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Sony DVP NS430

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    2 Reviews
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      28.09.2010 14:12
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Very good none the less

      This DVD player despite being several years old and therefore not having a HDMI facility is surprisingly good.

      I bought this DVD player several years ago for a very affordable price, during this time I have watched hundreds of films on it and connected it using the scart lead to several televisions. I have never had any problems with it connecting to my tv and playing films, and it even used to open the DVD window on my tv when it was turned on without having to even press any buttons.

      Also this DVD player does not only play DVD's it also like many others has the facility to play CD's and can play DVD's from other countries.

      This item still looks sleek and fashionable despite huge changes in technology since its release date.

      The DVD player is very easy to operate with the basic playback controls located on the player and on the remote. The remote whilst looking complicated is very easy to use.

      This is a must to any film lover who wants a dvd player for a very cheap price.


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      30.09.2004 20:35
      Very helpful



      I thought I would share my experiences with you of using this Sony DVD player. My son bought the DVD player to take to university with him along with his extensive collection of DVDs which were bought much to my objection. Since he has returned from university I have been using this DVD player since the old one broke until my husband has got our new one so for now it is simply my bit on the side.

      In short I think this is a fantastic DVD player for the price. Here’s why:

      Firstly I think it has a really stylish and contemporary design. It’s quite a slim model compared to most other DVD players on the market and its streamlined appearance makes it seem rather slick and even up close you’d probably think it cost more than it actually does.

      It has a very thin LCD display which you may be able to make out from the photo and obviously the opening where you put the DVD in. To the right are the function buttons. They are quite small which isn’t necessarily an advantage; especially for those whose vision isn’t perfect as they may have difficulty seeing which button is which. However they are clearly labelled in black with the familiar signs for each function which are depressed into each button. The DVD is silver but may be available in other colours. I like the silver colour, it looks really stylish.

      Aesthetically this scores highly, I personally can’t really fault it. The small circular discs on the bottom of the DVD player support it but don’t add any bulk as they are very thin and simply for resting the machine on when you put it in place. I think this is definitely one of the better looking DVD players on the market and frankly I think the appearance is something very important to take into consideration, after all you’re the one who has to look at it for the rest of the time you have it. When it comes down to it, most DVD players are very similar in function with obvious variations in quality but if you don’t like the look of the machine; if it is bulky or an unsightly colour for example then you won’t be proud to keep it with your television.

      You may be wondering why exactly this is so much better than any other DVD player. In order for you to make a straightforward comparison the technical features of the DVD player are:

      •Power source (HAV): 220-240 VOLT, 50 HZ

      •DVD / CD text

      •Digital Out: DTS

      •Digital Out: Dolby Digital

      •Remote Control

      •Easy access buttons on main unit

      •Audio output: 192kHz/24bit Audio DAC

      •Audio line out

      •Media supported: DVD, SVCD, VCD, CD, CD-R / RW

      •Colour: Silver as previously mentioned

      •Compatible format: MP3, Audio CD, Video CD, DVD

      •Dimensions: (W x H x D mm) 430 X 55.5 X 244

      This is all well and good except that to most people who aren’t as technically minded as my husband and son probably this is a load of gibberish so to make a buying decision simpler for you I thought I’d breakdown what I think of the DVD player.

      ~~~GOOD THINGS~~~

      A feature that I have found to be extremely useful on this DVD player is the 6-multi disc resume. This means that if you remove a DVD while you are watching it the machine cleverly remembers where you were on the film so you can simply put it back on later and it knows exactly where you left off and picks it up from there if you so choose. I find it incredibly impressive what they can do with technology now. This is a very clever feature that serves to remind me how useful a simple feature like this makes life easier for us.

      I remember old VCR players where you had to search for ages to try and find a particular point on the video tape. With the old style VCRs this was incredibly frustrating.

      Most other DVD players feature some form of scene selection but the 6-multi disc resume is not a feature that comes as standard with most other models of DVD players.

      The DVD player features a 192 kHz 24-bit digital-to-analogue converter which sounds very technical but it basically ensures optimum decoding of all disc formats. To put this more simply DVDs come in different formats of sounds. With this particular Sony model both Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 channel surround-sound signals are compatible so you will get the best results from using either format of DVD. Both of the surround-sound signals can be routed through the player's optical digital-audio output for direct connection to a full-featured audio/video receiver. This DVD player doesn’t require you to have any form of surround-sound system in order to enjoy the audio of a DVD to its optimum. If you don't have a surround receiver or six-channel speaker setup, you can still enjoy excellent sound quality as Sony's TV Virtual Surround (with four surround modes which are changeable through the remote control) simulates surround sound through two speakers eg. the stereo speaker son your own television set.

      The DVD player is incredibly easy to set up, my son found it very easy the first time he set it up at uni and when he bought it home even I was able to set it up very easily. In the box you find:

      •DVD player
      •Instruction book
      •Remote control
      •Composite RCA video cable

      The instruction booklet is in many different languages with numerous pictures with numbers and functions labelled. Although I sometimes find these sort of picture guides difficult to follow I think this one is an exception, it is very clear, I’d even go as far as saying foolproof.

      It only took me about 10 minutes to have it fully functioning.

      Quite simply the DVD player plays re-written DVDs, which is useful if you make copies to share with families and friends but shouldn’t be an excuse to buy DVDs from the black market. I think it is a good thing that the DVD player is compatible with these DVDs but it is wrong to buy DVDs illegally as essentially somewhere along the line somebody is being cheated.

      The DVD player produces high-quality image playback which is facilitated using a 10bit/27Mhz DAC alongside Sony's Block Noise Reduction and Digital Video Enhancer. Sure most DVD players now do produce excellent picture quality but don’t think that the cheap price of this DVD player in any way compromises its image quality because I can assure you it doesn’t.

      SCART and composite video outputs bring compatibility with nearly any television. My son used this with his small television at university and found it worked perfectly and produced a good quality image. As I’ve mentioned previously I have also used this at home with out plasma screen television at it works perfectly so I think the technology enables this to work effectively with all televisions.

      ~~~BAD THINGS~~~

      Although it’s hard to really fault this machine in order for you to make an accurate comparison I thought I would include what I consider to be features of the machine that could be improved.

      Sony do NOT sell multi-region players, at least they’re not the type where you just enter a code on the remote control. This means that when you purchase the machine, you need to pay have it modified. This varies in price but will generally cost you around £30 my son reliably informs me
      However there is a way of overcoming this extra cost and this is simply to purchase the DVD player from somewhere which modifies it for you. This will generally be local electrical stores but my son found it on Amazon who do this for you, and they are still selling it cheaper than other retailers sell unmodified players. So if you buy it from Amazon this problem is easily overcomes.

      My second and last disadvantage is that NTSC format DVD's which this one is will only play properly with a TV that can cope with NTSC signals. The NS430 reads NTSC fine, but outputs an NTSC signal, rather than converting it to PAL for you. This doesn’t produce a problem with the DVD player itself but can be a problem if your TV is not compatible. The result of using a TV that is not NTSC compatible is a black and white picture. Although most TVs nowadays can cope with NTSC signals, I’d recommend you check if you are likely to be using region 1 ie. US DVDs regularly.

      ~~~AVERAGE THINGS~~~

      Although I found this DVD player excellent overall there are some features which I would simply say are average or standard to all DVD players.

      Firstly the DVD player is an average weight. I’m not particularly bothered about the weight of it really but let’s not forget my poor son lugging it to university. So for some people weight may be important. If you want the lightest model available then look elsewhere, there are lighter DVD players available.

      The remote control may not seem particularly important and to be fair it’s not really but I think this remote control could possibly be improved. Some of the buttons are not raised very much so you don’t really feel like you’re pressing a button and pressing a button too many times can end up making the machine do something that you didn’t expect. It’s not bad but I prefer the remote we had with our old DVD player.


      Price will vary form shop to shop but I personally would recommend Amazon my son ordered the DVD player and within about 3 days it had arrived. He paid £69.99 plus postage and packaging for it which I would say is an absolute bargain.

      It completely meets his needs at university and performs superbly at home. I’m tempted just to keep his rather than getting the one my husband has ordered but I think my son may object.

      Overall this comes highly recommended especially at the very cheap price. It will serve most people’s needs and won’t break the bank either.

      I hope this has helped you to make an informed decision.


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