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Tesco Raspberry & Blueberry Smoothie

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    3 Reviews
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      30.11.2011 16:43



      Tasty enough, but not much cheaper than innocent, and not quite as nice

      There are so many smoothies out there, and they are such an easy was to get some of your 5-a-day in. Unfortunately they are so expensive! They always say its cheaper to make your own, but I just dont have the time in the morning. I turned to own brands in the hope of finding a good product at a great price..

      It comes in standard 750ml cardboard carton. In many ways I think this is great. Its what you are used to and it fits well in your fridge. Recently the packaging has changed slightly. It has windows down the side so you can see how much you have left (very useful) and has some interesting little things to read on the carton (very similar to a well-known quality smoothie brand...)

      You get one of your five a day in each glass. This less than what you get in innocent smoothie, which to me implies there less of the fibre of the fruit in the tesco smoothie. Despite that its still lovely and thick, and it tastes like it is packed full of fruit.
      As I don't really eat breakfast, this smoothie was perfect to have in the morning. Not only does it taste great (as good as innocent) but really fills me up and set me up for the day.

      They are normally £2.29 for a 750 ml bottle, but they were on offer 2 for £3.50. As far as I can see, they are quite reguarly on special offer and promotions.
      However at the moment at tesco you can get 2 750 ml cartons of innocent smoothie for £4 - only 50p more than for Tesco own brand. Taking this into account, I think it might be more worth while to just spend that extra 50p and get innocent smoothie.

      There is no doubt that this is a tasty smoothie, however it is almost the same price as Innocent smoothie. For an own brand item I would expect much more of a bargain price. I think if innocent is on offer I will be opting for the quality rather than this one.


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      10.03.2011 16:55
      Very helpful



      Smoothy goodness.

      I try and make eating healthy and getting my five portions of fruit and veg each day as easy and cheap as possible. One of the ways I do this is by drinking a glass of smoothy each morning with my porridge. I started on innocents smoothies, which were undoubtedly lovely, but quite expensive, so I looked for the cheaper replacement. Tesco's sell own brand smoothies much cheaper, often on offer, two for £3, otherwise around £2.29 each. Well worth buying two as you save quite a bit of money. They also do a wide variety of flavours, but Ilike this one as it tastes a little bit different.

      The smoothie comes in quite plain but attractive packaging, soft brigh colours, which appeal to children, good as it can be tough to get them to eat healthily. The volume of each carton is 1l. The top is a plastic round screw top, the first time you open it you have to break the seal and then each time after that it is quite easy to do up. I have even laid it on it's side and it didn't leak.

      Like all smoothies the texture is slightly lumpy and uneven, the ebauty of eating real fruit. There are no big horrible surprises though. The liquid is a very dark deep red (you can see the hint of where the blueberries come into it). The tastes is very much summer fruits, nice and sweet, light and deep. Really delicious and refreshing. It tastes very natural and refreshing and incredibly moreish. It is so hard to believe it is healthy when it tastes so good, but you can even check the ingredients and it really is that good for you!

      These smoothies are really delicious. I would 100% recommend them as a tasty easy way to get 1/2 portions of fruit and veg each day whatever age you are.


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      28.08.2008 20:17
      Very helpful



      Save some time in the mornings

      I've been reading a lot of breakfast cereal reviews on here lately so I thought I would share my idea of a very quick and easy breakfast. All my life I have had frosties\ricicles type cereals for breakfast with eggs of some kind at the weekend when time permitted.

      A few months ago I decided to try and eat a little more healthily and to try and incorporate five fruit\veg a day into my diet. I originally started by buying the Innocent Smoothies and having a glass with a banana each work day morning. This really cut down on time in the morning which in my house is a very frantic time, two people to work, three little people to two different schools and a childminder.

      I was going along quite happily but the price seemed to be going up and up so I changed over to Tesco's own brand priced at £1.89, they are often on offer such as buy 2 for £3.00. The use by date on this carton was over two weeks.

      I have tried a number of smoothie flavours in this range but will review the one in front of me the Raspberry and Blueberry Smoothie.

      This smoothie comes in a pink cardboard (recyclable) carton with a screw on lid very important to stop sploshing over the fridge. On the sides they show off their naturalness with a diagram of nothing but pure fruit being squeezed into a glass. The other side holds a description of the contents

      Apples x 2+2/3 (how can you measure out 2 and two thirds of an apple accurately)
      Strawberries x 13
      Bananas x 1+1/2
      Raspberry x 44
      Oranges x ¾
      Blackcurrants x 21
      Blueberry x 160
      White Grapes x 25

      Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrants have all been praised as good sources of antioxidants and contain vitamin C.

      As I pour the juice it is a nice pink\purple colour and reasonably thick. You can see little seedy bits in it. This worried me a little the first time as I once bought a fresh melon and strawberry smoothie at a stall in the Mall and the seedy bits made me gag and I couldn't finish it. When I drink this I cannot feel the tiny seeds within the drink it feels smooth and well blended. The first taste is a little tart but it seems to sweeten a little as you get used to it.

      I don't know whether its because of the thickness of the drink or if its mind over matter but I find that one glass of this with a banana fills me up as much as a good sized bowl of sugary cereal for a lot less calories and sugar and in addition I have managed to have 2 of my 5 a day. A full serving being in the smoothies as a 260ml glass contains at least the equivalent of 1 piece of fruit.

      I have thought about buying a smoothie maker or juicer to help me with eating better but to buy the above ingredients, peel them, chop them, use the machine and then clean it, doesn't really compare to walking in and buying a litre of the stuff for £1.89.

      Per 100g
      Calories 46
      Fat 0.1g
      Salt 0.1g

      It needs to be kept in the fridge and should be consumed within 3 days of opening and needs to be shaken well before pouring to get a good consistency.

      I haven't found a ready made smoothie flavour I haven't enjoyed yet and believe this supermarket own brand to be of the same standard as the brand names.

      So save some time in the mornings try a glass of this with a piece of fruit and see if it's as filling as your normal brekkie and enjoy the time saved.


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