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Acard DVD 1 to 7 Duplicator

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Acard 1 to 7 2033S 1 x dvd rom - 7 x nec DVDRW - With 9 bay case - 8 IDE cables - 64 MB of DDR memory - 512 Kb of flash memory for boot loader - 2Mb of flash memory for copy code

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    1 Review
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      17.07.2009 11:34
      Very helpful



      Recommended to anyone looking for a disc duplicator

      The ACARD DVD duplicator doesn't look like much, but it really is a fantastic piece of kit for anyone interested in large scale disc duplication. Usually, these things can run into many hundreds and even thosands of pounds. This little beauty though, only cost £250, excluding VAT! It does exactly the same job as those more expensive machines, and for the most part it does it very well.

      It's extremely simple to use - the display panel is really the brains of the machine - it houses many (around 12) IDE connectors which link each DVD burner together, and also one SATA connector with which you can connect a hard drive to store images. As I mentioned, operation is as simple as can be. Simply place your source disc in the top drive, place as many destination discs as you have in the writers, and hit the green button. That's it. It will burn 7 full DVDs in around 10 minutes, and CDs in less than 5. More options lie within the machine if you want to look, but the only one I really ever use is 'copy' which is the first option, and why you can just whack the green button to go ahead with a copy. The only other option I have used is to use the SATA connector to burn an image. Unfortunately this wasn't up to much though, as you can only store a single image at a time, so in the end I removed the hard drive and just use it for on the fly disc copies.

      Although I've not had a drive fail yet, I imagine that if the need ever arose, I could replace any of them at will, as they are just standard IDE drives - this standardisation is what helps keep the cost down I suppose, but it's also great in the event that something does go wrong. The case is very easy to open if the need arises too.

      So far I've not had a single coaster from this machine, and would recommend it to anyone who is interested, espescially at the bargain basement price you can get it for!

      Additional info (14/02/10) - After playing around with the settings on this thing, I found out that the optional HDD can in fact store more than one image. It's a little bit less intuitive than it could be, but it certainly works, so the only bad thing I had to say about this disc duplicator is now null and void, and I can't now think of a reason not to award this little beauty anything less than the full 5 stars!


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  • Product Details

    Up until recently we have only offered duplicators in their barest form, with only the controller and not the necessary drives included. While this was fine for experienced users who prefer to choose their own drives, or perhaps already have spare drives that they can use, for those with little or no experience the process of choosing and installing drives can be a little daunting. As a solution to this we started to offer a duplicator building service, which was great for those customers who wanted to choose the make-up of their duplicator and then let our experts to do the dirty work for them.Now we've gone one step further and provided an even better solution for the duplicator novice, these units come pre-built with the latest NEC DVDRW so you don't have to worry about installation