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Sony DVP FX810

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Sony DVP FX810 - DVD player - portable - display: 8 in - black

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    1 Review
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      24.06.2007 22:04
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      To be honest, jsut dont, there are many better, for much less!!!!

      The Sony DVP-FX810 is one of few portable DVD players from Sony, which boasts a 3 hour battery life, the ability to turn and tilt the screen 180 degrees, turning it into a tablet player, and a sleek fresh design. So obviously, I saw it, and decided, hey why not give it a go.

      You see I have children, its sad but true, and since the beginning of time, or at least as far back as I can remember, children have argued and bickered amongst themselves, and then man Invented TV. This new magical box managed to calm the souls of children, and indeed the arguing did stop, well until you got them out intro the car anyway. And so many has searched long and hard (man being me) for a way to calm them down when in the car, so that simple journeys no longer are life threatening.

      So I set out to buy a portable DVD player, and the one I decided to go for, obviously, was the Sony DVP-FX810. Now, obviously, it was the sleek design which caught my eye, Sony had moved away from the traditional silver of other players and had gone all black, with a nice shiny hard cover for the screen which just adds to the aesthetics.

      So it had caught my eye, and now for the hard part, handing over £190, yes yet another goodly sum of money invested into the kids. And then it was done, and I now had a new toy. Back at home I opened up the box, to have my first little play or "testing session" as I like to call it.

      Well before I checked it over, I had a good quick inspection, working out how to swivel the screen, and looking over all the buttons, and what I noticed straight from the off was that the control buttons where a bit awkward, being at the bottom of the screen, for use in tablet mode I guess, which didn't seem natural, and a little hard to use, so I noted it down in the 'against' column on my check list.

      Next, I cracked open star wars episode III, the bench mark test. So I plugged the now charged battery into the player (which is a cute fit I must say) and powered it on, skipped to some good bits, and was immediately disappointed. I couldn't believe it, I couldn't see anything. I mean, the light scenes were dark, and the dark scenes were just pitch black. So, as any good fiddler wood, I tried to change the brightness and contrast, and nothing work. Was it just my player or was it them all. So, now at this point I decided to look to the internet, and indeed it seemed I wasn't the only one experiencing this, and the only way to fix it is to tilt it about 5 degrees towards you, great thanks for telling me now.

      Any way, I did this and continued to play the movie, and indeed, the brightness was sorted, and I could watch my movies clearly and crisply. So big deal, some of you may say, who cares if you have to tilt the screen, this box looks the parts, it had a nice price tag and enough features to satisfy. But that's where we come to the problem, because u have to be in the right place to view the player, it means this machine isn't at all good for sharing, and only one kid could use it at time, and this just started more arguments, so I had to say good bye to the DVP-FX810, second it back to the shop and try another one, oh well, second time lucky eh?


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    • Product Details

      For entertainment on the go, Sony's DVP-FX810 portable DVD player lets you enjoy movies, music and more anywhere! Offering up to three hours of battery life on a single charge, its sophisticated features and durable design make it the perfect travel companion. Equipped with an 8" widescreen LCD monitor, the DVP-FX810 plays back your DVD favorites with amazing detail and vibrant color. Perfect for road trips, on the plane, train, or at the beach, the portable DVD player's swiveling LCD moves a full 360 degrees, letting you enjoy the view from any angle.

      Use the convenient buttons on the LCD frame to control the play settings, replay or skip ahead to your favorite scene. The easy-to-use dual sensor remote offers even more viewing options, letting you control player functions from a distance. Perfect for anyone in the family, this multi-function DVD player also brings your favorite digital pictures and selections from your MP3 play lists to life on CD and DVD media. Discover a new way to enjoy your favorite media anywhere with the compact and versatile DVP-FX810 DVD player from Sony.