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Daewoo DV 500

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    1 Review
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      20.02.2005 12:23
      Very helpful



      A whole new world has opened up to me! Well, maybe that’s a bit of a drastic statement but I’m often late in catching up with technology (due to financial constraints rather than technophobia!) and now I have at last entered the world of DVDs.

      I’ve had rather dodgy hand-me-down video players for a number of years and I have the facility to play DVDs on my computer but I find watching anything more than a few minutes long on the computer screen a bit hard on the old eyeballs so I’ve never considered buying full length DVDs and have just stuck to watching those extra, bonus tracks often found on CDs.

      I hadn’t seriously considered getting a DVD player. I’m not a great one for watching movies and the usual tight budget didn’t really make it an option. However, due to the generosity of the elderly couple living in the flat above me, I now have a DVD player. They had been given one by one of their more affluent relations but they’re just happy with a TV and aren’t ones for keeping up with technology so they asked if I would like it otherwise it would just be sitting in a cupboard! Well, what could I say?!

      So I’m now the happy owner of a Daewoo DV500ES DVD player. My new gadget is a slim line silver coloured little thing with all the necessary features. I won’t go into all the technical blurb as it means little to me and, I expect, most ordinary buyers! Suffice to say it has a remote control (of course!), an ‘on’ button, it plays DVDs (also with the usual pause, stop, fast forward etc) and has a display to show the time, date, settings etc. This model is a Region 2 player, designed to be compatible with discs designed for Region 2 (UK/Europe) or All regions. Is that too basic? Ah well, there’s more to come.

      Luckily, being new and still boxed, it came with a little manual for those of us new to such gadgets although I tend to be in the “fiddle with it and see” group of technology users. However the manual is comprehensive and easy to understand should I get stuck anywhere trying to do anything I’m confident it will be in the manual somewhere which covers connection, how to play DVDs and how to use all the functions and features as well as the technical specifications for those that need to know. There is also a “Troubleshooting” section should you run into problems but as this section is barely two pages long I suspect (hope!) there is little that can go wrong.

      Although I didn’t connect it myself the operation took minutes – just a matter of plugging in the leads into your television, and, if required, connecting it to the video player too in the same manner. Then it was switch on and go! Happily I was given DVD player a couple of months before Christmas so I received a handful of DVDs as birthday and Christmas presents and they were on hand to play. The picture and sound quality is crystal clear with none of the tracking or distortion glitches often found with ordinary video tapes and this whole new world opened up to me as I discovered what all the buttons on the remote control actually did. There are options to select or skip particular scenes, through the initial opening menu you can go straight to a particular scene or track (very useful with music DVDs which are my preference), you can search for a scene, select to repeat a scene/feature, zoom in or out, change angles, program it to play in a certain order or time as well as the more basic fast/slow play and skipping back and forth (old fashioned rewind and fast forward to me!). The machine is also compatible with CDs and CD-Rs, so you can simply use it as an audio CD player if you want, as well as picture CDs and MP3 discs. Oh, and if the fancy takes you, this can also be used as a karaoke machine with the microphone output!

      Well, without getting all technical on you, which I won’t do as I’d be rambling and waffling and I’d be hard-pressed to understand a lot of it myself let alone anyone reading, that about covers the “need to know” facts I think. I’m perfectly happy with it and am enjoying scooting through my, still minimal, collection of DVDs finding all the extra features which aren’t usually found on video tapes and whizzing back and forth from track to track.

      As I didn’t buy this myself I’ve had to do a little internet surfing to find out price and availability and the general price region seems to vary from £40-£50 from all expected electrical and specialist internet retailers. I also found one going on Ebay for £10 so this needn’t be a major purchase!

      I think by DVD player standards it’s probably a fairly basic model but it looks nice, is easy to operate and does the job and that’s all I ask really.


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