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  • Sound is flat and muffled.
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    1 Review
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      13.05.2004 21:43
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      • "Sound is flat and muffled."

      ? Initial Note ? I would like to note, that I think the image above is incorrect, as the dvd player I have sat in front of me, has the same name, but looks completely different, mainly in the fact that it has a screen, and the picture doesnt. I would like to start off with a bit of a shock. How expensive is the LG DVP 2000 in the UK. If you are ever having a trip to the Asian sub-continent, or alternatively the Middle East, definitely pick up a few electrical items, because the prices I have seen so far are absolutely ridiculous! Alternatively, have a look on Ebay, which is the only way you?re going to get close to the prices over here. I am writing this review, on behalf of a certain, spoilt little tyke that is staying at my parents house at the moment. 11 year old, and he has got his own, ?portable? DVD player, what a spoilt little brat. The most I would get for my 11th birthday was £20, and a pat on the back. Please, if you have children, do not spill out over £500 on them. You will be looked down upon ? By me (only kidding ? am sure, ?one day? when I have kids I will be worse). You think children are sweet and innocent, but really they?re little manipulative satans, and most parents can admit that they?re kids have them wrapped around they?re little finger. Whatever don?t let them read this review, because this is a good one. With portable technology, is also an expensive one.. So beware! Anyway, as an overview, my little, 11 year old cousin has had a few minor problems with this portable DVD player, including incompatibility with certain DVDs (Certain DVDs meaning copies ? although hasn?t had problems with legitimate ones, probably for obvious reasons), the screen (has a green patch in the left hand corner which has only just appeared, - think its my fault, nicked it and was watching a film in bed, and when my mobile phone rang, it made the screen weird, and afterwards a green spot appeared in the corner ? oops, but
      serves him right for being such a brat, and being horrible to my poor wee mother- may be its god working his wonders?) Apart from that it works generally well, which I will now describe and explain to you. ? The Review ? (By the way, just a tip for anyone, alt+0149 is the shortcut key for bullet points, just worked it out, and wanted to share it) The price --------------------------------- Well, my cousin bought it in Dubai for amazingly, £399, but the best price I could find on the Internet was £699 in the UK. To be honest, if you really, really want this, or any portable dvd player to be honest (this is definitely not the cheapest on the market) check through the local papers. If you are in the northeast, The Northern Echo is brilliant for spotting really cheap deals ? especially on this kind of thing. Alternatively look on the Internet. American websites tend to have electronics for cheaper. Before ordering, check that they deliver abroad, and check how much they?re delivery charges are to the UK. I have had some scandalous things happen to me in the past when ordering things from the U.S. (Such as Atkins products) and after non-delivery, have stupidly not read the terms and conditions, and meant that I couldn?t get my money back. When you have the delivery cost, add it to the total amount for the LG DVP-2000, and covert in to UK pounds. If it exceeds £699.99, don?t bother. You can get it at home for that. To be honest, I haven?t checked it out, but it?s worth a look over definitely. Sound Capabilities --------------------------------- Wasn?t very impressed. Even with earphones, the sound was flat, bass-less, and boring ?even hard or muffled at points (could be the copies, but certainly don?t think so) Surprisingly, it doesn?t have any bass capabilities, which gives reason why it has a, excuse my French, crap sound on it. It doesn?t support Dolby Digital, s
      o if you have splashed out on a really expensive DVD (which usually has a Dolby digital sound format ? amongst standard), you will not feel the benefit on this player. After checking the website, it also doesn?t support DTS. So youre definitely on a bummer, in terms of sound on this one (but to be honest, when travelling for example, who needs surround sound ? an exaggeration I know ? or good sound, as long as you can hear it is all that is important, right?) Video Capabilities --------------------------------- Now, please be proud of me, I have researched this one up very, VERY, well. It doesn?t support progressive scans, now if you?re a DVD player buff, please skip on to the next section, if not read on. A progressive scan capability allows your dvd player to show your dvds, in a more ?film-like? picture. This doesn?t have the feature, and therefore, quality is more in comparison to that of VHS quality. I know this sounds as if I am desperately sticking up for this player, but, again, I didn?t really notice that the quality was as bad as VHS (in fact I think it is much better), and at the end of the day it is portable, and comes with it, lets say, not the most sophisticated screen in the world. Ergonomics --------------------------------- I know, I love this word. If you read my reviews often, you?ll know this is a word I use all the time. Despite, my previous slating, it is a very sexy little player, and will almost certainly turn a few heads on the journey down to somewhere on the train (well at least 4 hours ? that is the battery life) So it looks beautiful, but how does it really feel? (just had a Neil Grossman moment there- Don?t know why, anyway sorry, I`ll continue) Well the body feels like it has had silver flocking (a new word I have learnt off Changing rooms ? basically means a slightly rough texture), which is quite nice, and adds to the contemporary feel. Its b
      uttons on the actual player, are rounded, and extremely comfortable to use, as well as easy to use. The players opens a little like a laptop, and is extremely easy to master without breaking the little thing (is delicate mind ? be careful, I think the one in my house will be broken before the brat returns to England (doesn?t appreciate anything!)) All of the playing menu items are located to the right of where you put your dvds in, or in posh ? the dvd drive. Oh Suit you! Compatible Formats --------------------------------- I will go down in a list of questions to answer the common questions I have been asked about the little tykes little DVD player: ? Does it Support Mp3S? YES ? Does it support CD-R?s? YES ? Does it support VCDs? YES ? Does it support the new DVD Audio format? NO (-how crap) By the way, don?t count on sticking in your TV aerial, your satellite connections (why you would anyway), or even any other kind of hardware forget it. This has no DVI connection or Digital Video Interface connection. ? It is a DVD player mind. Some more Useful Information --------------------------------- ? No Built in Hard Drive ? Does not record DVDs ? Does not have any VCR or VHS capabilities installed ? Is not a CD/DVD Changer ? Is not THX Certified ? Isnt compatible with all DVD formats from all over the world ( if you have been abroad you should know, that the common format in the United Kingdom is, PAL) ? Final Note ? I was going to recommend this portable DVD player before I researched it. It is quite good, honestly! Sounds a bit naff, screens a bit naff, doesn?t play all DVDs, but at the end of the day it has a very big advantage over most DVD players, in the fact that it is portable. This is a cheap-ish one to buy (the ones sold in Dubai, are manufactured in Korea, the case may be different in the UK, so the reason why the quality, in
      this review is low, is purely on the location of its manufacture) Anyway, it is a good bit of kit overall. I do recommend it to you, but whatever don?t use your mobile near it. The screen cries.


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