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Tru Blood Vampire O Positive

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Manufacturer: True Blood / Beverages Type: Soft Drinks

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    2 Reviews
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      09.07.2013 08:56
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      Bringing TV to life with True Blood drink

      In today's world what ever fictional items you happen to see on television shows you can pretty much purchase it in real life. I'm a massive fan of the show called True Blood, if you haven't heard of it, it is a super natural series based on the book series from Charlaine Harris.

      Tru Blood - Blood Orange Carbonated Drink:

      'Sink your fangs into a bottle of True Blood, the delicious blood orange carbonated drink inspired by Vampire Bill's favorite synthetic blood nourishment beverage from the hit HBO TV series True Blood. Tart and slightly sweet, True Blood pours like a regular soda but appears stormy and mysterious when poured into a glass. Meticulously crafted, the True Blood Drink is an exact replica of the bottle design (Branding TRU with fang wounds in place of an E) as seen on TV'

      - trubeverage.com

      My Findings:

      I couldn't believe my eyes when I first laid eyes on the actual Tru Blood drink. We were in Cyber Candy in Birmingham and even though it was over £3.00 I just had to have one! I didn't really know what to expect with this drink as in the series it is a synthetic blood for vampires so they can live without the need of feeding on a human.

      I was thinking it might have a thickish blood like texture but I actually found it to be rather watery, still in my opinion a very nice drink if rather tart. On my first sip before hitting my lips a wonderful burst of orange sweetness wafted up my nose. From the smell of the drink I knew it was going to be super sweet.
      Drinking this drink at first I found the sweetness somewhat tart and a little overwhelming but the more I drank the more I wanted. The drink is tart with its strong smell of tangy orange and I also think it has a hint of lime and it reminded me of a cocktail I used to order is Spain. This was a Spanish orange punch the alcohol free version of Sangria.

      It states that this is a carbonated drink so I thought it was going to be fizzy but the drink itself was on the flat side. For me I didn't mind this as I'm not a fan of fizzy drinks. I really could drink this all day long, I personally found it rather refreshing and thirst clenching.

      I the love the bottle design you can either purchase this in a glass or plastic bottle. I got mine in plastic as I was walking around shopping centres I found it safer to purchase a plastic one. The bottle is pretty much just like what you see in the series.

      The bottle is detailed just like the series, the only thing is that in the series they can order what ever blood group they want. These bottles to purchase only come in O Positive so I wonder if it maybe on the cards to bring out the rest of the blood groups just like the series?

      After you have drank some of this drink you still have a sweet after taste that seems to linger for awhile. I love how the sweetness and slightly tartness hits you first followed by an orange taste then a lime'ish after taste. In the True Blood series they warm this up to body temperature; well obviously I didn't warm mine up and drink it cool from the fridge. It doesn't state anywhere that it is suitable to warm up.

      The colour of this drink as you can guess is red in order to maintain its look from the series in a blood like colour. This did not put me off from drinking it at all, I personally think its lighter than the blood colour.
      Cocktails you can make with your Tru Blood -

      The Fangbanger - Tru Blood, Vodka
      Death on the Beach - Tru Blood, Peach Schnapps, Pineapple Juice, Vodka
      Plasmapolitan - Tru Blood, Citron, Cointreau, Fresh Lime Juice

      Price and Availability:

      You can either purchase the glass bottle or the plastic bottle version both are the same thing but the glass one is around £1.00 dearer in price. I purchased my plastic bottle version from Cyber Candy in Birmingham costing me £3.30, which yes is pricey for a bottle of pop but it's the whole novelty behind it that I didn't mind the price.

      The glass bottle costing £4.99 or there is even the 4 pack complete with carrier just how you see the purchased in a store from the True Blood Series costing £19.96.



      Personally I liked the drink and found it fun, I purchase a few bottles as I was having a True Blood night in ready for the new season 5 which is fast approaching us. It was great to have series related drink for us to watch the show.

      I liked how it tastes and how you can make it into fun cocktails, plus when the bottle is finished you can keep it as True Blood memorabilia as you can never tell how long novelty items will be around for. This drink first came out in 2010 and now 2012 it is still around so it must be doing something right!

      As I started this review as I'm vegetarian and normally look at most ingredients labels at first I didn't know this wasn't suitable! On the web-site it states - Contains cochineal - not suitable for vegetarians.
      This was a complete shock for me after I've already had a few, cochineal is a dye obtained from insects if you didn't know.

      Well I still have to give this product five stars.

      Thank you for reading.

      Additional Information:

      Ingredients -
      Carbonated Water, Cane Sugar, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Potassium Citrate, Food Color E120(i), Potassium Sorbate, Sucralose, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Benzoate, Caffeine, Niacinaminde (Vitamin B3), Caramel Coloring, Food Color E129, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12), Folic Acid (Vitamin B9), Accacia Gum, Glycerol Esters of Wood Rosin


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        12.06.2013 18:05
        Very helpful



        For fans of the show as too expensive to drink on a casual basis

        *~*Introduction and reason for purchase*~*
        I first became a fan of the vampire themed TV series 'True Blood' just after it had aired on channel 4, which at the time having not bothered to watch it my friend kindly loaned me her box set of series one to see what I was missing. I became instantly hooked, despite not being a fan generally of anything vampire esque` and have since bought the box sets of series 1 to 4 myself and am eagerly awaiting to redeem an amazon voucher to buy series 5. Since the programme has grown in cult status, along with it there has been a menagerie of merchandise released, and as my friend is as much as huge fan as myself I decided to get her something to feed her obsession with as a birthday present.

        As well as buying her a T shirt which features the logo of the bar based throughout the series I also tracked down a bottle of 'Tru Blood' as an extra little gift and also decided to buy one for myself..

        *~*What is Tru Blood ?*~*
        In True Blood the TV series the basic premise is that vampires can sustain an existence by drinking bottles of Tru Blood which is supposedly a synthetic blood substitute, meaning humans no longer need to be looked on as 'food'. HBO, the creators of the show, released a drink that would appeal to all the fans who were desperate for merchandise and Tru Blood Orange was created for people to sink their teeth into (sorry..).

        *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*
        I purchased my friend's T shirt from Play.Com and was going to leave it at that but thought it looked a little lost in the bag that I had bought and I wanted to 'bulk' out her gift a little more with something else. I was just about to place an order with Cyber Candy online who specialise in american (and international) sweets/ chocolates etc and on logging in to their homepage what should be the first thing to greet me but an advert for the Tru Blood Orange drink - perfect!

        Priced at £2.99 for the plastic 19oz bottle and a much steeper £6.99 for a 14oz glass version this is far from cheap and not something that could be consumed on a regular basis, but for a one off I decided it was worth trying. As Cyber Candy give the option of paying via paypal I ordered the plastic bottle version for my friend then last minute I ordered myself one as well. Ideally I would have liked to have bought the glass version so I could keep it afterwards as paraphernalia but my funds didn't stretch to almost £7 for what is at the end of the day no matter how you look at it, little more than fizzy orange juice in a gimmicky bottle.
        If interested in purchasing Tru Blood it can also be found on Amazon either singularly from £6.99 for the glass bottles or sold in multi packs of 4 costing upwards of £24.99.

        The packaging of the bottle itself is extremely well crafted to give it that 'authentic' look as though it's been a prop and stolen from the show. Despite the fact Tru Blood is served in glass bottles on the show, the plastic version is every bit as credible and genuine in appearance as it's glass counterpart with identical markings. The (plastic) bottle my drink came in is made from a deep red plastic material which is sturdy yet easy to squeeze at the same time (if you feel the urge). There is a slight transparency to the plastic, and whilst it's just about possible to make out the outline of the liquid inside you can't see the colour or consistency without pouring it out. The bottle has a slight stubby appearance which veers in towards the neck where there are japanese (I presume) symbols adorning it in a raised manner whilst around the centre of the bottle itself is a sticker depicting the Tru Blood logo with O Positive above and much more subtler Blood Orange Carbonated Drink underneath.

        *~*Taste, texture, ingredients and appearance*~*
        Tru Blood Orange is a carbonated drink which as expected is slightly fizzy on pouring out. The consistency of the liquid is similar to coca cola but with a slightly thicker edge to it and is a deep orange/ red in colour. Taste wise this is meant to be sweet and slightly tart with the official statement being:

        "...Enliven yourself with this uniquely carbonated, slightly tart, lightly sweet blood orange drink..."
        (I'm not a fan of copying lengthy ingredients lists into my reviews at all but feel it is beneficial when it is a food/ drink product but please feel free to skip.

        Contains: carbonated water, cane sugar, citric acid, natural flavours, potassium sorbate, potassium citrate, carmine colour, taurine, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, sucralose, caffeine, vitamin B3, L-carnitine, L-arginine, inositol, caramel colouring, red 40, pyridoxine, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, gum accacia and ester gum.)

        *~*My experience of drinking Tru Blood*~*
        I have to start by saying that I'm not a fan of carbonated drinks at all and especially fizzy orange which I often find quite repulsive! I had in my mind that this drink would be similar to the likes of range tango and I'd immediately made my mind up whilst ordering that I wouldn't like it. The plan of action was to originally have a sip then give the remainder of the beverage to my husband and I would then go on to wash out the bottle as a keepsake.

        On receiving the bottles in with my order I placed my friend's safely in a bag with her other gift and proceeded to test out my bottle. To access the drink there is a plastic screw top lid and once the initial seal is broken it is quite easy to remove. Before I started to pour the drink out I could detect the strong orange flavour bubbling beneath in the bottle and it was actually far more appealing than I had previously imagined.
        On pouring out into a glass I was impressed with the rich ruby red colour this drink appeared to be, with only a slight orange hue, and whilst it may sound placebo like it made me feel I could drink it as opposed to being just plain orange in colour (which would have put me off). Whilst in the bottle I could hear the bubbles fizzing away yet on pouring out the drink seemed to be far stiller than I expected with only the odd little fizz here and there - again a plus for me.

        The drink itself is really quite palatable and on sipping it has a slight orange zest which is counteracted perfectly with the right balance of sweetness I found. It doesn't particularly taste carbonated but it does have a few bubbles lurking away that pop on the tongue when drinking so if you are not a fan of fizzy drinks like myself you will be pleased to know this isn't overly so.
        In True Blood the show the vampires drink Tru Blood when it is room temperature to simulate the temp of the human body but I didn't fancy testing this drink out this way so popped it in the fridge for an hour beforehand to chill.

        Tru Blood is actually quite a refreshing beverage and I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed the taste. It's fizzy orange without being *too* fizzy orange if that makes sense and isn't too sweet which was another thing I wasn't looking forward to so was pleased it was neither of these points.

        *~*Would I recommend this drink?*~*
        I purchased my bottle purely for paraphernalia reasons and though I was more impressed with the taste than I was expecting it wont be something that I will repeatedly purchase. The drink was extremely refreshing and the unique packaging being the main reason behind my purchase was the reason for wanting to try it but at the end of the day this is something for fans of the show only. Costing the prices that these bottles do it's hard to justify one purchase let alone multiples but I can honestly say I'm glad I have my (saved) bottle now as I'd been hankering for one since clapping eyes on them in series one.

        This would be ideal as a gift for a 'Trubie' or indeed to try out as a one off but because of the outrageous prices I can only give this a middle of the road score.

        Whilst perusing sites looking for True Blood merchandise I came across a recipe using Tru Blood and thought it apt to add to my review as for Halloween it would be perfect.

        makes 2 drinks
        Chili powder
        Course Salt
        1 ounce fresh lime juice
        Lime wedge for rimming glasses
        Ice cubes
        3 ounces Tru Blood beverage
        2 ounces PURE black cherry juice
        1 ounce unsweetened orange juice concentrate
        1/2 to 3/4 ounces agave nectar

        Rim 2 martini glasses with lime wedge and then dip in mixture of equal parts chili powder and salt.
        Fill cocktail shaker with ice.

        Add lime juice, PURE black cherry juice, unsweetened orange juice concentrate, and agave nectar.
        Shake well for 8 seconds.

        Pour in Tru Blood beverage.
        Shake well for another 8 seconds.

        Strain into each glass.
        (Optional- garnish with either lime or orange slice)
        For more recipe ideas there is also a True Blood Recipe Book available:

        http://www.amazon.co.uk/Blood-Cookbook-K ​aren-Sommer-Shalett/dp/1452110867/ref=sr​ _1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1349867802&sr=1​-1

        (Review originally posted on Ciao)


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