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Tesco Fruit Slurpers

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    2 Reviews
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      23.09.2012 23:46
      Very helpful
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      Good for lunchboxes for the under 6s

      Tesco Goodness Slurpers are specifically designed for kids. The packaging is clearly meant to appeal to children, with its smily fruit on the cardboard package.

      We received some vouchers through Bzz for the new Tesco Goodness range and thought we would try Tesco Goodness Apple and Blackcurrant Slurpers. They are meant to be similar to smoothies, and all my kids love apple and blackcurrant flavoured smoothies so I though these would be a hit. They cost £1.65 for a pack of 4 x 90g slurpers.

      The pouches are small - 90g - whereas the Innocent kids smoothies are 180g. So my kids felt these Tesco Slurpers were not big enough for them. However, if you have younger children (my youngest is 11), the sizing might be appropriate.

      It's good to know that there no sugar or artificial sweeteners have been added. But, then, most of the other smoothies on the market are also sugar and sweetener free.

      But my kids were disappointed with the flavour. They had one each for a packed lunch, but decided that they'd rather have water for the next day's lunch. It may be that they just didn't like that particular flavour. The Slurpers also come in Tropical, Apple, and Apple and Banana.

      The big plus is that they do not need to be refidgerated. So I am not worried about them being left in a hot lunchbox all day.

      The screw top was easy to use and the kids found them fine to drink through. Much better than a straw which can fall off the packet.


      Apple Purée (82%),Blackcurrant Purée (17%) ,Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid)

      Allergen Info: Recipe: No nuts.Ingredients: Cannot guarantee nut free.Factory: No nuts.
      Each pouch (90g) contains
      Energy - 210kJ (49kcal)
      Protein - 0.3g
      Carbohydrate - 11.3g
      Sugars - 10.4g
      Fat - trace
      Saturates - trace
      Fibre - 1.3g
      Sodium - trace
      Salt Equivalent - trace

      In short, we won't be buying these again, but I think they would work well for children under 6.

      Please note that I am a BzzAgent and received a voucher to try this product.


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        18.09.2007 18:14
        Very helpful



        A disappointing baby like puree...definitely not a smoothie as it suggests.

        Always looking for something different and healthy for my children’s packed lunch bags, I came across these Fruit Slurpers in Tesco’s at the weekend. Claiming to be Fruit smoothies, and looking relatively healthy and also in a fun pack obviously aimed at children; I thought I’d give them a try.

        I picked up the only flavour my local Tesco had in stock which was the Apple and Strawberry (which both my children usually like) and went off to pay my £1.48 for pack of 4 squeezy snacks.
        They also come in another 2 flavours, Apple or Apple and Banana.
        It can be found on the snack and pot desserts aisle beside the yoghurts and such like.

        These fruit slurpers come in a small box, and are each in a squeezable container with resealable screw off lid which is totally unsafe for small children as could be easily swallowed (there is a warning on pack that it is unsuitable for under 3s) The lid was easy enough for my 6 and 9 yr old to remove. So no having to ask their teacher/assistant for help.
        Each slurper is 90g and contains 70calories, 0.3 g of fat and only a trace of salt…but is pretty high in sugar, because it contains fruit purées.

        I don’t really like including ingredients in reviews but we all like to know exactly what we’re giving our children, this slurper contains apple purée (69%) strawberry purée (21%) concentrated apple juice (9%) concentrated blackcurrant juice and flavouring, and antioxidant(ascorbic acid)
        For anyone with allergies this recipe doesn’t contain any nuts, and neither did the factory but still Tesco cannot guarantee the ingredients being nut free! (this is a bugbear of mine as my son does have a nut allergy..but if I refused to buy anything that had this warning then my son would starve completely)
        It also makes up one portion of our 5 a day! It’s always good to find another way of getting fruit into our children without them knowing it.

        Now on to the taste test……

        I popped one of these into each of my little cherub’s lunchboxes yesterday, hoping especially that my son liked it as he is becoming increasingly fussy about eating his 5 a day fruit and veg and is becoming harder for me to get him to eat even half of that! My daughter on the other hand loves her fruit and veg and would rather have carrot sticks or cucumber slices for snacktime than chocolate or sweets!
        When they arrived home and I emptied out their boxes however I was left facing 2 almost full slurpers…when questioned about it my son said it tasted disgusting, and my daughter said she didn’t really like it either. So I decided to try one for myself as I love smoothies usually (although prefer to make my own)

        I opened the pack and took a sniff first of all…don’t we all do that? I could smell the strawberries instantly, with the hint of apple coming through, mmmm smells nice enough. I give it a slight squeeze, just enough to see the caramel brown coloured fruity compote ooze out of the top. Doesn’t look too appetizing to be honest, and I can see why children would turn their noses up; The texture is also pretty thick and gloopy and reminded me of the jars of fruit purée I used to feed the little ones when I was weaning them…So now on to the taste test… I squeezed a little drop into my mouth, to find it was really quite sweet, and artificial tasting. Yes it tasted of apples slightly and even of strawberries, but it was quite a tangy and unpleasant sensation on that first slurp. When I had let it settle a few minutes I was left with a strange almost sour taste in my mouth…I tried to finish the slurper but found I just couldn’t it was too sickly sweet and left that strange taste in my mouth every time I took a tiny slurp, and I really didn’t like the texture at all…it was nothing like the smoothies my children and I are used to.

        Sadly I feel I’ve wasted almost £1.50 on something which no one in the house liked, and have had to throw out 3 half full cartons and 1 full one. I wouldn’t recommend it at all unless you like puréed fruit perhaps.

        It’s available from Tesco only but I for one will not be attempting any of the other flavours and will stick with making my own smoothies from now on.



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