useful to carry in ones handbag.


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        04.12.2009 09:01
        Very helpful




        I drank Schweppes Bitter Lemon for the first time few weeks ago at a friends house and really enjoyed. Since then, I became a fan. You can buy this drink in any large supermarket, but I have found that it is not always stocked in corner shops and small shops in general.

        The bottle is transparent and you can see the drink inside, it is a kind of colour of ice melting, and fizzy, you can see this if you shake the bottle.

        Not surprisingly for a drink with the word lemon, it actually tastes like bitter lemon. I think that lemon is generally bitter anyway, I would not say that this drink tastes more bitter than others. It is not one of those sweet drinks anyway.

        It goes well on its own and I found it quite addictive, actually I did not know it existed and used to drink the normal Schweppes with lemon in it, I mean, squeezing my own lemon. This drink does it for you. It can be drunk on its own and also goes well with cocktails. I drink it during the day, during barbeques and parties.

        Like other similar drinks, it leaves a bit of acidity in my stomach, and it is not necessarily the most thirst quenching drink either. I think that for thrist quenching, nothing beats sparkling water.

        Scweppes Bitter Lemon is however pleasantly refreshing and it also seem to mix well with vodka and whisky, although obviously not with the 2 of together at the same time.


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          11.06.2009 18:34



          An underappreciated mixer.

          An unsual and tasty mixer, one I think is underutilised and preferable to many of the sweeter, more acid than lemon lemonades. It's not something for drinking in huge quantities (and we never do that do we?!) as it genuinely is quite bitter, but its incredibly refreshing and goes particularly well as an aperitif before summer food, barbequeues and the like.

          I found the blue packaging a bit odd as it brings out the admittedly rather deep colour of the liquid. But it is distinctive. The fact that you don't need a lot of it to get the flavour is also good because you can get away with lugging smaller bottles around. The lid in particular is quite an attractive feature and less fiddly than most.

          The main negative of the drink is driven by its distinctiveness - it can't be mixed with everything. Vodka works well but gin is not to everyone's taste.


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          16.06.2008 20:43
          Very helpful



          an enjoyable drink but not one for when your thirsty

          My first memory of having this drink is with my grandmother back in the nineties. It continued to be a drink that was always associated with my grandmother until a few months out when i spotted it out at a bar!

          The Packaging:
          It comes in bottles of varying sizes from small 330ml bottles to 1ltr bottles, im not sure if they still come in glass bottles anymore but the ones i have seen in the local supermarket have all been plastic. It has the yellow schweppes logo and a pretty turquiose background.

          The Taste:
          Well as the name suggests this is "bitter" lemon and it very much tastes like it. It isnt like regular lemonade and has a much bigger kick to it, making its aftertaste much stronger and sometimes over powering. I also find that because it is quite sour it often doesnt quench my thirst and i find myself ordering some water etc.

          The Price:
          When i saw this out at a bar it was £2:50 a bottle, quite steep for a non-alcoholic drink. However, after keeping my eyes open in the local supermarkets i have spotted it for roughly £1 for a litre bottle.

          Other Options:
          They also do a slimline version of this drink for those that are watching their calorie intake, this retails at roughly the same price but having never tried it i am unable to comment on its taste.

          The verdict:
          I always enjoyed this product as a child and for that reason i probably always will. It is however a strange drink as it doesnt quench the thirst, and it can be hard to come across.


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