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Tesco Spritz Morello Cherry

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Fizzy Drink

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    1 Review
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      18.08.2011 21:16
      Very helpful



      A nice change to your average soft drink

      This summer we have been quite lucky I guess here in rural Lincolnshire we have managed to have quite a few BBQs which I really enjoy. Most of the time we do invite our friends to come and join us and that means a lot of food and alcohol can be consumed. However, I do have a few friends who don't drink mainly because they end up being the designated driver and I do like to provide other drinks than say water, orange juice or coca cola.

      On a recent visit to our local Tesco I was browsing in the beverages aisle and after selecting a few carbonated alcohol free drinks I came across the 'Spritz Morello Cherry'. Now I love cherries and generally anything cherry flavour and this was a drink that was quite unusual compared to the others on offer so I decided it was worth a go and a bottle went in the trolley.

      The Spritz Morello Cherry comes in a clear plastic bottle in a similar shape as what tonic or soda water comes in. Because the bottle is clear you can see the contents and this particular drink is a lovely deep red colour. Now it is carbonated so it is important that the bottle hasn't been shaken before you open it! The label on the bottle runs around the middle of the bottle and features the product name and images of mouth-watering cherries as well as the usual blurb on the back.

      Now I don't drink a lot of carbonated drinks but I thought this was a nice change and decided to try it myself before offering it to my friends just in case it was vile and had to be thrown away! On opening the bottle you get the usual fizz once the bottle top gets past a certain point and it does fizz up even when the bottle has been standing for quite a while. On opening the bottle you get an instant aroma of sweet cherries but not fresh cherries more a synthetic sweet type smell which is perfectly pleasant.

      On pouring into a glass I noticed that it does fizz up quite a lot and it gives a pale pink froth on the top before settling down. To me this isn't a problem but I was surprised at how fizzy it actually was and yes I do know it's carbonated but it was just overly fizzy! The smell of the drink is actually quite pleasant when poured out into the glass but does have a very sweet note to it.

      Now I was incredibly naïve in thinking that when I drink it I was going to be tasting a fresh cherry drink but what I got was actually quite sweet but the fizz made it quite refreshing. I found it perfectly pleasant to drink and did make a nice change from a glass of coca cola or tonic water as it has a nice sweetness to it. However, I do think that having more than one glass would be a bit much as it would become a bit sickly sweet as it does have that synthetic sweetness about it.

      Personally, the Spritz Morello Cherry tastes better chilled than it does at room temperature and I find with it being chilled its fresher and has a more crisp taste and left at room temperature it's just sweet and not particularly refreshing but that's just my personal preference. It did go down well with my friends but we all came to the same conclusion that as nice as it is, it isn't something you'd buy on your weekly shop. It makes a nice change but not a regular on the shopping list.

      Would I recommend? Yes, I would it's a nice drink which is perfectly pleasant and certainly makes a nice change but its more suited to an occasional drink and probably during the summer rather than the winter months as it certainly is refreshing on a warm day but if drunk too much it is a bit sickly sweet but that's my own personal opinion. 4 stars from me as it's perfectly drinkable but just not all the time.

      ~ Useful Info ~

      Brand: Tesco

      Price: £0.99p

      Volume: 1 litre

      Ingredients: Carbonated Water,Sugar , Morello Cherry Juice from Concentrate (5%) ,Natural Flavouring ,Citric Acid , Preservatives (Potassium Sorbate, Dimethyl Dicarbonate)


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