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Philips PET740

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    2 Reviews
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      26.07.2010 10:16
      Very helpful
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      Great value for money and a perfect birthday gift!

      You always end up with the feeling of dread when birthdays or Christmas comes around and your other half says - "well I don't need anything". Imagine my delight this year when my boyfriend said - well I want a portable DVD player! So off I went to find the best deal around.

      The idea behind the purchase was to use the DVD player as we travelled to Asia and around Asia, as we did have a few long days travelling between destinations! Most of the products I looked at were therefore ruled out as he wanted one which would last longer than 2 hours!

      Battery length tends to range between 2 and 3 hours within this price range, however the Phillips version tended to last between 5 and 6 hours which was ideal and ultimately what drove me to purchase. We did find by reducing the picture quality the battery lasted longer.

      The screen is 7 inches and although you can use headphones, they were not supplied. There is a port for 2 sets of headphones so you can watch together - useful for those long bus, train, plane rides! Provided of course you both want to watch the same thing!

      This DVD player was good value for money and I feel it was the top of the price band. Good battery length, good picture and sound quality, easy to carry round (we bashed it about in a rucksack for 3 weeks, got sand in it and it still works fine!) and provided a little bit of home comfort while we were away! All in all one of better birthday present buys .... Now for Christmas!


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        19.08.2009 17:53
        Very helpful


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        Philips PET740 portable DVD player is undoubtedly a traveler-friendly device.

        Traveling used to be a hard time for me and my hubby when we bring our two kids with us. The backseat of the car had always been so noisy. The kids just fight over nonsense things and oftentimes I had to yell just to stop them from fighting.
        A long travel with the family members must be fun but the screaming kids at the backseat were so hard to put off.

        Last summer, we agreed to go to a 2-week camping. Before packing anything, I had to address a serious issue; the screaming kids at the backseat of my car. My two boys are lovely and they are great (every mom will say that). It's just that one would not stop teasing the other when we're on a long journey. No matter how they promised to behave, they would end up fighting and screaming.

        Then I decided to buy Philips PET740 portable DVD player hoping it would solve the problem.
        The Product

        Philips PET740 is a very portable DVD player with its dimension of 4 inches in height by 24 inches in width by 16.8 centimeters in diameter. The weight of 1 kilogram makes it very light and handy.The control buttons are located at the right side of the base of the DVD player.

        The location of the control buttons is ideal for me. Some DVD players' control keys are located at the sides of the monitor and pressing the keys harder may cause the 'hinges' of the DVD player to loosen which would eventually damage it. With the control keys located at the base, the DVD player is not prone to damage even when I have to press the control keys harder.

        Display : 7 inches TFT LCD screen
        Screen Resolution: 234 x 480
        Brightness Rate: 200 cd/m2
        Compatibility : MP3, WMA, JPEG images
        Sound System: Dolby Digital
        Dimension: 4 in (H) x 24 in (W) x 16.8 cm (D)
        Weight: 1 kg
        Playback compatibility: DVD, CD, Picture CD, SVCD, Video CD, DVD-R/RW, MP3-CD, CD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW
        The Video

        The 7-inch LCD widescreen display provides very clear and vivid images. The picture of the screen can be clearly viewed by two people sitting side-by-side. The first time we used this Philips PET740 portable DVD player, my older son requested if the two of them could be possibly buckled in just one seatbelt as I play 'The Lion King' disc so both of them could have a perfect view of the screen. It was a very good suggestion that honestly surprised me.
        I can trust the picture quality of this DVD player. I rarely experience interruptions while playing a movie with it. If the picture freezes or pauses, then maybe there's a scratch or defect on the disc itself.
        The Audio

        Philips PET740 portable DVD player has an average sound output when listened to without headphones. When I listen to its sound closely, there were words I couldn't understand well in a film conversation. The music in the film sounds good though. When I tried to listen to it using the headphones, I heard a very audible and a high-quality sound. The conversation became so clear and the music got even better. It is therefore a lot better to listen to it through the earphones to hear a compact and well-balanced sound.
        There are two headphones sockets on this DVD player. That makes it perfect for my two kids at the backseat of the car when we travel. They use separate headphones.

        The battery

        The battery of Philips PET740 portable DVD player has only 2 hours of video playback time. Just barely enough to watch a single full-feature movie on it. The recharging time takes about 3 hours for the battery to be fully charged.
        The battery is the downside of this DVD player. The 2-hour video playback time is just not enough sometimes. There are movies that take almost 3 hours to play and the battery just can't handle it. There are other DVD players out in the market today that have 6 hours of video playback time.
        This DVD player has built-in battery and that makes it neat and clean to look at. The previous DVD players I saw in the past had external battery attachments that made those DVD players look bulky.


        * RepeatDVD menu
        * Fast Forward and Rewind
        * Shuffle
        * Zoom
        * Slow motion (forward and backward)
        * Screen Display
        * Viewing angle
        * Multilingual menu
        * Parental control
        * Energy-saving mode
        * Slide mode
        * Image Rotation
        * Image adjustment: brightness, contrast, colour

        Car kit

        Philips PET740 portable DVD player is traveler-friendly. Though I mentioned that the battery has only 2 hours of video playback time, it's a good thing this DVD player comes with AC /DC adaptor. The package includes a cord that can be plugged to the car's cigarette lighter outlet for the DVD player 's battery to be charged. It then provides uninterrupted film viewing during our long hours of journey. I don't have to worry then when the movie is at its much awaited finale and the battery signals low. I just plug the cord to my cigarette lighter outlet then the viewing continues.

        Car mount

        This portable DVD player comes with a car mount. That makes my two lovely passengers at the backseat comfortable in viewing a film. I just spot a good location in the car for the DVD player to be viewed comfortably then mount it securely.
        Shock-proof feature

        This feature is what I love most in this DVD player. It is consistent in playing movies even in a fast-moving car without pauses and freezes. The shock-proof feature makes this DVD player perfect for travelers.

        I love Philips PET740 portable DVD player. During long hours of travel, it keeps my passengers entertained at the backseat of my car. The 7-inch LCD screen offers vibrant and colourful images. Though the battery lasts only 2 hours of playback time, it can be charged through the car's cigarette lighter outlet. The car mount is simply great as it holds the DVD player steady and securely during long journey. The two headphones sockets are advantageous too as they make the passengers listen to the DVD player's audio in separate headphones.

        Price: £116.

        (also posted on ciao)


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