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Durabrand PDV-702

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    2 Reviews
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      06.07.2011 17:30
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A great product for those born to travel!

      Accessories for people continually on the move, or often in restricted spaces where power sockets are limited and entertainment is necessary to prevent overwhelming boredom, devices like one these portable DVD players come into contact with human hands. They have been around for several years now, but it seems that all the fad surrounding contraptions like the 'Duraband PDV-702' which I bought a while back is coming to a close. With mobile phones dominating the technological market, having the ability to master all entertainment trades (...from video games to feature-length movies), it's no wonder the portable player is dieing out.

      I found this Durabrand model to be a very classy bit of kit for its time. Boasting a reasonably sized 7" screen and easy to use control panel, the player is capable of playing a range of formats (...from DVD's and CD's, to MP3 CD's and photo CD's). Not only this, but the player is also designed and constructed using durable, high-quality plastics and rubbers to produce a great, long-lasting machine. Complete with AC adaptor and car adaptor for home and travel connectivity, there is no place you're unable to use this device. The 2.5 hour, rechargeable battery allows for the watching of a single movie before needing to be recharged, which is something that could have been improved significantly.

      I was particularly impressed with the clarity of the screen when watching DVD's. It isn't affected by changes in light like other alternatives, and this means it can be viewed during car journeys where glare from 360 degrees can occur.

      I found the feel of the device to be excellent. It doesn't feel cheap or tacky like other players, and this reassures you that it will stand the test of time. similarly, dropping the device from a height of roughly 1 metre (...as I did not too long ago) will do nothing but perhaps cause a few minor scratches. the technical ability of the player won't be damaged and it will still continue to play all formats well.

      With laptops, it can become unbearable to have the thing sitting on your lap for to long, as the heat it gives off can become too intense (...plus you risk damaging the device). but with the DVD-player this has been considered and rectified, so that the heat is kept low and focused away from the base of the device. You really do get the sense that the designers have considered all major points in regards to the players use, and this makes the Durabrand PDV-702 excellent value.

      One thing I wasn't so impressed with in regards to the players usability was the flip-up CD cover. When opened it raises quickly and awkwardly which might reduce its longevity before being in need of replacing.

      Besides a minor issue with the players flip-up lid, I have had no real technical or aesthetic issues with the player what so ever. I believe this is an excellent purchase even with the competition from mobile phones and the like available currently. A 9/10 product from the well respected Durabrand!


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      09.12.2009 23:39
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Excellent DVD player!

      "*"*"*"*" Packaging "*"*"*"*"

      This came in a mainly red coloured cardboard box. It had sliver and white colours on it as well. The white colouring is used for the writing that you will see on either side, on the back and on the front as well. The silver is used in a horizontal line the whole way around the rim of the lid and this goes completely around the box. The box is of medium size and has a handy little part at the top (you pull this out in order to open the lid.) On every part you can see a picture of the portable dvd player and the tiny remote that is provided with it. The box is very nice and well presented. I especially like the part on the lid to open and close it with. When you open "some boxes." You literally have to wreck them in order to get into them and then you are left with a demolished box. With things such as this DVD player and other electrical equipment. You cant really afford for that to happen! In case you need to get a refund or replacement. That is why I like this one because the lid means you can easily open it and everything remains in tact.

      "*"*"*"*" Design "*"*"*"*"

      This dvd player is beautifully designed stylish, sleek and very attractive to look at. It has a 7" LCD screen and although it isn't exactly one of the biggest screens, it still looks great! The picture is clear and I was able to concentrate a lot more on the DVDs that I watched on this. Well, certainly more than I do while watching them on my mums big TV. This DVD player is grey and when the light hits it has a cool silver sheen to it. It also has black colouring on it and the black contrasts nicely against the grey. This really makes the grey colouring stand out more! It is very neat and it is exactly as you would expect a portable DVD player to be. There is a button that you press to open the DVD up. Once you press it the lid slowly raises up. All of the buttons on this are silver and all of the DVD players corners are rounded of beautifully. The LCD screen also has a black frame around it.

      ^^^^ The DVD Players Buttons And Controls ^^^^

      The Open Button - This opens the disc door and it can be found right below it. The disc door is in the centre of the DVD player.

      The Audio Button - This when selected can be used to choose the audio channel. This is near to the bottom of the DVD player.

      The Title Button - This displays the title menu when pressed. This is also to the bottom right side of the DVD player.

      The Screen Off Button - When you fold down the LCD screen it presses against this button turning off the screen. This is at the top of the DVD player and above the disc door.

      The Repeat And Display Button - You press this to repeat or hold it in to view the disc information and times. This is above the directional buttons.

      The Screen Colour Buttons - These buttons are used to adjust the colour of the LCD screen and there is two of them. They are right below the LCD screen, next to the screen brightness buttons.

      The Search And Set-Up Button - This button brings you to the set-up menu and when held in you will see the search menu. This is above the directional buttons.

      The Ok Button - As you will already have guessed this is your select button and it is placed in between the direction buttons.

      The Screen Brightness Buttons - These are used to adjust the brightness and there is two of them directly below the LCD screen.

      The Direction Buttons - These are located to the right side of the disc door. You use them to forward and rewind and to choose previous or next.

      The Subtitles Button - This can be seen near to the bottom of the dvd player and is used to choose weather you would like subtitles or not.

      The Remote Sensor - This simply receives the signals from the remote control and this is also near to the bottom of the DVD player.

      The Power On Indicator - This lights up when the DVD player is on. This is down at the bottom of the DVD player.

      The Speakers - These are found on either side of the DVD player and they are directly below the LCD screen.

      The Remote Control - The remote control is the same grey colour as the DVD player. It is quite cute because it is small like the DVD player. Some of the buttons on it are different colours. Although most are mainly grey with white writing and numbers on them. There is seven blue buttons, a yellow one and a black one two. The buttons are soft and easy to press and they never jammed or stopped working for the whole time that I had them. This requires 2 LR03 (AAA batteries) The remote must be pointed within at least 20ft (6M) of the remote sensor. The remote only works when the DVD players power is on.

      ^^^^ The Buttons And Their Use ^^^^

      The Screen On And Off Button - This is yellow in colour and it is used to switch the LCD screen on and off.

      The Menu Button - This is blue in colour and is used to access the DVD menu.

      The Title Button - This is blue in colour and is used to access the title menu.

      The Skip Back Button - This is grey in colour and is used to skip back to the previous title, chapter or track.

      The Skip Forward Button - This is grey in colour and is used to skip forward to the next title, chapter or track.

      The Direction Buttons - These are blue in colour and triangular shaped. They go around in a circular shape with the "next" button in the centre of it.

      The Ok Button - This is a blue around the sides and white in the centre of it and is used to select.

      The Numeric Buttons - These are grey in colour and are the buttons that are used in DVD menus, audio and MP3 track selection.

      The Angle And Program Button - This is grey in colour it is used in DVD mode to display angle and can also be used to program your favourite track in CD/MP3 mode.

      The Volume Buttons - These are grey in colour and are the same as all other volume changing buttons because the button with the plus sign is used to increase volume and the one with the minus is used to decrease it.

      The Mute Button - This is dark grey in colour and as everyone will already know it is used to take the sound away completely.

      The Set up Button - This is grey in colour and is used to access the setup menu.

      The Display Button - This is grey in colour and is used to view the elapsed time, title or chapter information and track numbers during play.

      The Stop Button - This does what it says it will and stops the DVD and also when pressed twice comes to a full stop.

      The Subtitle Button - This is grey in colour and used to setup the subtitles .

      The Audio Button - This is grey in colour and is used to select your desired audio channel.

      The Search Button - This is grey in colour and allows you to choose the desired disc starting time, track or title for playback.

      The Repeat Button - This is grey in colour and is used to repeat the current track, chapter, title or a chosen section.

      The Slow And Zoom Button - This is grey in colour and is pressed to zoom in on DVD mode or alternatively it can be used to view slow motion playback by holding it in for more than one second.

      The Remote Controls Lense - This is grey in colour and sends signals to the set. This should not be blocked or covered and it must be kept clean for best operation.

      "*"*"*"*" How Easy Is it To Use? "*"*"*"*"

      This is very easy to use! I have never had any difficulties or problems with it and I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to the use of electricals and other things of the sort. The buttons on the DVD player are well marked out and easy to see. You will have no problem finding your way about this and if you do there is a detailed instruction Manuel supplied inside the box anyway.

      "*"*"*"*" The Disc Door "*"*"*"*"

      This was one of my favourite parts of the DVD player. It was so easy to open by just pressing the button. After you press it the lid raises up ready for you to insert the DVD or CD of your choice. I had this for quite a long time and not once did I have any problems with this part. Even after my sister decided to give my little niece it several times to play with and she dropped it quite a lot. So this DVD player is quite strong and dependable. If you ever do drop it there is "a good chance" that it will survive as long as you don't drop it down a flight of stairs or something.

      It certainly takes quite a lot to break it and I am speaking from experience because it eventually did break but only after one day when it had been dropped too many times and I decided it was time to hide it. My sister still ended up finding it and give it to my niece yet again. Unfortunately this time when I got it back juice was spilled all over it and it ceased to work any longer. I think it is brilliant that after all the times that it had been dropped and even though it had many dents and scratches it still continued to work. So I definitely recommend this if you want something that will last. After all who doesn't want something that will last and this can survive even the toughest of crashes to the floor lol.

      "*"*"*"*" The Power Supply "*"*"*"*"

      This requires you to use the AC adaptor supplied. It is used for powering the DVD player and charging the battery. To do this you just push the AC adaptor into the "DC IN" jack on the DVD player and connect the adaptor to an available plug. Using the car adaptor requires you to use the 12v car adaptor supplied and insert it into the "DC IN" jack on the DVD player. Then all you have to do is connect the car adaptor to your vehicles 12v accessory. (This is also the cigarette lighter socket.)

      When you do this the car adaptor indicator will light up. I have never used this for in a car as I do not drive but I am sure it would be very handy to have. Especially for other passengers on long journeys. The included adaptor is for use with this only and it should not be used with any other equipment. Using alternative car adaptors could damage it and cause it to stop working. You should disconnect the adaptor from both the cigarette lighter and DVD player when it is not in use. The wire supplied is quite long so it should reach far enough and go almost anywhere you will require it too.

      "*"*"*"*" Attaching The Battery "*"*"*"*"

      To do this you need to take the battery and align the plastic tabs on it with the slots on the player. Then just slide it forward on to it and it should simply click into place. Everything to do with this is very easy and straight forward, even if it sounds complicated it is far from it. To detach it you just push the tab on the battery down, slide then lift the battery out. A fully charged battery gives you 2.5 hours of viewing time and the charging time is about five hours. Although if like me you just keep the charger in while watching it, you wont even need to wait that long to use it.

      "*"*"*"*" Discs That You Cant Use "*"*"*"*"

      You can not use discs such as computer software discs or game discs. You can not use the data part of CD Extras or DIVX, MPEG 4 DVD discs. You also can not use discs recorded on any other format such as SECAM and regions other than your own one. It also tells you that this also will not play damaged, scratched or dirty discs. However I used discs which were not exactly in "top condition" in mine and they worked perfectly! If you do use a inappropriate disc, a hand symbol may appear on the screen which indicates that the operation is not permitted by the DVD player.

      "*"*"*"*" Playing A Disc "*"*"*"*"

      This is easy all that you need to do is press the "open" button located near to the centre of the DVD player. When the lid raises up just insert a suitable disc in and that is it. The fast forward and rewind options are good and you can fast forward speeds, X2, X4, X8 and X20. The speeds are the same for rewind. If a disc has a Multi - Audio soundtrack feature you can select the language you desire by repeatedly pressing the audio button during play. If " No Disc" is shown in display then the disc is either unusable or too badly damaged.

      "*"*"*"*" Using This For MP3 discs "*"*"*"*"

      To do this you insert your chosen disc and a menu will appear. Then you just select the desired folder. After that choose the track you want by using the up and down directional keys. Then simply press ok to start playback and you can also forward and rewind.

      "*"*"*"*" This Can Be Used For....... "*"*"*"*"

      This can be used to play DVDs Audio CDs, CD-R/RW,MP3 CDs and Picture CDs and it even connects to your larger screened TVs and comes with the cable that you will need to do so.

      "*"*"*"*" To Connect To Your TV "*"*"*"*"

      In order to do this you need to use the audio and video cables supplied. This is in my opinion an excellent idea after all who doesn't like to view things on a nice big screen? To do this you simply insert the Red and White plugs to your TVs AUDIO IN jacks for audio output and your yellow plug needs inserted into your TVs VIDEO IN jack for video output. Then you insert the 3.5mm plug of the AUDIO cable into the AUDIO out jack on the DVD player.

      "*"*"*"*" Warnings "*"*"*"*"

      This should not be operated in a enclosed cabinet and you should allow 5cm of free space all around it. No naked flame sources should be placed on or near to the DVD player.

      "*"*"*"*" My Opinion "*"*"*"*"

      My mum got me one of these quite a while ago and as said above it lasted brilliantly. Well, that is until my niece got to it lol! I would definitely buy another dvd player of this make. That is even if it isn't the exact same model. The DVD player that I got of them was very reliable and I loved it. The only reason I would buy any other type would be so I could get a different colour and try to get a pink one. Because, I don't think this model comes in pink. This is so easy to carry around and takes up very little space. The sound on it was excellent too! I especially liked the cute remote which came with it and it couldn't have been easier to use. I liked that it lasted even though it was dropped a lot. This has a excellent range of features and really comes in handy when you are bored. Particularly if someone is watching something you don't like because you can watch anything that you want to on this and even use headphones to drown out the noise of what they are watching. The instructions supplied are very helpful although I doubt you will need them because it is so easy to use.

      "*"*"*"*" Price "*"*"*"*"

      I remember my mum saying it cost about £39 when she bought it in Asda Living and that was quite a while ago. It can also be gotten in other places. I seen it on Ebay for $56 which translates to about £34.


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