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Tropicana Pure Premium Pineapple

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Tropicana / Type: Fruit Juice

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    3 Reviews
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      25.10.2010 21:58
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      Really good pineapple card

      Tropicana Pineapple

      All of the tropicana premium brand range is NOT from concentrate i.e. it is pure fruiet juice with nothing added or taken away. This is one of the reasons I like to buy tropicana jucie to the other branded juices. The concentrated fruit jucies although cheaper are sour.

      Fruit juices count towards the recommended 5 a day. This is a really quick, easy and tasty way of getting a part of my 5 a day. Normally I drink the orange tropicana, either the smooth or the bits. I do not however drink pineapple juice because I find that it has a lot of natural sugars yet it tastes sour and my experience with fresh pineapple is just the same. This is why I was expecting it to taste sour and sweet if that makes sense.

      I was not the one to purchase the drink but my brother who I thought was quite stupid for getting the juice as he knows that I don't like pineapple juice yet he still got it. As he would be the only one to drink and I thought that it would stay in the fridge and then after a month I would have to finish it as he always buys things that he doesn't end up finishing.

      My initial reaction on pouring the drink was that it was quite watery. It looked like the juice had been watered down quite a lot. When I tasted it I was expecting it to taste sweet and then sour towards the end but surprisingly it was just sweet enough and not slightly sour. I was quite blown away as I had just found the perfect pineapple juice for me. This means that I can finally drink pineapple juice without the sour taste. It tasted refreshing and not at all dry like some other drinks I've tried. I don't have a sweet tooth and I found that the pineapple juice was not overly sweet so it is unlikley to be something that those with a sweet tooth will like.

      £2 is the normal price for 1 litre but often they can be found on offer at 2 for £3 or 2 for £3.50. They can be found at supermarkets tesco, sainsburys and asda. This is quite a resonable price given that its not from concentrate and it is a quality product.

      200ml gives 110 calories, 25g of carbohydrates of which are all derived from sugar and there is no fat. 50% of vitamin C is derived from 200ml of pineapple juice.


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        29.04.2010 20:09
        Very helpful



        better than all the others I have tried

        This is one of a new range of fruit juices from the premium orange juice maker. Like the orange products this is marketed as a premium product with a premium price of around £2 although on occassion some of the supermarkets do run promo's.

        I really like pineapple and the juice drinks. I have tried just about all the other brands that will sit next to it on the shelf and it is this one which I prefer. There is a different taste to this drink to the others. It is more sweet I think with a less chemical-y after taste. This could be down to being 100% juice or that the juice is fresher or better packaged. Whatever the reason though I would spend double the money of a supermarket own brand concentrated juice drink for the quality although it is a treat over a stable in my house.

        At the moment it only comes in one litre cartons with no plans to change it at the moment. It really must be served ice cold otherwise the texture of the drink changes to be thicker and quite nasty otherwise this is refreshing. I find though that with drinking large amounts in one go your tongue starts to react to it only slightly and swell a little.


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        28.04.2010 12:19
        Very helpful




        Tropicana has been perfecting the finest tasting juice from natures fruits for over 60 years. Their range of juice extends from orange to pineapple, mango to tropical. They also produce smoothies and drinks designed for children.


        This is one of most popular fruit drinks next to the original orange..Pineapple. The pure premium pineapple drink is 100% pure pressed pineapple which isn't from concentrate. Tropicana have used a blend of the yellow flesh from ripe and sweet pineapples.


        The juice comes in liquid carton which is widely recycled. Tropicana have created their packaging with this in mind and you can contact them if you want to double check where you can recycle your empty carton. The carton is rectangular and comes to a peak at the top. Here you will find a green screw off lid which keeps you juice fresh. The carton is mainly white and the writing is in green.

        The front of your carton has the Tropicana logo and product name as well as a short description. There is also a lovely image of inside a pineapple and a nutritional breakdown chart. One site panel of the carton has details about recycling, ingredients, nutritional information including details of your 5 a day and storage information. The other side panel has details about how they produce the juice and how to contact them. The back of the pack offers more information about how they product the juice and some details about other flavours available which you may like to try.

        The best before date is on the peaked part of the top area.


        100% pure pressed pineapple juice..nothing more and nothing less.

        *Nutritional Information*

        200ml contains

        25g sugar (ouch)
        0g fat
        0g salt

        We are told that a 150ml serving provides one of our five a day portions of fruit or vegetables.


        Shake before use and store in a fridge. Use within 5days.


        PO Box 6642
        LE4 8WZ

        0800 032 4460
        *Price and Availability*

        Tropicana are available in major supermarkets.

        Current Tesco price for 1l £1.96 or 2 for £3 mix and match
        Current Asda price for 1l £1.96 or 2 for £3.50 mix and match

        *My Opinion*

        I love fruit juice as a change from my favourite Irn Bru. I usually buy the Asda own brand but if Tropicana is on offer, I am likely to buy it. We usually buy the pineapple and the tropical. The cartons fit nicely next to my milk on the side of the fridge so don't take up vital storage space. The carton is easy to open and seal and the lid doesn't leak like some fruit juices.

        I like pineapple juice and my sister mentioned its good for cold sores which is an added benefit! The Tropicana pineapple juice is very smooth and runs down your throat nicely and chills it as it does. As with most juices, this is best kept really cold for a refreshing pick me up either in the morning with breakfast or on a nice day (chance would be a fine thing!). You can tell it is premium juice, it is a really intense yellow colour and almost orange.

        The taste is obviously the most important part of the drink! There is no bits and the juice is completely smooth right the way down. It is quite sweet though there is a slight tanginess though not enough to completely draw your cheeks together! The juice leaves a pleasant, fruity aftertaste and is simply tasty!

        The juice has to be drunk within 5days though ours is usually done in 2days maximum.

        I would recommend paying the little bit extra for a premium drink.

        Thanks for reading


        Sorry everyone, I have just doubled checked the cold sore thing and I was mistaking..it is good for mouth ulcers lol!


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