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Roland TD-6KV

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Roland / V-Drum Kit.

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    2 Reviews
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      27.02.2010 14:45
      Very helpful
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      Excelent value kit

      I have owned many acousitc and electric kits, including a top of the range £2000 kit to one of these and several inbetween.

      Firstly lets start with what you get. You get the Roland TD6 brain. This was until recently the mid range module, above the TD3 and below the TD10. It has since been replaced by TD9 and the TD4 has taken off from the TD3.

      The module comes with 50 pre made kits, ready for you to start playing with. These kits feature everything from acoustic, to electronic to ethinc and downright weird.
      The module is simple to use, with big clear buttons making it easy to change things as you play. You can edit your kits to a degree. You can mix and match any of the different sounds, and change the room type, mic height, padding. Even the size of the drums or cymbals.

      The TD6 comes with 3 tom pads, 2 cymbals, a bass pad, snare pad and high hat pad. There are different configurations, sometimes the highhat pad is a cy-5 or on older kits a PD-8 the same as the toms. Equally the snare will be a PD-8 or a mesh PD8x. I always reccomend the mesh snare over rubber, as its much more realsitic.

      The rubber pads a pretty quiet, but an auidible thud can be heard. The same for the cymbal pads. The worst for the noise though has to be the bass pad. If the kit is upstairs, the thump of the beater hitting the bass will go down theough the floorboards. Bear this is mind if you live in a flat or have grumpy parents below you.

      The kit comes in 2 boxes. One containg the rack and the other all the pads. setting up is pretty straight forward and within an hour, you should be up and running.
      The sample quality is mostly very good, although drum rolls on the toms and cymbals still leave something to be desired, but thats why the TD12 with its cymbal control is a lot more money that the TD6!
      Its a very playable kit, and perfect for an experienced drummer wanting to practice, or a beginner learning.The module has a range of songs for you to play along with. You can mute the drum sections to make your own up, or play along. Aso you can set the module to light up certain buttons which correlate to certain pads on the kit, so you can teach yourself exactly how the kit is playing the peice. It has built in metronomw, and you even record yourself and then play it back. Pretty cool!

      For the money these are selling second hand now, around £500, it really is a bargain and perfect for someone who thinks they might fancy learning to play. Resale values are very good as these kits are very much in demand, and you will be unlikely to loose much selling on a second hand kit.
      I've played the top end and bottom end kits from Roland,and this TD6 sits nicely in the middle.


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        16.05.2009 20:38
        Very helpful



        9/10 - Superb effort from Roland

        Over the past 10 years I've owned a variety of acoustic and electronic sets, this Roland TD6 is amongst the very best for the price you pay!

        I brought mine around 6 months ago second hand from eBay, I ended up paying £500 with a nice Laney amp, what a bargain!

        If your looking at paying for one of these brand new expect to pay around the £700 mark...

        So lets start at the start, what do you get in the box from the off -

        TD-6V Percussion Sound Module - The "brain", this is where all the pads get plugged into and it turns the striking of the pad to a sound. The module itself has over 1000 seperate percussion sounds! - All of excellent studio quality. The module has an audio in option so you can hook up your MP3 player or iPod and play along to your favourite songs. Also, more importantly, a headphone socket if you don't have an amp to play back through.

        PD-85BK V-Pad - The pad that act's as the snare, the drum that sit's by the hi-hat and get's used more often than most other items, hence the drum is made differently, it's made with a mesh head, this gives a responsive and realisitc feel to it.

        PD-8 Dual-Trigger Pad - Three are used as tom drums and the fourth is used for your hi-hat cymbal.

        CY-8 Dual-Trigger Cymbal Pad - Both cymbals are dual triggered, meaning you get two different sounds from the bell and the bow of the cymbal.

        KD-8 Kick Trigger Pad - Your bass drum pedal strikes this. Very well built for the money.

        FD-8 Hi-hat Control Pedal - A small pedal that gives the effect of an open or closed hi-hat sound.

        MDS-3C Drum Stand - Excellent build quality drum rack, includes all the clamps needed to set up your set and get drumming!

        The set itself is perfect for begginers and also for the more experienced player who wants a kit to practice or gig with. It's build quality is exceptional for the cost, this thing can take a real beating!

        Inside the box you also get all the necessary leads to connect the drums to the module, the only downside to this is that there are around 12 leads sticking out of the module, making it look very messy. I have used black PVC tape to strap them to the drum rack..... Much tidier!

        Overall - 9/10

        I have used various set's for this price range, a Yamaha DTX and also an Alesis model. This is the hands down winner for two reasons, high high quality hardware and drum pads; fantastic quality module that gives realistic and responsive sounds.


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