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Tesco Traditional Drinking Chocolate

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Tesco / Type: Chocolate Drinks

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    4 Reviews
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      26.04.2012 18:51
      Very helpful



      A fantastic hot chocolate drink at a fantastic price.

      Although I don't find it as refreshing as tea or coffee, there are some times when only a hot chocolate will do. Cold winter evenings, and soggy spring days for example. I have tried many instant chocolate drinks over the years and mostly I found them far too weak tasting. Then about 5 years ago, a friend made me the best hot choc I had ever tasted. When she told me it was a Tesco own brand product I was amazed! I bought some for myself the next day, and although I have tried other chocolates since, I haven't found one that comes close to this for good flavour.


      I am refering to the standard Tesco drinking chocolate powder rather than the Value one. It comes in a 500g tub, as seen in Dooyoo's picture - the packaging is now purple rather than red though. It doesn't look fancy, but it is a practical container as it has a nice wide lid to allow you to get your spoon in easily. There is a foil inner lid to be removed the first time you use it, and a plastic lid over that which keeps the drink fresh between uses. It comes in powder form, and needs to be made up with milk.

      The ingredients include a minimum of 25% cocoa solids which I think is why this chocolate tastes better than so many of its rivals, branded products included. I always check the level of cooa solids in rival products now, and I am surprised at how many contain just 7 or 10% actual cocoa. This is bound to have an effect on the taste. It also contains sugar - one mug has an incredible 25% of an adults RDA in fact. This is one reason that I regard the drink as more of an occasional treat than an everyday one.


      There is nothing complicated or time consuming about making this drink. To make one cup, you mix 3 heaped teaspoons of the powder with a little milk to form a paste. You can then either heat it in the microwave in which case you top the mug up with milk first, or you can heat some milk on the hob and then add that to the paste. Microwave cooking is the fastest, as it takes only a minute, so I use that method when I need warming up quickly. I think it tastes better when made from milk heated on the hob though, although I admit that my family say they can't taste the difference!

      The powder smells chocolatey from the moment you open the tin. It makes a smooth paste easily, but you do need to stir it well when you add the milk to make sure there isn't any stray lumps at the end. I find that the recommended number of teaspoons makes a drink that is the right strength for me, but you can of course adjust the strength to taste. If you make it too weak at first though, it is harder to add more powder later as it doesn't dissolve without a great deal more stirring . So some experimentation may be necessary to find the right amount of chocolate for you. Once made, it looks a lovely appetising milky brown colour and I can't see any difference between this and any other more expensive chocolate.


      The taste is as smooth and chocolatey as the smell. The flavour tastes natural, and the only aftertaste is a lovely cocoa-milky one. Despite the high level of sugar already in the product, I don't find that it tastes overwhelmingly sweet, as you may expect. It is just the right amount for me, but if you would like yours to be less sugary you may not like this, as you can't lessen the amount. It think it is a delicious drink though! I have occasionally made it up with hot water when I have run out of milk, and whilst the taste is nowhere near as nice, it is still a pleasant drink. I also occasionally use it in a baking recipe when I have run out of cocoa. I always reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe to take into account the fact the drinking chocolate is sweetened. The results are fine.


      Yes! It tastes delightful. It is not as good as the Cadburys or Galaxy hot chocolate drinks I have tried only because it is far better. The taste is not at all weak or artificial as you could expect an own brand product to be. It cost £1.74 the last time I bought it, which makes it great value for money. I advise you all to head to Tesco right away!

      Suitable for vegetarians.

      [This review also appears on Ciao, under my user name.]


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        03.01.2012 11:53
        Very helpful



        Inexpensive Flavoursome Chocolate Drink

        ---Why I Bought This---

        I enjoy a chocolate drink and bought this to see if it was a fair alternative to Cadbury's Drinking Choclate which is much more expensive.


        Tesco have now redesigned their carton from the red one in the pictures - it is now a dark purple carton with a steaming cup of chocolate drink on the front - it also has a purple lid - I wonder who they are trying to imitate??
        Making their packaging the same size and colour as the traditional Cadbury's Chocolate - only the Cadbury's one does not have a cup on the front - just a swirl of chocolate. However I believe Cadbury also used to have a cup on the front and also at one time their famous chocolate chunk mug.


        The Tesco Drinking Chocolate now comes at £1.74 for 500grams, whereas the original Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate is £2.99.


        Produced in the UK for Tesco stores the ingredients are suitable for vegetarians and are 25% minimum cocoa solids, with sugar, salt and natural flavourings added.


        The fat content of one serving (3 teaspoons with semi-skimmed milk) is 4.6 grams - so not a drink to take several times a day but ok as an occasional treat.


        The drink can be made in a micrwave (3 teaspoons to a mug of milk and taking frm 1-2 minutes).
        Alternatively milk can be heated on the hob and three teaspoons of the chocolate added.

        --My Mum's Method--

        This is what I still use but not the traditional way:
        Put three teaspoons of the chocolate powder into a mug and mix with a little milk - then fill up with boiling water - and add a little sugar if you wish - quicker than heating milk and also does not use so much. No idea why we started using this method but its one I have always stuck with.

        --Would I Recommend?---

        Yes definitely.
        I do not really see any difference between the Tesco and Cadbury makes and so just buy the cheapest one. The drinking chocolate makes a nice warming and cosy drink for winter's days.




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          26.06.2011 19:06
          Very helpful



          A yummy hot chocolaty treat before bed

          ~A Bedtime Treat~

          One of my favorite little treats before bed is a big mug of hot chocolate, I don't drink it very often for fear of becoming sick of it, so I save it to have as a bedtime treat every now and again. I'm not really fussed which hot chocolate I have, they all taste the same to me anyway so a cheaper brand is just as good to me as a more expensive one. The one I tend to buy the most is this "Tesco Traditional Drinking Chocolate".

          ~Hot Chocolate Yum.....Cocoa Powder Yak!~

          I buy a 500g tub of this hot chocolate powder and it costs me around the £2.00 mark, it lasts forever though as I don't tend to drink it that often. On opening the seal of this hot chocolate powder I am usually greeted with a puff of powder in the face, it smells lovely all chocolaty and sweet. It tastes awfully sweet straight out of the tub and very sickly, not that that's how your supposed to consume this drinking chocolate. But I do remember doing that as a child with my brother, we would sneak into the pantry and eat spoonfuls of the stuff......yuk! I can't believe I actually used to do that, no wonder I was a fat kid. But the joke was really on us when my mum sussed us out and switched the chocolate powder for cocoa powder, needless to say we didn't bother nicking any more it tasted disgusting.

          ~Tesco Traditional Drinking Chocolate~

          Anyway back to the product I'm reviewing, on the tub it tells you how to make up this chocolate powder in order for you to enjoy a delicious hot chocolaty drink. It says to put 3 heaped teaspoons of the powder into a cup, I find this to be too much and makes the drink far to strong and sickly. I tend to just put a couple of spoonfuls in and then mix this with a little bit of milk to make a paste. I use full fat milk, personally I can't see the point in any other milk as they just taste like water that has been colored white, then I top up the cup or rather mug in my case, with milk and stir it well, at this point the mug of cold, hot chocolate looks all frothy and creamy, then I put it in the microwave on full power for 2 minuets, my microwave is an 800 watt and I use a very big mug, so a little less time in the microwave might be appropriate if you are using a smaller mug/cup. Once the 2 minuets are up, I remove the mug from the microwave and stir really well, I know that amount of time is perfect for my own drink in my own mug but you may have to sip at your drink to test if it's hot enough for you. Although I take 2 sugars in my coffee, in this I don't need any sugar at all as it is more than sweet enough as it is.

          Then my delicious drink of hot, frothy, creamy chocolate is ready for me to enjoy. It tastes really chocolaty and very creamy, it smells really nice too and once I start drinking it, I can't stop I like my hot chocolate hot and because of this I tend to drink it all down very quickly, usually ending up with a chocolate mustache. Delicious!

          ~Other Information~

          The directions to make this drink up in the microwave which are written on the tub are as follows:

          650 watt --- 2 mins
          750 watt --- 11/2 mins
          850 watt --- 1 min

          But it does say that these are only guide lines and you should adjust the times to suit your particular appliance. You can also make the hot chocolate drink using the hob, I have never done this, I think it's to much messing about and produces to many unnecessary pots to wash. However to make this drink up using the hob, is done as follows:

          Heat 200 ml of semi skimmed milk in a pan (do not allow to boil)
          Pour hot milk into a mug/cup
          Add 3 heaped teaspoons of drinking chocolate powder and briskly stir.

          There is a list of nutrition advice on the tub along with allergy advice, it states that this product is suitable for vegetarians and the ingredients are sugar, cocoa powder, salt, natural flavoring, cocoa solids 25% minimum. To be stored in a cool dry place and used before the best before date that is printed on the lid.

          As already mentioned a 500 ml tub of this drinking chocolate costs around £2.00 from Tesco stores, this product is produced in the UK for Tesco stores.

          I'm giving this Tesco Drinking Chocolate 4 stars, I like it but I don't think it's worth the full 5.

          Thank you for reading my review which may also be posted on other sites.


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            08.02.2010 17:21
            Very helpful



            A great cheap hot chocolate drink ideal for bedtimes

            On our last visit to Stafford castle in the snow which saw us sledging down the hills we decided to go into the visitors centre for a warm up. We were with friends who bought their children hot chocolate drinks to warm up. As a result my boys decided they wanted to try some, they instantly fell in love with it so I got forever nagged to buy some for at home. I was not prepared to pay the high price for a branded make just in case my boys were going through a phase and soon decided that they did not like it any more. As a result I bough the Tesco's own brand of drinking chocolate which I have to say has been a massive hit.


            The drinking chocolate powder comes in a bright red tub which has a picture of a blue cup steaming with hot chocolate and on the reverse of the tub the product information and direction for making can be found. The product name and Tesco logo can be easily seen on the front of the tub in white writing. The tub has an easy to use top which is red plastic and just pulls off and then after use it just pops back in easily.

            When using for the first time you will find that there is a foil covering on the tub under the lid which can easily be removed by pulling the foil tab which is stuck to the top of it.

            ~~USE AND TASTE~~

            Upon opening the tub I noticed immediately there was a lovely faint smell of chocolate. This is not too overpowering or strong but is nice and subtle and makes me want a cup immediately! The powder is very fine and a rich brown colour.

            To make the hot chocolate milk is to be warmed up, either on the stove in a pan or in the microwave. I do personally find it much easier to do this on the stove as I can get a much better idea of the temperature of the milk than I could if using the microwave. When the milk is to the required temperature it is to be poured into a cup or mug and then the powder is to be added. It recommends that 3 teaspoons of powder are added to the milk and then stirred very well so that it all dissolves. For me I used the directed amount but found that it was very strong.

            When making this for my boys I do only use on heaped spoonful and two spoonfuls for myself. I find this gives the milk just enough flavour without making it too rich or sweet.

            The hot chocolate drink when I first tried it was way too sweet and rich. It did taste of chocolate but it was just too strong and overpowering. Once I reduced the amount of powder I used I found it much nicer and easier to drink. There really is a good chocolate taste which is very much like milk chocolate. There is a wonderful chocolate aroma which is noticeable straight away when the powder is added to the milk and this remains for the life of the drink.

            The powder for me was an issue to start with as I was not able to get it all to dissolve but I found that with the use of a fork I was able to then get the drink to go frothy and all the powder to go. My boys found it was pleasant and nice to drink and they now have one each before going to be. I also find that for some reason this helps them to calm down and they seem more quieter and settled when going up to bed.


            The drinking chocolate come in a 500g sized tub and I find this lasts for a good few weeks as I don't use as much as directed so t works out as good value for money. The body of the packaging is cardboard so it can be fully recycled.

            The ingredients for those wishing to know are:-

            Sugar, Cocoa powder, Salt, Natural Flavourings, Cocoa Solids 25% minimum.

            The nutrition values for an 18g serving are:-

            Calories - 165
            Sugar - 22g
            Fat - 4.4g
            Saturates - 2.7g
            Salt - 0.3g

            The recipe for this drinking chocolate does not contain nuts and it has been manufactured in a nut free factory. It is suitable for vegetarians as well.


            This drinking chocolate is a Tesco's own brand so it is only available in their stores. The 500g tub comes in at £1.64 and I find this is excellent value as the smaller tubs of named brands can be as much as £1 more. The tub lasts for a good few weeks with me making 3 of these drinks every night.


            After using this brand of drinking chocolate for the past few weeks I can say that it is one which I definitely recommend. It tastes great is very simple to make and it has a great price tag. This really is a lovely chocolate tasting bed time drink!


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