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      15.04.2013 10:30
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      If only everything in life was so simple...

      Most people own, or know someone who owns, a DVD player, and now, we all know that a DVD player can be bought for less money than an evening out with your mates.
      The drop in price of a standard DVD player is down to the fact that there are more modern ideas for watching DVD's, such as 'blu-ray', 'HD', '3D' and probably more to come. So now is the time to get your hands on a DVD player if you need one for somewhere like the spare bedroom, kids room or just a spare in case you need to take one on holiday with you.
      One of those cheaper DVDs that I am talking about, one that I bought a while back, and have used many times since, is a slim DVD player from the well known company called LG, with the player itself being called the LG DVX640, which is not to be confused with the slightly better version of this one, (which is the DVX642, as that one has a USB port and comes with a heftier price tag because of it).

      Anyway, this DVD player, the DVX640, is just your basic player with no bells or whistles.
      So just how basic is it..?
      Well, it is designed to do one thing, play DVD's, and that's what it does. It does nothing else, it doesn't record, it doesn't remember much either and it certainly won't let you know when your favourite program is about to start. It simply plays DVD's, so it's basic... but what more do you want from a DVD player?

      * Let me tell you what this looks like...
      It is your basic DVD player, with no bells and whistles, as they so, (who ever they are?), being the usual rectangular shape with the entire box measuring a compact 98mm high, 440mm wide and about 290mm deep, weighing in at mo more than 1.9kg
      It has an energy consumption of about 8 watts and hour when in use and mo more than 1kw on standby.
      It only has a few things on the front, such as, on the right as you look at it, there is a digital clock, together with a few button, which are the power, open/close, play/pause, stop, scan/skip (fwd), scan/skip (rev). Then, on the left, which is quite important, is the actual disc tray, which all DVD players need in order to play the Discs.
      On the rear there is the video and audio outputs so that it can be connected to the television. Those inputs being Digital Audio, Audio, video and component, all being coloured to make it easier to know what does what and where.

      And that's it for the looks...

      * So what about the basic specs of this basic player..?
      (This info is taken from the leaflet that came in the box)
      This DVD player is like most others of its price range. It can play almost any type of DVD, such as...

      As for the other specs...
      It has things like...
      Playback resume
      Last condition memory
      Auto power off
      Progressive scan
      Parental lock
      Quick loading
      Closed caption
      Subtitle still
      Screen saver

      * There is a remote control for this player...
      Which is good as you really do need one due to the fact that the player itself only has a few controls on it.
      This remote does need 3 AAA batteries to give it the small amount of power it needs to work, which do actually come with this player so, as they last for some time, you don't have to worry about the remotes power.
      As for the remotes buttons, I'll give you a rough idea of its lay out as, to me, it looks very similar to any other remote that I have used.
      On the top part there are the usual power button and the open close function for the disc tray. Then it has the usual numbers buttons below, 1 to 0, with the DVD controls below this so that you can control the DVD you're watching. Scan, skip, pause, stop, play etc etc. then we have the cursor keys which surround the enter button. This is used to scroll around the information that a DVD may show on the screen such as the episode choice or such like.
      Then, near the bottom end, there are a few more buttons that control such things as the DVD zoom, repeat, subtitles and audio, with the display and set up options being around there too.

      And that's your basics of the remote. As I said, it's similar to most other remotes and is used in the same manner.

      * Is this player easy to use..?
      In a word, yes.
      You just have to do the usual initial set up, plugging in the mains cable and the scart lead into the television, then you simply flick the DVD player on, wait for the television and the player to find each other, usual appearing on what ever scart option on your television, and away you go.
      The DVD will auto tune itself to your television so there's no real hassles in having to try and fathom out what to do, and within minutes you can slot a DVD into the tray, press play, and you can begin watching the DVD of your choice.

      Simple as that really.

      * Is it any good..?
      Yes, especially for the little money that this cost.
      It offers everything that you need when it comes to wanting to watch a DVD. It plays most formats of DVDs and even CDs, which is nice.
      It has all the controls on the remote control so that you can sit back in your chair and relax, knowing that you don't have to keep getting up to fast forward or flick onto the next show.

      * My opinion...
      This is without doubt a fine little DVD player that does exactly what a DVD player is supposed to do. It has not got any fancy bits on it, such as blu-ray, 3D, HD, ESP, power steering, anti lock braking or anything like that. It simply plays the disc that you put into it.
      It find the disc in no time at all, which is great as I have owned some player that seem to take for ever to load the disc before I can enjoy watching what is on it, but this one leaves them standing in load speeds.

      There's no noticeable noise as the disc spins around, that some players can have which can spoil a good DVD as I find that I tend to hear the spinning sound more than the actual vocals of the movie. But there's none of that with this player, for now anyway.

      What more can I say about this basic DVD player?
      Well, not a lot really. I think I've said it all.
      It plays a DVD without any hassles, complications and aggravations so you can spend you time enjoying the movie instead of trying the set up the programmable data that some new fangled player want to impress you with.

      * So what about the cost of this player..?
      This basic DVD player sells for about £20 - £30 these days, which is nothing really considering what you can't buy for twenty quid these days.

      * Would I recommend this one..?
      This depends on what you're after really.
      If you want a basic player to watch a movie or something on, maybe putting it into a bedroom, spare room, playroom or somewhere like that, then this is well worth looking at. But if you want to have something that will stretch your mind, and your eyes, then you may have to dig deeper into your pocket and spend more cash on a player that has a few more bells and whistles, (and if you know what that saying means and where is came from then I'd like to know).



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