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Mustek DTV 407

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    1 Review
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      19.10.2010 18:34
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      A great little portable DVD player with freeview built in.

      I've had this excellent little portable DVD and TV player for about 4 years now. My hubby bought it for me as a Christmas present for when I'm wanting to watch my DVDs and am feeling poorly and need to lie down, and it's really very good for this as the small screen means you can pretty much pop it on the bedside table next to you and still watch it comfortably.

      It's about the size of one of those oversized paperback books, which makes it quite portable. It has a silver case, and opens up like a laptop would with the screen on the top half and instead of a keyboard, a top loading DVD player and controls.

      The controls that you get are quite simple, At the top you have 4 buttons... mode - so you can switch between TV and DVD, setup - so you can set things as you want them and search for channels etc. if you're using it as a TV. Menu - so you can go back to the menu on DVDs etc., and LCD - not a clue what this does to be honest... though I've a feeling it's something to do with the screen settings and might be for jumping between different screen sizes (letterbox, 6/9 etc.). Next you have 5 buttons that form a cross. The left is rewind, the right fast forward, the top one is pause, the bottom one stop, and the centre one play. Nice and easy, and all for controlling the DVD player obviously. Below this, you have two more for skip back and skip forward - these are so you can jump back and forwards to different scenes in the DVDs, and then finally there's the open button - so you can err well open the DVD player to pop your DVD in. There are two more buttons, but these are on the outside of the case - Power to turn it on and off, and volume to adjust the volume of the TV or DVD you're watching.

      The power options are lead or battery - I normally use the lead though as I'm generally close to a socket, but the battery is good if you're on the move or if the power goes off or something. Last year we had a power cut half way through watching a film, so we moved over and watched it on this instead with candles. Was quite lovely really. The battery charges by plugging the whole thing in, and when fully charged I've found it'll last about 4 hours so enough for a couple of films.

      The TV side of this unit is one of those things I've only got to work when I've plugged it into a proper aerial. If I do that, I get a fab picture and it's really good because this is digital ready so you get all the freeview chanels. If you try to use the little aerial they provide with it, it seems to be very much dependant on where you are, and we're in a poor signal area, so don't get much at all.

      The screen size isn't huge as you can imagine, 15.5cm x 8.5cm but it's good enough to watch a film on, much better than trying to watch one on a phone for example. Colours I think are quite natural, and the screen is matt too which means that you don't get loads of glare if you have the light on nearby or anything.

      The only thing I have a bit of a problem with is the volume... I find that I have to have the volume up on full in order to sit and hear a film comfortably. I don't know how much of that is me though as I do have partial hearing loss on one side, so that probably doesn't help, but it would be nice if it would go a tad louder. Oh, you can plug headphones in, and I have to say with those it does seem louder, so it's pretty much that the speakers on this are so small that they just don't carry far.

      This DVD player comes with its own mini remote control. To be honest, it's a bit redundant really as the player is so small that I never have it far enough away that I can't reach out and hit the buttons when I'm watching a DVD, but you DO need it when you use the TV as it has all the channel buttons on which the player itself doesn't, and if you're lying in bed feeling poorly it's kinda nice not to have to reach out at all if you know what I mean!

      Overall, this is probably one of my favourite gadgets that I own (along with my phone lol). It means I can watch DVDs anywhere I want to without the need for loads of TVs around the house (we just have the one in the lounge). It's compact, neat, tidy, easy to use, oh, and it even comes with its own remote control which I almost forgot to mention because I so rarely use it. There are better players out there, but they do tend to be on the expensive side, and this was only around the £80 mark.


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