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Whole Earth Sparkling Organic Apple and Raspberry

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Flavoured Sparkling water. / Food quality: Organic food

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    1 Review
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      19.04.2008 13:14
      Very helpful



      Worth a try but not for me.

      *The background*

      We have recently moved, as I work from home and for myself I took a week off and registering my new number with my company proved a pain in the rear so I have had several weeks off. Where I have been off I have not been earning so my other half has been paying for the shopping.

      The fact he is paying means he has to come with me, most of the time this fills me with absolute dread! We all know how men can be when they are somewhere they don't want to be, spending money they would rather spend on something far better (in their mind!), sulking and complaining about everything and anything they can think of!

      Well my other half has been rather well behaved on these trips which I am extremely thankful for as I hate going shopping myself, people in the way all the time, what you are after is not in stock and people tutting at you for daring to stop to pick up the products you want, hell, that is what supermarkets are!

      Where my other half doesn't usually come with me he looked at things that I do not and we have tried rather a few new products that I just walk straight past, get what is on my list and get out as quickly as possible.

      We noticed some canned organic drinks in the soft drink section that looked interesting and we thought nothing more of it and got what we wanted and left. The next week I had dropped my other half at work and had the car for the day as I had a few things I had to do that day. I picked him up from work and we went straight to Asda to do the shopping. I was very thirsty as I had been out for several hours and like the plonker I am, had not taken a drink with me or any money to buy one.

      We got to the soft drink isle and my other half noticed that there was an offer on the cans we had noticed the week before. All this was long after I had picked up what we were after and had moved on to the next item. He caught up with me and put six cans into the trolley and explained they were on offer, rather than being 58p each they were on offer at six cans for two pounds, which works out as 33p each, which you must admit is rather a good offer.

      He had picked up two Sparkling Organic Ginger, two Sparkling Organic Cranberry and two Sparkling Organic Apple and Raspberry. They also did cola, lemonade, orange and elderflower drinks but he decided he was more interested in the sound of those he had chosen.

      We paid for our shopping and put it all in the boot before sitting in the car and opening one of the cans of Cranberry drink and quenching our thirst. Once home we unpacked the shopping and put the rest of the cans in the fridge and I didn't think about them again for a few days.

      *The product packaging*

      The can itself is silver and there is a Whole Earth logo in the centre at the top and either side of this is says "Whole Earth organic drinks and 100% delicious and made with bubble-licious sparkling H20!" Then it says SPARKLING ORGANIC (in pink) APPLE & (in green) RASPBERRY (in pink) drink made with fruit juices (in green).

      The back says "Our sweet organic apples are bursting with fruity flavour. Partner this with tangy raspberries for a tasty fruit explosion." Is it making your mouth water? It is mine!

      There is a full list of ingredients (see the end of this review for that) in several different languages. The company contact information, it says "NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS OR FLAVOURS, SUITABLE FOR VEGITARIANS AND VEGANS".

      It says how it meets the standards of the soil association for food and farming, which prohibits the use of genetically modified ingredients. Where this is all made from natural ingredients they say it may contain sediment, you get that with fruit drinks though don't you and you hardly notice it.

      They recommend that it is served chilled, most soft drinks are better that way though, aren't they.

      There is a nutritional information table that gives the typical values per 100ml;
      Energy 165kj/39kcal
      Protein 0.2g
      Carbohydrates 9.5g
      Fat Trace.
      Each can contains the usual 330ml.

      *The company*

      I haven't heard of Whole Earth before so thought I would look them up and see what they are about. The website has proved rather interesting and shown that I must pay more attention when at the supermarket as I was rather shocked by just how many products they make.

      Whole Earth do a range of jams, peanut butters and a honey as well as cereals snacks, coffee, baked beans and tomato ketchup!
      The about us section of their site says,
      "Whole Earth began as a little company with some big ideas about offering more natural, healthier food.

      40 years on, we're still a little company with the same passion. Only "organic" is a less scary word than "macrobiotic" and more and more people are coming to share our vision."
      They have a few things they believe in;
      "Healthy food should not be a punishment,
      When you've got natural ingredients, you don't need artificial flavours,
      Organic food is better for planets and bodies,
      Everyday stuff like baked beans and ketchup should be organic, too,
      Our tastings are the best part of the job,
      Snacks need not be your enemy."

      As a company they sound like one to look out for, the ethics are all good and they work with the soil association and don't use any genetically modified ingredients.

      Unfortunately this particular drink was not on the website which is rather unusual. If you are interested in the company then take a look at their site I will add the website address to the bottom of this review.

      *The all important taste test*

      We settled down to watch a film the other night and my other half had a beer so I thought I would have one of the cans of drink as a treat with the film.

      I chose the apple and raspberry, as that was the one that I really fancied the sound of. When I think of those flavours combined it always sounds refreshing.

      I decided to drink out of the can as where it is such a rarity these days it seems so different to do that, either that or I am just as common as muck (I don't mind admitting it!).

      I opened the can and was thankful there was no mess, wasn't likely to fizz up uncontrollably where it had been left still in the fridge for a while.

      There wasn't much of a smell to it just a subtle fruity one, of exactly what you would expect, apple and raspberries.

      The taste was not as powerful as I was anticipating, very subtle and understated. A little too weak to make this as exciting as it really could be. It was refreshing and I drank the lot without ever considering not doing so.

      It wasn't so fizzy that it took my breath away but it wasn't flat either. The 'fizzy factor' was just right.

      It certainly wasn't the worst tasting drink in the world but didn't set my life on fire either. I haven't had any other organic fizzy drinks so have nothing to really compare it too in that way but compared to regular soft drinks it is not that great.

      *Would I buy again*

      Without this offer I certainly would not buy this again, for the money it just isn't worth it at all. With the offer I would consider it but probably think better of it. I don't tend to go for organic products unless they are genuinely better overall and this is not. If you try and have everything organic then this may be worth a try.

      Knowing it is all natural and organic is a plus but does not make up for a lack of taste.

      I will be trying other products by Whole Earth but am not impressed with the three canned drinks I have tried, if you are wondering the other two were a let down, more so than this one was.

      *My rating*

      I am going to give this just two stars, I love the idea behind it and the taste was good just far too weak. Such a shame!

      I don't recommend it but if you like to go organic with all your food and drink then it is worth a try, otherwise walk on past it!

      *Extra information*

      Whole Earths website can be found here www.wholeearthfoods.com
      Should you wish to contact them you can do so by email marketing@kallofoods.com, writing to them Whole Earth, Coopers Place, Combe Lane, Wormley, Godalming, Surrey GU8 5SZ or calling 01428 685 100.

      Here is the full list of ingredients for those who like to know;
      Carbonated water, organic corn syrup, organic apple juice from concentrate (12%), organic lemon juice from concentrate (6%), organic raspberry juice from concentrate (2.5%), natural flavourings.


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