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Samsung DVD F1080

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    4 Reviews
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      21.06.2010 20:20
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Great value Samsung DVD player

      I bought this DVD player to match my 19 inch Samsung TV 2 years ago..

      I'll be honest, I was attracted to it as it was fairly small and very funky looking.. and it matched my TV with its high gloss looks... the Samsung marketing department did very well with this one!

      As for setting up, I do remember getting the leads with it and they were colour coded to my TV so really easy to set up... it also comes with a remote control which I must agree with the last review, it is very boring and I was disappointed as it was a matt black small rectangle remote... it didn't bear any resemblence to what it was controlling however I can use my TV remote to control the DVD so no issues for me but I wouldn't let it put you off...

      There are also touch sensitive buttons on the top of the DVD player and I do find the on/off button super sensitive and slow as you turn it on but think its not worked so press it again and then it suddenly turns on and then off! Be warned... be patient!

      On the front of the DVD is a chrome strip...after 2 years its actually tarnished so it doesn't look as smart as it once did. Having said that it does actually still work and I've not had any problems with its reliability...

      This DVD player also upscales your DVD's to nearer a high definition picture and I'll admit you certainly do notice a difference so it does what it says on the packet...!

      I picked mine up for £68.00 which I thought was really good value for money and its worth every penny....

      This review is also posted on Ciao


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      18.01.2010 15:23
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Good looking, clever little gadget

      Anyone who read my 'Rose-tinted Telly' review may remember the fantastic deal I got when a glass stand and upscaling DVD player were thrown in for free. Well this review will focus on that same DVD player.

      ~~~ What it looks like ~~~

      This DVD player is definitely the most stylish I have seen. With its black gloss finish and unique rounded 'pebble' design, it looks more like a large CD walkman than a DVD player. The ultra thin disc tray is hidden within a chrome effect groove on the front, and the touch-sensitive buttons on the top help to keep the player sleek and modern. There is no digital display present on this model, but all necessary info can be displayed on the TV screen as and when required. It is smaller than most, at 5cm x 24cm x 24cm, and while it may be too tall to sit between the telly and stand, it is compact enough to sit alongside my PS3 on the middle shelf of a standard sized TV stand. It perfectly matches both the black glass of the stand and the glossy finish of the (older version) PS3, and due to its unusual design, continues to draw attention to itself, with visitors often questioning its identity/function.

      ~~~ What's in the box? ~~~

      The DVD player comes with a video/audio cable, separate AC IN cable, a particularly small remote control complete with necessary battery, and a 35-page user manual. I had to buy the HDMI cable separately in order to get the best from the player. It is possible to connect it up using the video/audio cable supplied, but you would just get a normal picture rather than making use of the upscaling capability of the player.

      ~~~ Performance ~~~

      I was intrigued by the fact that this wasn't simply a basic DVD player, but an upscaling one. I was told that as long as it is connected to an HD ready TV it would improve the picture quality of normal DVDs, upscaling them to 720p, 1080i or 1080p. I had already tried Blu-ray discs through my PS3 and been amazed by the picture, and I soon learnt that this player was capable of transforming my normal DVDs to a very similar quality.

      I had been working my way through the entire collection of the TV series 'Lost' on DVD when I first used this player. The first time I put a disc in, I instantly noticed the improvement in picture colour, particularly in the luscious green tones of the vegetation on the island, and the vibrant turquoise waters. There was notable improvement in picture quality also; I compared it with the picture quality when played through my PS3, and the F1080 provides a much sharper picture with crystal clear detail and far less picture noise.

      The remote control was a bit of a let down, as it doesn't look as if it goes with the DVD player at all. Granted it is very small, just like the player, but it's also very square and boring looking. However, as my telly is also made by Samsung, I am able to take advantage of the Anynet+ function, meaning that my TV remote will also control the DVD player.

      To control the player without using the remote, you simply rest your fingertip on the appropriate button on the top. Well actually, they are raised touch-sensitive symbols rather than buttons. Quite annoyingly, the player lets out a fairly high pitched beep whenever you use one of these, and it isn't a modern mobile phone type of beep either. It's a boring, loud, old-fashioned kind of beep. It also makes this sound when you press the standby button on the remote.

      The menu function is all very idiot-proof, and provides all the usual adjustable settings such as aspect ratio, bookmark, zoom, and camera angle.
      Unfortunately, the menu is quite sluggish. It is so slow to react to the remote, that I find it very irritating, as I often scroll too far thinking that it just hasn't responded, whereas there is actually just a delay of about half a second.

      I find the search speeds (2x, 4x, 64x, and 128x) to be a bit too far apart, leaving you with the choice of either a painstakingly slow search, or one that takes you too far into the film. I would have liked at least the extra choice of 32x, which I think I have always had in the past.

      Playback is very quiet, with the occasional little inevitable squeak during search and skip functions, but no constant whirring sound I have experienced with other players.
      You are able to play a scene in slow motion by pausing and then fast-forwarding whilst it is paused, and you can choose between 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2 of normal speed, which is very useful if you want to study particular scenes more closely.

      ~~~ Overall opinion ~~~

      Annoyingly, the newer version (Samsung H1080) is available in Rose-Black, which would match my TV perfectly. This newer model does look slightly better than the F1080 as it is more rounded, and has lost a couple of buttons on the top, but as far as I can tell, the only improvement this model brings in terms of function is the addition of a USB port. I have one on my TV, so I don't feel any urgent need to upgrade just yet.
      I have had the player for a year and a half now, and am still very happy with it. I was given it for free, but at the time, it would have cost around £70, but I believe it is now available on Amazon for £35. To me, this is a really good bargain, due to the amazing picture quality it provides. A few minor irritations such as the slow menu response, the loud beep, and the lack of a mid-way search speed mean that I couldn't quite award it five stars, but the overall quality of playback and it's stunning good looks make it a very welcome freebie.


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        22.01.2009 21:31
        1 Comment



        Good quality, shame about the beeping.

        I received one of these super modern DVD players as a Christmas gift. My husband who is an internet research loving geek selected this one based on online reviews and the price. The main reason this DVD player was selected was for the fact that this DVD can play HD DVD's. The picture quality for this DVD player is super; I've had no issues with the disk skipping.

        The size of this DVD player is relatively small; 20cm by 20cm with a depth of 10cm - much smaller than a standard DVD player. The remote control for this DVD is also very small; the battery was included with the remote control.

        The downside to this DVD player is the beeps that it makes when you turn it on or off or press any of the buttons on the unit - very annoying.

        All in all I love this DVD player for it's picture quality and it's size, I'm pleased with it.


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          02.12.2008 14:04
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          BUY IT, BUY IT,BUY IT!!!!

          This Samsung DVD upscaler is a truly superb piece of equipment.

          For those of you who don't know what an upscaler DVD player is, it is basically a standard DVD player that you use with a HD ready lcd/plasma TV, and upscales your normal DVD collection to a HD quality picture and plays in 720p, 1080i and even upscales to 1080p and all for the price of a standard DVD player. Why then is there a need for a Blu-Ray/Hi-Def DVD player, well it probably isn't quite the quality of Blu-Ray/Hi-Def but believe me it is very, very close, and an upscaler will not play Blu-Ray or Hi-Def DVD's. Like the Blu-Ray/Hi-Def players you have to use a HDMI lead with it which you will have to purchase separately as the player itself does not come with one.

          The picture quality of the player is amazing, the DVD player
          features Progressive scan output with 14 bit video signal processing at 108MHz and 24 bit, and plays in Standard: PAL, NTSC, and while you can now get a Blu-Ray player for around £150, to get a good quality one you still need to spend around £300 for one (and if you are thinking of getting a Blu-Ray or Hi-Def player I would go with Blu-Ray as they have Cleary won the war over Hi-Def players. Blu ray and Hi-def players are different, Blu-Ray will not play HD DVD's and vice versa, some titles come out in Hi-Def and some in Blu-Ray and only one was ever going to take over and that is Blu-Ray). This Samsung DVD player costs just £51 pounds which is fantastic value.

          The player itself looks superb, it is very small and sleek compared to a usual DVD player, it is square shaped with rounded corners and is gloss black in colour with silver trim. The controls are touch sensitive and very easy to use. The remote is very small and quite basic but it does everything you need it to do, with it you can easily access set up menus etc. There is no standard scart socket on the DVD player though you can connect to the TV with out using HDMI by using AV/Composite video leads(supplied with the player), but if your buying an upscaler then you are buying to upscale your DVD so a HDMI lead is essential, there is one HDMI socket.


          The picture quality really is amazing the colour is more vibrant and the image is absolutely crystal clear, my Brother in Law has a Blu-Ray player and I honestly can't tell the difference between the two.

          The one thing I will say is that with a Blu-Ray player you get HD quality every time where as with an upscaler there are some DVD's which don't look much different to normal, though these are few, an example is the West Wing on DVD, it doesn't look much different to when I watched it on my standard DVD player, but most Movies look fantastic, especially ones with lots of special effects. Where the picture quality really excels is again in Movies with great special effects and especially CGI films. The films I have been especially impressed with are 'The Incredibles ', 'The Polar Express', 'Ice Age', 'Cars', basically any CGI film looks as good as on Blu-Ray, but the picture quality isn't just limited to the CGI kids films, films like 'Lord of the Rings', 'Spiderman', 'Transformers', 'Gladiator', in fact every DVD I have tried as been HD quality apart from 'The West Wing', and I have just watched all the 'Star Wars' films on it and the picture was out of this world. It is extremely hard to imagine how true HD can be any better than the picture you get with the Samsung DVD-F1080, and like I said my Brother in Law has Blu-Ray and I can't tell the difference.


          The sound quality is also far superior to standard DVD players, I have my player hooked up through my sound system and when I used to play DVD's on my standard DVD player I would have the volume set at 25, with the upscaler I only need to set the volume at 18 which is quite a difference.

          THE DOWNSIDE

          Like any product it does have its bad points. It has no digital display on the front of the player and the touch sensitive controls are not lit up so you can't see them very easily at night, but that is the only bad points of player.


          This really is a superb quality player and ideal for anyone not wanting to purchase a Blu-Ray player yet or for those who simply cannot afford a Blu-Ray player. Its great because I don't have buy my collection again in Blu-Ray ( and even if I do eventually get a Blu-Ray player, they also upscale standard DVD's).

          It looks sleek and modern and the black gloss finish is a great touch.

          At the moment I really have no need to spend £300 on a good quality Blu- Ray player as this does exactly the same job in my opinion, it upscales to 1080p, as close to true HD as you can get and for a ¼ of the price.

          My advice is that anyone who has a HD ready TV and wants to purchase a Blu-Ray player than try this first you will not be disappointed, and then when you do get a Blu-Ray this player will be great for the bedroom or kids room etc.


          Obviously this is great value for money, these day's you can pick up a standard DVD player for around £15, but to still get a good quality one would cost around £60-100, so why not get this upscaler and even if you haven't got a HD ready TV it will still be a great quality standard DVD player, and when you do get a HD TV you already have a HD quality DVD player. I paid £70 for mine a month ago and it is now priced at an incredibly low price at just £51 on Amazon, a fantastic bargain.

          Please remember that you will have to buy a HDMI lead separately. The one I got is great quality, with 24k gold plated connectors, it is the 'Linx Premium 24k gold plated HDMI cable' and is on Amazon UK priced at £7.95 with free delivery for the 1.2 metre cable and £9.00 with free delivery for the 2 metre cable.

          The Samsung DVD-F1080 Player is available from Amazon UK priced at just £51.00 with free delivery.


          * Region: Zone 2
          * Standard: PAL, NTSC
          * DivX/MPEG4 compatible: MP3, WMA, VCD, SVCD, JPEG, MPEG-4, DivX
          * Compatible Media: DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, CD, CD-R,
          * CD-RW
          * Other: Upscaler 1080p (Full HD) Variable slow motion Parental control EZ
          * VIEW: image
          * adjustment
          * according to format of TV screen Digital photo display "Repeat" function Image
          * zoom
          * Munltilingual
          * menu Viewing angle
          * Stylish black design compatible with Samsung's latest flat panel TV designs
          * Playback formats DVD , DVD-R , DVD-RW , DVD+R , DVD+RW , CD , CD-R
          * , CD-RW ,
          * MP3 ,
          * WMA , JPEG , MPEG4 (DIVX)
          * Progressive scan output with 14 bit video signal processing at 108MHz and 24 bit
          * audio
          * processing
          * at 192KHz
          * HDMI output supporting HDMI CEC Anynet+ technology
          * HDMI upscaling to 720p , 1080i and 1080p


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