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Shloer - Sparkling White Grape, Raspberry and Cranberry

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Manufacturer: Shloer / Type: Fruit Juice

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    2 Reviews
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      15.04.2015 13:30
      Very helpful



      A friendly family drink

      This is a great alternative to alcohol at the dinner table, we always have a bottle in as we're not big wine drinkers at home, only when we head out but it's still nice to have something different and more grown up like at the table.

      Although we love Shloer I'm going to be just a tiny bit negative about the packaging as for me it's the one element that is slightly off-putting. It's quite heavy and bulky compared to many other brands that are reducing or finding alternative packaging. We recycle, but I just find this consume a lot of space however on the breakage front it holds out better than most.
      The branding is good and relevant but weak against the drink and not as noticeable as it could be.

      The freshness and fizz is consistent, not once have we purchased this brand and have been disappointed in the flavour or freshness.

      This is a sumptuous blend! We also put these in the ice cube trays during summer as not to water the drink down with normal water ice.
      We tend to get four average size glasses out of one bottle so sadly it doesn't last long. However, we find the OCADO or even SAINSBURYS do great bulk buys on these or promotions for as little as £1.

      I would highly recommend this to have in the house to offer even children or teenagers, depending on parents views on sugar content.
      This is a family friendly alternative at the table.


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      21.06.2012 22:28
      Very helpful
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      A non alcoholic juice drink for adults

      Please not this review is for the White grape,raspberry and cranberry flavour.

      Shloer is a sparkling juice drink, that comes in a variety of flavours, mostly grape juice. Its non alcoholic. Shloer is available in the UK and Ireland, and it is a juice drink aimed at the adult market.

      There are 6 different flavours of Shloer that I am aware of, Red Grape, White Grape, Apple & white grape, White grape & elderflower, Sparkling rose and the one I am reviewing today White grape, raspberry and cranberry. Although I haven't yet seen it I believe there is now also an alcoholic version which is Rose' and berry punch.

      This Shloer is in a 750ml clear glass bottle with a screw cap.
      There is a large sticker on the front of the bottle, that has the word Shloer, a picture of a single grape, a raspberry and a cranberry in fizzy bubbles, the words sparkling juice drink and the flavour on it. When the bottle is empty this doesn't look like much, but when full as the drink is pink/red in colour it looks really effective.
      There is also a sticker on the neck of the bottle which states, Free from preservatives, artificial colours, sweetners and flavourings.
      The label on the back of the bottle is a clear sticker with white writing and although it is hard to red when the bottle is empty, its easy and clear to read when the bottle is full. This lasbel has all the contact information on it for Shloer, nutritional information, an ingredients list and storage information. There is also the statment ' A perfect blend of white grape, raspberry and cranberry juices, Shloer is lightly sparkling and refreshing. Best served shared with friends and family'

      Taste and my view-
      I do enjoy Shloer and find it a perfect drink to have at dinner parties. Its great for people who don't drink, when pregnant or for the drivers. I would say it really is an adults soft drink and its not something I can image my young son enjoying. However if the children want to have a little drink to feel grown up they can with no harm.
      I choose this flavour of Shloer because I had tried others and quite enjoyed and I really love cranberries. I was a bit disappointed, as I felt the cranberry flavour doesn't really come through that well, and it just tasted alot like the other flavours of Shloer I had previously tried. There is only a very slight difference in taste from the other flavours. I would have liked a stronger cranberry taste. The drink does have a berry taste to it but if I hadn't have known what flavour/type of berries were in the drink I would never have guessed.
      Shloer is perfect for an alternative to wine but it is not something I would choose to drink to cure my thrist. It is best served chilled, but even then I don't find it all that refreshing.

      Overall it always goes down well at a dinner party and I enjoy a glass on a nightime when a glass of wine isn't suitable, like when I was pregnant. However I was disappointed with this flavour.

      carbonated water, fruit juice from concentrate 24%, (white grape juice 16%, raspberry juice 5%, cranberry juice 3%) glucose-fructose syrup, citric acid, flavouring, colour (concentrate from fruit and vegetables)

      Nutritional information-
      per 100ml
      Energy kcal/kj 46.8kcal/197kj
      Protein 0g
      Carbohydrates 11g
      Fat 0g

      Suitable for vegetarians

      Storage Information-
      As Shloer is free from preservatives it must be refrigerated after opening and consumed within 3 days.
      Store upright, out of direct sunlight and away from heat.


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