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Liteon Phomaster LVD-2001

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    1 Review
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      28.04.2011 15:23
      Very helpful



      pointless machine

      I'm afraid if you were looking for a seriously technical review, you're looking in the wrong place. I can only tell you my experience, as a fairly technology literate person, of this DVD player.

      It seems to do everything. You can record programs off the TV, save them on the player or burn them onto a DVD to watch later. I think there are about 900 hours of recording space on the player. Which would be brilliant if I could work out how to do it! Out of 5 people who use the DVD player, only 1 actually understands how to use the recording function. I've read the instructions over countless times and had it demonstrated to me, but it's so complicated and long winded, I've just given up trying now. And once something is recording, you mustn't change the channel or it won't record any more. I can normally just about work out how to watch things back that have already been recorded but you need to navigate through loads of different screens (and there isn't a simple button on the remote to do this, you need to really pay attention to the screen, and it's mostly trial and error)

      But back to the main function, as a DVD player. It certainly plays DVDs. It plays CDs too. But it does it with a huge amount of fuss. No such luxury of turning on the player and the DVD screen pops up on the TV. It's not even on AV. You have to flick down through goodness knows how many menus before you find the DVD screen and can actually get round to watching something. By which point I've given up and play it on my Xbox instead. In fact, we bought a cheap £10 DVD player instead. It's much easier to use and does a perfectly good job.

      If you really love complex, all singing, all dancing gadgets, this is probably the DVD player for you. If you want to watch DVDs, then just buy a normal DVD player for a fraction of the cost, it will play DVDs just as well as this one. If you really want to be able to record things to watch later, it's probably easier to use sky+ or something like that. Now I just use iplayer and let someone from the BBC do the recording for me.

      I have marked the features as 2 out of 5. I am sure they are very good features and deserve a higher rating, if only I could work out how to use them.


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