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Tesco Fizzy Cola Bottles Flavour Squash

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Soft Drink

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    1 Review
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      15.06.2011 10:00
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      A novelty, nothing more, nothing less.....

      When I was in my local Tesco recently, I decided I wanted something a little different from my ususal variety of squash. Well, I was in luck! Because Tesco have just begun stocking this new range that also boasts Pear Drop and Sherbert Lemon amongst its other flavours.

      I cannot talk about the other varieties as this is the only one in the range that I have tasted, but one thing is certain ~ this paticular squash takes a fair bit of getting used to! To say it tastes like cheap, flat cola would be an understatement though it is faithful to it's claim; the overall flavour is reminiscent of the Fizzy Cola sweets we all remember eating as kids! It just takes a little while for that flavour to come through....

      One thing that IS more important here than with other squashes is getting the ratio of squash-to-water right. Though this is, as always, to personal taste, once you find a ratio you like it is probably best to stick with it. The manufactureres claim you should mix one part squash to four parts water but I don't know anyone who ever measures out their squash! The first glass of this that I poured was far too strong and the end result tasted pretty much like the syrup they put in Post-Mix! Talk about sweet!! My next glass fared little better ~ putting too little squash in the glass made this taste like coke that had been heavily diluted and left to stand. The Cola Bottle flavour only came through as an after-taste and it is fair to say it took me several attempts to find a ratio I actually liked. Whether or not I would buy it again however remains to be seen though my opinion is closer to a negative response than a positive one!

      It comes in a Litre bottle and costs around 86p. Like I say, there are two other varieties but, based on this one, I am not that keen to try them! It claims to contain no added sugar, no artifical flavours or colours and, indeed, its colour isn't the most appealing. The colour is reminiscent of very cheap, flat cola (I am thinking Tesco Value brand here) though again this is faithful to the cola bottle sweets I once enjoyed in my youth. And by cola bottle sweets I mean the original 1p sweets not today's modern Haribo interpretation!

      For something with no added sugar, I think this is overly sweet but this is what they claim; that any sugars included are naturally occurring ones only! If it wasn't on the label, I would never have guessed as, despite my having a sweet tooth, I found it almost too sweet to properly enjoy! According to the label, 250 ML, when diluted to instructions, apparently contains 4 calories and provides 1 % of your guideline daily amount of salt, sugar and saturated fats.

      For those with allergies, this drink contains Sulphites and a source of Phenylanine which means nothing to me but may be important to some. Ingredients include Water, Apple Juice from Concentrate, Lemon Juice likewise from Concentrate, Citric Acid, Fruit and Vegetable Concentrates ( Apple, Carrot and Hibiscus), Tartaric Acid, Flavourings, Acidity Regulator, Preservatives and Sweetners that include Aspartame and Sodium Saccharin.

      At 86p I suppose you cannot grumble but certainly I do not think drinking it is an experience I much want to repeat! My own bottle has lasted almost three weeks now, unheard of for me, and I tend to drink it only as a last resort! This is not much of a reccommendation in my eyes!!

      Overall, this is a novelty and nothing more and I certainly wouldn't be giving it to the kids!!!!!


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