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So Good Oat Milk

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Manufacturer: So Good / Type: Soy Milk

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    1 Review
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      25.08.2010 13:39
      Very helpful



      A great alternative to other milks.

      So Good Oat Milk is a new product which is a fresh item and can be found in the chilled cabinet in major supermarkets. I purchased mine from Ocado where it retails for £1.29 per litre. It joins the large collection of alternative milks, and I feel it makes a good contribution, offering a fresh choice for those allergic to, or with a hate complex towards soya. The milk is also available from www.goodnessdirect.co.uk and at Asda stores.

      Presented in an attractive mango coloured tetra pack the product has a fresh and energetic look to it. It contains the same amount of calcium as semi-skimmed milk, and it has been fortified with three vitamins A, D and B12. This is quite significant as it presents a choice for vegans wishing to enjoy oat milk, as some of the current alternatives in this category contains vitamin D3, which is not a vegan product being derived from sheep wool. B12 is very important to the health of vegans as it is vital to blood cell production and is lacking in many vegan foods. The drink is low in fat and each 100ml contains 51 calories, so with some healthy granola or muesli it makes a lovely satisfying breakfast.

      Taste wise I think this is much less strong in terms of flavour as So Good Soya Milk, which is a product in a group of its own really. If you have ever tried soya milks from various brands you will know that So Good is a very distinctive choice, and not something which blends in with other flavours. This oat milk, however, is much more subtle, and I really like it as it doesn't overpower its companion whether that is cereal, or tea or coffee.

      The drink is totally free of cholesterol, and as it contains oats it is heart healthy, and I think it's an ideal breakfast product. I love it with granola and have recently been buying it instead of soya milk as the family all enjoy it. There are no preservatives, and the product is made from filtered water.

      I am also pleased to note that the carton is made from wood and is fully recyclable.

      The product is also very versatile as you can use it in cooking - I made a batch of scones the other day using the milk and they were delicious.

      The product is so new that it doesn't yet make an appearance on the So Good website which can be found at www.sogood.co.uk. What I did find though was a great recipe for oat pancakes, which is published on the Goodness Direct website - this is absolutely delicious:

      125g flour
      I egg (large)
      50g rolled oats
      240ml So Good Oat Milk
      Pinch of salt.

      Mix the oats flour and salt together and add to the milk and egg.
      Then grease a frying pan and heat up to medium and drop a large pancake size dollop of mixture on to the pan. Cook for a minute each side until it bubbles!

      I made these yesterday and they were so lovely. I spread one with lemon juice and lavender sugar and the other with blackberry jam. You could also use savoury toppings if you prefer. These pancakes are full of oats, which keep you feeling full for longer as they help to balance out blood sugars, and would therefore make a good breakfast dish.

      This milk is a new product which offers something really healthy and fresh and its versatility makes it a superb choice for those looking for a cow's milk alternative.


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