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Twinings Swiss Hot Chocolate

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Chocolate Drinks

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    2 Reviews
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      15.12.2011 13:15
      Very helpful
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      Superior tasting rich and creamy chocolate drink

      Twining's as a brand is something that I associate with fine teas, but I have discovered that they do some really nice coffees and their hot chocolate drink is gorgeous.

      I probably have at least one cup of hot chocolate a day and over the years I have tried most brands and of them all Twining's is my favourite.

      It is an indulgent drink and if you are counting calories probably not the best choice at 177 calories per mug and a whopping 81% of the content is sugar, so probably not the healthiest.

      But it tastes delicious and I think it dis the best hot chocolate I have tried.

      It comes in 350g brown container, with a plastic lid which is fully recyclable.
      The plastic lid is easy to lift off and fits snugly , simply press down to close.
      The contents are sealed with a foil to keep the product fresh which you lift off and discard. I have a 50/50 success rate with lifting this off, a little bit like the inner seal on milk, but if this fails you can score with a Knife /scissors.
      There are instructions on how to make the drink, the ingredients and nutritional values on the back of the can.
      Also a use by date on the base. This doesn't hang around very long in my house, but the one I bought recently is dated March 2013.

      The Product
      I would describe this as a very fine powdery granule, mid brown in colour with a wonderful chocolate aroma.
      Twining's recommend you use 3 to 4 heaped teaspoons per mug. I only use 3 as I think 4 is too many but this is a matter of personal taste.
      I used to mix the powder in a mug with a small amount of cold milk to make a paste and then pour hot milk on top, but you can just pour hot milk on top of the powder and it is just as good.
      Or to minimise washing up, heat your milk in a mug in the microwave and then add the powder to the mug.
      Stir well and this dissolves easily whichever method you deploy.
      I personally don't heat the milk to boiling point as I have to wait for it to cool before drinking and I think it tastes better just off the boil.

      This tastes like a really good quality milk chocolate, it is smooth and very satisfying and it doesn't have a powdery taste which is something I find with other brands.
      I personally think this is just the right sweetness as some hot chocolates are so sweet they almost make your teeth ache, but again that is a matter of taste.

      Mostly sugar, fat reduced cocoa (18%) and chocolate (7%) with some vitamins added. It contains soy and may contain milk and nut traces. It is suitable for vegetarians. These are all detailed on the back of the can.
      It is described as a Swiss chocolate drink, so I assume that they use Swiss Chocolate.

      Availability and Price
      From most leading supermarkets.
      A 350g is £3.09 at Ocado, but Sainsburys have this at £2.50 at the moment.
      This does appear expensive compared to Cadburys and Green and Blacks; however this comes in a 350g container, compared to Cadburys 250g and Green and Blacks 300g.
      At full price this is around 30p more than Cadburys would cost for the same size and the same price as Green and Blacks.

      Would I Recommend
      Yes, this is a gorgeous drink, quick and easy to make and helps me sleep. It isn't powdery, has a creamy chocolate taste and smells chocolatey. The powder dissolves really well and quickly.
      It is high in calories and has very high sugar content, but if that is an issue try skimmed milk or half milk and half water.
      Or just have half a cup!
      Alternatively for a real treat add marshmallows and squirty cream !
      I drink this all year round but it is particularly satisfying during the Winter months when it is cold and miserable.

      A 5 star Hot Chocolate


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        16.09.2009 19:11
        Very helpful



        Splash out a only few extra pennies and be reward with a great luxury hot chocolate.

        Twinings Swiss chocolate drink is a hot chocolate powder drink made by hating up milk on the hob or in the microwave and the instructions say 'pour over' 3-4 heaped teaspoons of chocolate powder, although I find it works just as well to stir in the powder. The result is a delicious hot chocolate that rivals some of the hot chocolate I have recently had in cafes. The drink is smooth and rich (particularly when you use 5 teaspoons of powder), and goes well with cake and biscuits or as an evening beverage.

        I am very fussy with my hot chocolate and won't drink and of the 'instant' drinks made with water. I have tried galaxy and Green & Blacks Organic (which I found too bitter), but remained loyal to Cadbury Drinking chocolate for hot milk until I tried the Twinings.

        The Twinings is more expensive than the Cadburys, but at £2.99 for 350g (at 85p / 100g) is not actually that much more than the Cadburys £1.58 for 250 (63p / 100g). Another poorly advertised advantage of the Twinings is that it has a range of vitamins and minerals added. I cup of hot chocolate is 178 calories and contains Thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Pantothetic Acid, Calcium and Phosphorus. Vitamins and minerals reduce heath related guilt and let you get on with enjoying this tasty drink.

        The study metal tin (similar to Cadburys), is well labelled and looks tempting and luxurious, and with the gold Twinings logo it looks more expensive than it is. The writing on the back however is a little small and it can take a moment to find the instructions. When this lid is opened it smells wonderful, and making and drinking this is a joy.


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