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Yamaha DD-65

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Brand: Yamaha / Drums & Percussion Type: Drum

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    2 Reviews
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      19.05.2013 11:36



      One of the best available for the money

      I got this for my son to learn to play the drums whilst at the same time preserving our sanity and good relations with our neighbours!

      I was actually really surprised at the quality of this set. It has a great range of drum sets and effexts and the ability to record your sets.

      It is strong and pretty heavy and has a good range of connections so you can hook it up to an amplifier if you so desire - we particularly liked the headphone socket which gets a lot of use.

      Sound quality is great and the different drum and cymbal types are very realistic as is the echo and reverb that you get.

      The feel of the drums is actually very realistic with good bounceback of the sticks - as well as using sticks you can use your hands when playing tom toms or bongos. Each pad responds differently depending on where and how hard you hit it.

      ***BOO HOO***A couple of negative points. The kit does not come with a stand which we found is essential - you can buy one form yamaha which we did, but the fit was not great and it was not cheap - as this is so important, it's a shame it is not included so factor this in to your costs.

      You will also need a stool - sounds obvious I suppose but this is also essential. It's hard to play from a chair, so if you don't have one factor this cost in too.

      Overall we score it 8/10 - would be 9/10 if stand was included.


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      18.09.2011 02:34
      Very helpful



      Great fun for kids and adults who don't have space for a full kit

      This was bought for my boyfriends 9 year old son who desperately wanted a drum kit for Christmas a couple of years ago unfortunately his mum said no way and we live in a flat with no room for a full size kit so the compromise was to buy him the Yamaha DD-65.

      The DD-65 is one unit with eight touch sensitive rubber pads providing snare, toms and cymbals and two pedals to control the bass drum and hi hat. There are various programmable drum sounds and patterns and also some pre loaded tracks to play along with. The unit doesn't come with a stand so you can just use in on top of a table or if you want a stand any snare stand from a normal drum kit holds it perfectly and you can pick the snare stand and a basic drum stool up quite cheaply.

      The unit is pretty robust ours is still in good condition and all the pads still work. We've had it since Christmas 2009 in that time it's had plenty of use by us and the various nieces and nephews who come to visit even my boyfriends son who now has a full size electronic kit at home still mucks about with this when he stays over.

      The DD-65 has a speaker and a headphone jack the speaker is ok but the sound is better with a decent set of headphones and also means the rest of the household don't have to listen to it although don't think this means it is silent as there is still noise from the sticks hitting the pads! Both my boyfriend and I play guitar and bass so already having amps at the house meant the temptation to connect this to a bass amp was too much for us although I'm not sure if the people next door shared our enthusiasm or appreciated the racket it did sound pretty good through the amp!

      One of the good things about this is the aux in feature which allows you to connect a cd or mp3 player so you can play along to tracks this makes it great fun for practice and a useful learning tool. It also means there's less chance of getting bored which you probably would if you were just playing drums with no music. There's also the option to record yourself and save it to play back although you can only save 4 or 5 tracks.

      The one downside is the pedals it comes with the small plastic pedals do not simulate the action of real pedals in anyway although there is the option to buy a kick bass pad for use with a normal drum pedal and a pedal controller for the hi hat. The hi hat pedal and kick pad cost around £60 plus you still need the bass drum pedal to use with the kick pad so it's not a cheap option with the DD-65 costing around £140 then adding another £120 for the extra pedals if you have the room it might be best to buy one of the full electric drum kits or an acoustic drum kit with silencer pads for quiet practice.
      We were lucky a friend gave us an old kick pad from his Yamaha electronic kit and an old drum pedal when he upgraded his kit so we only had to buy the hi hat controller.

      Although this was bought for my boyfriends son we've both used it as well it's fun to play and although hitting a rubber pad doesn't give you the feel that you get with acoustic drums it is a good practice tool and will help when you move onto a real kit. The pads are obviously much smaller than real drums but the DD-65 will help you get the basics of playing and more importantly can help with keeping time by letting you play along with tracks rather than just pounding drums with nothing to keep time to.
      The DD-65 has also been used by us as a drum machine for jamming along to with bass or guitar the pre programmed drum tracks plus the ability to record your own make it a useful practice aid for guitar and bass as well as drums.

      Overall this is a good alternative for anyone who wants to play but doesn't have room for a full kit.The DD-65 doesn't take up much room and it's perfect for kids as well as adults. It's a shame the extra foot pedal and kick pad aren't a bit cheaper as they do make a difference over the plastic pedals. If you have the space for a full kit I would say buy a full acoustic or electronic kit as you can buy them for the same price of buying this and all the extras.


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