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    1 Review
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      16.02.2009 18:05
      Very helpful
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      Securdisc. If its bundled with it, why turn it down?

      What can you say about a DVD Writer that makes it any different than any other DVD writer?

      Well that is why I am writing this review, this LG drive is not only cheap, cheerful, easy to install, super-fast at burning and generally as good as most other writers. It also has Securdisc.

      Securdisc is pretty obvious, its name is self-explanatory. It is a way of securing your discs - but from what exactly? Mainly from theft, piracy and children, but it also warns you when your files are in danger of becoming corrupt from disc decay.

      So if you store a lot of files on discs and use those discs quite often, you could be putting those files at risk of becoming corrupted due to just simple over-use. This burner has built in Securdisc which will scan for any degrading files, and then repair them using information stored when you first burned the disc. Pretty clever actually, it is probably safer storing on to these types of disc than onto your hard-drive.

      It also incorporates encryption and password protection, so files cannot be copied unless you have the authority. It has a lot of pretty nifty options and some very clever technologies that can really come in handy and save you from a lot of hassle. Something like this can be priceless and a life-saver in certain circumstances, something like this you would expect to pay a high premium for.

      That is why I am writing a review about it, and why I am recommending it. This drive and other Securdisc drives don't come at a premium; they are often priced just as well as the competition whose drives don't have this technology.

      So next time you buy a DVD Writer, look for Securdisc, you may as well get it, even if you don't use it. You never know if you will need it in the future and if it's not costing you extra now, may as well give it a chance to save you a lot in the future!


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