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    1 Review
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      08.03.2012 20:27
      Very helpful



      Overall a nice cheap product performs adequately.

      I purchased this LG GH22LS50 super multi DVD-Rewriter internal drive for around £20, I bought this because a friend of mine wanted a budget computer system building. LG is a common name and I have used LG drives in the past and been happy with them, it was almost too easy to select this drive over others because I knew I was secure buying the LG brand.

      This was delivered to me within a couple of days and was packaged in a standard box, there wasn't much else to the packaging I felt like it could of done with some extra protection other than a bit of card board but there wasn't any damage to the item.

      There was a SATA cable provided in the box of this device which is a nice touch as I have bought some devices which don't supply these cables.

      --The Look--
      This is a standard DVD drive with a black plastic front and the rest of the device is metal but that doesn't really matter as that will be in the computer case itself. On the disc drive there are a few logos on there such as the LG and a super multi. The button to open this is on the bottom right of the device, this presses quite nicely doesn't require too much push against it but still clicks.

      This DVD drive uses SATA connections, the data one is the smaller one that is provided with the device, this plugs in the drive and straight into an empty SATA port on the motherboard. The bigger slot is for the power cable and this plugs in straight from the power supply. If you don't have a SATA power cable free on the power supply you can buy a converter which turns a 4 pin Molex connection into a SATA cable. These are really cheap and may be something to take into consideration when purchasing this item.

      With both cabled plugged in that is the DVD drive fully installed apart from screwing it into your case but that takes you all of two seconds and isn't hard as your case will have slots lined up for the screws.

      When testing this device I ran a DVD on it first followed by burning a disc. When running the DVD the drive was almost silent which is always a nice bonus, I could barely hear the disc running and it played my whole DVD without any skips or faults at all.

      For the burning part of the test I decided that burning a CD and a DVD was a good test. The first thing I burnt was a CD, this was a standard music disc and this took approximately 2 and a half minutes. Not a bad time but I have had quicker, still who can really complain about 2 and a half minutes?
      Burning a DVD took around 7 minutes which was a little longer than I expected but both discs that I burnt had great quality play back and I can't fault the drive there. The writing speeds could be slightly faster but im willing to wait the extra minute or so for guaranteed quality.

      Here are some of the specifications and features of this device.

      * Compatible with Windows XP and higher.
      * Secure disc and light scribe compatible.
      * Read DVD 16x Single layer and 12x dual layer.
      * Read CD 48x.
      * Write DVD at 22x and CD at 48x.

      On paper this is a pretty bog standard DVD drive, it has no fancy features but it does do the job well. Granted I feel that this is a little slower than other drives I have used but it gives you high quality, this is a nice device to use and although there was a few bad points given the price you really can't complain. So if you are looking for a cheap DVD drive that can give you top quality media then look no further.


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