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Tesco Superfruit Smoothie

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Brand: Tesco / Available in several flavours: pomegranate, blueberry and acai.

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    1 Review
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      19.02.2008 12:06
      Very helpful



      This is what Superman drinks !

      When I was shopping in Tesco's last week I spotted their Tesco's Super Fruit Smoothie in the chilled drinks lane. I decided to buy it and try it out because I was getting bored with the usual fresh orange or apple juice and needed a change. I've tried a few of the Innocent Smoothies before and quite liked them so this was the main reason I decided to buy this particular one. Another reason I decided to purchase it was because it was on special offer and was much cheaper than all the other Smoothies in the chilled drinks lane.

      The Super Fruit Smoothie was on special offer and cost £1.25 for a 1 litre bottle, after the special offer ends the price for the Smoothie will go back up to £2.50 per bottle. I think that £2.50 for a 1 litre bottle is fairly reasonable because it would cost a lot more than £2.50 to make 1 litre of a Smoothie yourself at home using freshly bought fruit. Buying a ready made Smoothie from a bottle saves a lot of time too, it means that you don't have to prepare the fruit to make the Smoothie and you don't have to clean the Smoothie maker out after you have finished using it.

      The Tesco Super fruit Smoothie is a dark purple colour and had a fairly thick consistency. It is a lot thicker and has more texture than the other brands of Smoothies I have bought in the past. Before I poured the Smoothie into a glass to give it the taste test I shook the bottle vigorously to mix all the bits of fruit together. Once I had poured it into the glass I had a good look at it before I drank it. It's a really dark purple colour and you can clearly see thicker purple bits floating around it, these floating bits are the blended bits of fruit which are used to make the Smoothie. I liked the purple colour of the Smoothie but my husband wouldn't even try it because "it looked disgusting" his words not mines.

      When I tasted the Smoothie the texture was just right, it wasn't too thin or too thick and there wasn't loads of pulp in it. I immediately liked the taste of the Smoothie because it was sweet. It doesn't have a sickly sweet artificial taste the sweet taste is from the fruits used to make the Smoothie rather than added sugar. On the carton of the Smoothie it tells us that the Smoothie has a Pomegranate, Blueberry and Acai flavour although I can taste different fruits blended in with this. The blueberry taste is clearly evident as is the pomegranate and these are the fruits which gave the Smoothie its slightly sharp tangy taste. I could also detect an acidic taste similar to that of Oranges which was accompanied with a subtle hint of banana.

      It wasn't until I actually read the label on the back of the Smoothie bottle that I discovered that there were other kinds of fruits also blended into the Smoothie. The carton tells us that in each 1 litre bottle of Tesco Super Fruit Smoothie that there are ~

      50 Acai berries, 1¼ pomegranates, 50 red grapes, 240 blueberries, 4 ⅓ bananas and 2 oranges. If I would have read the label on the bottle before I tried the Smoothie I would have known that there were actually other fruits in it not just the three fruits which are printed on the front of the label on the bottle.

      I was quite baffled as to why the Smoothie was called a Super fruit Smoothie so I searched the internet to see if any of the fruits had any health benefits which would explain this.
      Super fruit ~ some exotic and rare fruits are referred to as Super fruits because they contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals and antioxidants.

      Pomegranate ~ A pomegranate is an exotic fruit which falls in to the Super fruits Category because it contains quite a lot of an adults recommended daily allowances of vitamins. The vitamins which a pomegranate provides us with are Vitamin C and Vitamin B.

      Blueberry ~ Blueberries are small blue berries funnily enough which contain high amounts of antioxidants which can help to reduce the risks of some diseases.

      Acai ~ an Acai is a small round dark purple fruit which is the same size as a grape. The Acai is grown in Acai Palm trees in the Amazon region of Brazil, the Acai fruit is rich in fatty acids and has a greasy oily feeling. The Acai fruit also contains vitamin B, protein, and fatty acids and is also classed as a super fruit.

      I really like the Super fruit Smoothie because it has a lovely sweet taste which has my taste buds tingling. The only bad thing about the Smoothie is the fact that it doesn't contribute much to your five a day serving of fruit and veg. One 200ml serving of the Super fruit Smoothie contains less than one serving of fruit or veg per day, which is quite poor in my opinion because having a glass of an Innocent Smoothie is the equivalent of one portion of fruit or veg. But the Tesco Super Fruit Smoothie tastes a lot better than an Innocent Smoothie and is much cheaper to buy too, which is a bonus.

      Once you have opened your bottle of Tesco Super fruit Smoothie you have to keep it refrigerated and consume it within three days. Although it didn't last that long in my house because the kids were drinking it and they loved it. My youngest son wouldn't drink it at first because he heard my husband saying it looked disgusting, but I told my son that it was a Super Smoothie and he drunk it because he though that was what Superman drunk.
      A 1 litre bottle costs £2.50 and you get about 5 servings out of it, one 250ml serving of the Smoothie contains 123 calories so it's not fatty or unhealthy for you.

      © Butterfly-Wings

      ** written by me and also posted on Ciao**


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