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So Good Soya Milk

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: So Good / Type: Soy Milk

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    2 Reviews
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      07.05.2010 22:03



      a great product

      i recently learned i had to give up dairy products for health reasons, and with that began the search for the best substitutes. One of the hardest things was to find a way to continue enjoying my morning cup of coffee at home, and i began testing the various options. I finally found my winner: So Good Original Soya Drink. It is not too sweet but not too dull, making it the perfect substitute to regular milk. In fact, i think it compliments my coffee better than regular milk ever did! the texture is richer and the flavors jive together beautifully. And- it is much healthier than regular milkwith 20% more calcium and lower levels of cholesterol! in just over a quid, it is comparable to regular milk in its price as well.
      The drink is available in most major supermarkets or health shops, and i recommend it to anyone who is considering giving up dairy or just open to trying a new way to coffee!


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      19.04.2010 13:28
      Very helpful



      Try it


      About 6 years ago my husband had taken our first born son to see his mother to give me an afternoon of rest (as child number 2 was nicely cooking in my tummy). On his return he put a carton of So Good soya milk in our fridge. On questioning him he informed that his mum had started to drink it regularly in her coffee and had given us a carton to try.

      Bleurgh! Was my initial reaction, partly because child No 2 was causing severe morning sickness, and partly because, well..it was soya milk.

      Baring in mind though my opinion was based on nothing, as I had never tried any kind of soya products at the time, I just had convinced myself I would automatically dislike them (yes narrow minded I know!).

      On hubby pouring a glass I became inquisitive, and had a little sip and was very shocked at how tasty it actually was. That brings me to this review, as 6 years later it's a regular in our fridge and here's why..

      What is it?~

      To quote the side of the carton it's "A nutritious drink made from soya bean with added vitamins and calcium".

      Okay doesn't sound too enticing so far but read on..

      Price and packaging~

      The soya milk comes housed in an upright standing, recyclable cardboard carton. The colours are mainly white and blue and there is a streak of yellow at the top with the words 'Best Taste Ever!' written across; all in all it's quite eye catching and does stand out next to other similar products on the shelf.

      To access the milk there is a small (ish) screw top at the top of the carton. Once that is removed there is a plastic covering that helps keep the drink fresh and to remove you simply tear off.

      So what does it taste like?~

      I really didn't fancy this drink at all and for some reason I had convinced myself it would taste like goats milk; which I have tried and detested.

      On pouring the first thing you notice is how thick and creamy this is. The consistency is in no way similar to cows milk in any way. It has an almost almondy scent to it and is a creamy white in colour.

      The taste is nothing like I imagined it be. It has a slight nuttiness to it - again I could really detect almond in there even though it's not listed as an ingredient.

      The texture of the milk is just as thick and creamy on the palette as it is in appearance and is a very enjoyable drink, though it leaves a bit of a 'claggy' after taste but that's one of the only negatives.

      Myself and my husband both tried this in place of our regular cows milk in our hot beverages and we were not impressed at all. As we don't drink full fat milk in our teas and coffees anyway this just was far too rich and creamy and took the taste away from what we were drinking.

      We drink this just 'raw' in a glass on an evening before bed. I have heated it up before but it's much tastier when just drank cold. It's perfect for milkshakes and smoothies, and another favourite is with cereal as it compliments the taste without being overpowering.

      The only downfall is the price.
      At approximately £1.40 for a 1litre carton it's not exactly budget friendly. Once opened it does have to be consumed within 5 days which in our household that isn't a problem.


      *Available from most large supermarkets in the chiller section (near the regular milk)

      *Has long Use By dates - often 4 to 6 weeks ahead for convenience

      *No preservatives

      *All ingredients are from non GM sources

      *Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

      *Produced in a nut free environment (but still tastes nutty to me)

      *Wheat and Gluten free

      *Not suitable for children aged 2 years and under

      *Dairy and lactose free

      *Contains 20% more calcium than cows milk

      *Naturally lowers cholesterol

      *Contains Omega 6 & 3

      *For more information check out www.sogood.co.uk


      For a totally refreshing milky option when it comes to drinks I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this. It isn't too sweet like some brands of soya milk which I have also tried. This has the perfect balance; it has a slight sweetness to it if comparing to say cows milk but not enough to make you say Bleurgh whilst shuddering.

      Highly recommended.


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