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Tesco Strawberry Milkshake Mix

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Manufacturer: Tesco / Beverages Type: Milkshake

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    2 Reviews
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      19.01.2010 09:28
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      Wicked Strawberry Milkshake

      I only brought this strawberry milkshake powder because the Tesco by me were out of Nesquik but I'm glad I did because I prefer the taste of it. It's £1.28 for a 350g tub and 3 heaped teaspoons is enough for a yummy drink so the tub lasts for ages.

      The powder mixes into the milk easy and it doesn't take loads of stirring to get rid of all the blobs, when I get to the end of the glass it's not full of gunky pink powder like sometimes happens with the cheap milkshake powders.

      The flavour is delish, I always use ice cold milk and the milkshake has a wicked fruity flavour. It's deffo strawberry and has a lovely sweet flavour that makes it taste like the red Starbursts, I think it's a majorly refreshing drink because the strawberry goes so nice into the cold milk. It's a smooth milkshake because the powder doesn't make the milk go much thicker and dead nice to drink.

      I do think this is a nicer taste than Nesquik because I think Nesquik tries too hard to make it taste like fresh strawberries and that will never work when it's basically just flavoured powder you're adding to the milk. This one is just a lovely sweet strawberry flavour that tastes smooth and yummy.

      200ml and 4 teaspoons of this flavour has got 175 calories in it, that's not bad I don't think because this is such a nice drink and tastes so sweet that I'm a bit surprised it's less than 200 calories! It's a nice change from pop or hot drinks and I wouldn't drink it all the time so the calories don't mean that much but I deffo wouldn't recommend you drink it all day long because of all the sugar in it.



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        17.11.2009 07:56
        Very helpful



        A great powder to add to milk to make a tasty milkshake

        As my boys are fans of milkshake and I am always trying to get them to drink more milk then I compromised and bought this milk shake mix which meant that I could get them to drink slightly healthier milkshakes and also get the milk inside them. I have to say it was a great investment as they love them and are always asking for another one!

        ~~THE PACKET~~

        The milkshake comes in a yellow plastic tub which resembles a coffee tub. It has a screw lid which is also yellow. There is a nice bright label around the middle which has a picture of a glass of milkshake and the product name in white writing on a red background. The back of the label contains all of the product information including, nutrition, directions for use and ingredients.

        ~~USE AND RESULTS~~

        When I unscrewed the lid in saw a quite fine pink powder inside. I did notice that there were some slightly bigger bits in the powder but nothing which should not easily dissolve when added to the milk. There is an instant smell from the powder which is definitely the smell of a strawberry milkshake and it really is very pleasant.

        I did read the back of the label to see how much was required to make the milkshake and I found that for a 200ml glass then 3-4 teaspoons of the powder is to be added. For me as my boys only use small cups I decided to use only 2 spoonfuls. When I added the powder to the milk it did instantly start to change colour. It does turn a nice light pink colour, but this does get darker if more powder is added. I found that mixing it with a fork was the best way to do it and I was also able to make a few light bubbles on the top which pleased my boys.

        I would say that if you are making a few glasses of this then it is much easier to make the milkshake up in a jug as it makes for easier mixing and you are able to ensure that all of the powder has been mixed and none of it has sunk to the bottom of the glass.

        The taste is in fact a nice surprise as I was expecting it to have a powdery taste but it did not. There was definitely a strawberry flavour and my boys all enjoyed their shakes and even said that they were nicer than the ones they get from McDonalds!


        The milkshake recipe does not contain nuts but Tesco cannot guarantee that this has been made in a nut free factory. The shakes come sin a good size which is 375g. I do find that I get a good month from just the one pack.

        The nutritional values for a 200ml glass of this shake powder added to semi skimmed milk are:-

        Energy - 167KCal
        Protein - 6.7g
        Carbohydrate - 28.2g
        Of which sugars - 28.1g
        Fat - 3.0g
        Of which saturates - 2.0g
        Mono-saturates - 0.9g
        Polyunsaturated - 0.1g
        Fibre - 0.0g
        Sodium - 0.1g

        The milkshake mix ingredients are:-

        Dextrose, Sugar, Dried Strawberry Fruit Powder, Colours (beetroot Red, Beta-Carotene) Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid), Flavouring, Vitamin C, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1, Vitamin A, Folic Acid, Vitamin D3

        It is recommended that this is stored in a cool dry place once opened. The packaging is recyclable where facilities exist.


        This is a Tesco product so it is only available in Tesco's stores. I paid £1.28 which IO felt to be a bargain as it last for such a long time.


        After using this for my boys and for myself I have to say it is an excellent product and one which means I can get lots more milk into my boys. It is very good value for money and lasts for ages. Suppose I am now going to have to but and try the other flavours!


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