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Plextor PX-LB950UE

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    1 Review
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      17.02.2012 10:47
      Very helpful



      Overall a great product the plextor offers writable Blu-Ray and even 3D!

      This Plextor is a Blu-ray disc writer which means you can burn your own Blu-ray discs, you will still need a Blu-Ray player to watch them or you can also use this device. Blu-Ray home writing hasn't really taken off yet mainly due to cost, this device costs around £145 and then blank Blu-Ray discs can cost as much as £7 for 4 discs! Yes it's quite pricey and unless your into selling illegal films on the black market then you probably won't make this money back.

      Don't forget though that you can do more than burn a Blu-Ray film to these discs, they can used for storage and you can get a single layer which is around 25GB of storage space or a double layer which is around 50GB. That's a lot of space for you to back up all of your essentials and that's equivalent to 10 DVD's or 72 CD's, it's pretty incredible that a little over 10 years ago and CD's were amazing which just shows how far we've come.

      So this Plextor can write to Blu-Ray discs at 12x and on top of that you can do DVD's at 16x and CD's at 47x. In simple this is the only disc writer you will need at least until something comes out to beat Blu-Ray, which isn't coming for a while. When I tested this I burned a CD which took about a minute, a DVD which took about 7 minutes and a Blu-Ray that took about 20 minutes to burn a single layer. So the speeds are definitely up there and this was on USB 3.0 so if you are going to use 2.0 expect slower speeds.

      This device uses USB 3.0 and eSATA connections which provide high speed data transfers allowing your writing speeds to be quick, don't worry if you haven't got USB 3.0 yet though guys as this is fully backwards compatible with 2.0 which is a nice feature. I like the design of it as well it's been kept really simple and will look good on the desk, alternatively because its external you can always put it away when you're done with it freeing up power inside your computer.

      Plextor have bundled this writer with software to help you create your discs and what's better than that, it can create 3D Blu-Ray discs so if 3D is your thing then this might attract you to buy this. I usually use my own burning software but I have chosen to use the one Plextor have given here because it's simple and goes through each thing step by step, this is a very good piece of software for novices and experts. Another utility given with this device is PLEXUTILITIES, this allows you to thoroughly inspect the drive and the discs and it enables high burn quality. Personally I haven't really used this to inspect anything but for someone with a little more knowledge they may want to do this.

      Overall I'm really happy with this purchase, it was a little pricey but I can now backup my data onto one disc and I have the option to watch Blu-Ray from my computer in 7.1 surround sound something that my PS3 doesn't have. Both the software and the hardware work great and I would certainly recommend this to anyone looking to buy a Blu-Ray reader/writer.


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