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Tesco Finest Strawberry Smoothie With Yogurt

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    1 Review
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      28.08.2008 22:55
      Very helpful



      A filling drink that is a perfect snack type product

      I'm not a health food junkie however I watched a programme on the television the other day about pre packed sandwiches. I always thought I was a clever consumer. I've always in the past took pride in what I eat and I drink and always read the labels even if I am buying 'junk' food. I think this is why in my reviews I try to give you as much information on ingredients and packaging in general. I care about this stuff and maybe some other people do. However I've come to realise that no matter how smart you think you are it's easy to get misled rather than lied to by manufacturers.

      A good example of this is when I picked up this bottle I can at the side read that it contains a lot of fruit and the composition is listed, however no where on the packaging am I told this goes towards any of my 5 a day. Also I think 175 calories is pretty steep and again there's nothing on the packaging to tell me why I should choose this over a glass of pop!

      The Packaging....

      250ml plastic recyclable bottle with a grey plastic screw on/off lid. I can see the drink through the bottle and around the centre of the bottle there is a silver label on there. On the front at the top of label there is a picture of some rather nice looking strawberries and under that I'm told its 'Finest' and under that I'm told it's Strawberry Smoothie With Yogurt and under that I'm told 'Sun-blushed juicy strawberries have been carefully selected and blended with whole milk yogurt to create a delicious partner for this luxurious and indulgent dairy smoothie'. Under that I'm told to keep it refrigerated and the display date and use by date are clearly stamped on and an at a glance nutritional chart is there as well.

      To one side of the bottle I'm told what this is and what it contains, allergy advice, ingredients, how to store the product, the size is listed (as I've stated already) and contact details for Tesco are given. On the other side of the bottle full nutritional information is given and information on the packaging is given. All in all nice enough packaging and it doesn't look cheap and nasty at all!

      What It Contains....

      A blend of whole milk yogurt, pressed apple juice, strawberry puree, raspberry puree, banana puree and honey.

      Half a banana
      5 strawberries
      11 raspberries
      Half an apple

      The Smoothie Itself....

      Light pink in colour and it looks creamy. This is a serving for one and there's plenty of it. It pours easy out of the bottle and it quite runny in consistency and contains a few fruit seeds. It was alot runnier than I had expected after making my own smoothies in the past but hey ho taste is more important.

      Yes it tasted of yogurt. Slightly tangy and left after taste of milk in mouth for ages after drinking it. It didn't smell particularly fruity but it tasted ok. I can't rave about it. The reason I can't rave about it is because it says it's strawberry flavoured. Yes it has a certain juiciness you expect but when I talked about misleading packaging earlier this is no different.

      It doesn't mention apples and bananas etc on the front of the bottle you have to hunt for this information (which is supplied). First mouthful I nearly spat out purely because I thought it had gone off. It didn't say it had banana in this drink so I didn't expect it and that gave me the shock. I don't like banana in drinks and this was far too over powering in flavour. The apple gave it a rather nice kick and it was uplifting in it's approach. It was blended well to be fair, looked pretty but it missed something. Yep more strawberries!

      It wasn't too sweet, but for me it just didn't taste that fresh and home made sort of think. To me I'd rather make my own and I shan't be spending out £1.04 (only in Tesco) for this drink in the future.

      I felt no health befits, felt thirsty as hell afterwards and my tummy felt full(though not bloated to be fair to the product!). The biggest complaint I have about the drink though is once opened Tesco say it stays fresh provided it's kept refrigerated and drank by the used by date. Ok my complaint isn't particularly that but I bought mine on the day of finally being able to safely drink it. I opened it drank half, left it on bedside cabinet and took a slug about 4 hours later. It had gone like cottage cheese and was revolting so do watch what your doing! It's ok but I don't think this is value for money at all. Tastes fruity but it doesn't taste amazing sadly!


      Whole Milk Yogurt (33%), Strawberry Puree (22%), Banana Puree, Apple Puree, Raspberry Puree, Apple Juice, Honey, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid), Antioxidant (Ascorbic acid).

      Allergy Advice....

      This product make contain fruit pips.
      There are no nuts in this recipe and there are no nuts on site, however it cannot be guaranteed that the raw materials entering the site are nut free.

      Suitable for vegetarians.

      Nutritional Information...Per Bottle.

      Calories.... 175
      Sugar... 24.5g
      Fat.... 3.1g
      Saturates 2.1g
      Salt 0.2g


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