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Sony DVP NS38/B

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Sony DVP NS38/B - DVD player - black

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    2 Reviews
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      22.10.2010 17:17
      Very helpful



      A pretty good cheap DVD player

      Having gone through so many cheaper DVD players I was aiming to pick up something which was decent and with a big name attached to it. I found a cheap looking Sony DVD player and I have to admit it looked too cheap for a Sony.

      I paid at the time just thirty five pounds for the DVD player and it was very thin. I found the item very pleasing to the eye with this nice piano black finish but not only that but it had the big name attached to it which was just as big to me.

      You are given a control with this item as you might expect but this is a key part to this DVD player and you cannot afford to lose it. On the front of the player you have got the basic functions such as play and open (the actual disc holder) and the power button.

      Without the control you cannot skip scenes or even choose perhaps alternative features you might want to watch so you have got a big issue there so the control is vital for this DVD player.

      I am someone who does like to download home movies such as trips to parks and theme parks and try and make my own versions to put onto a blank DVD+R disc and hope they turn out alright. This DVD player has got Divx enabled so it does let you produce home movies and make sure they come out in fantastic detail.

      The item itself is extremely light in weight and is 1.7kg which is pretty light considering and there is just one scart connector at the back. You have here a region 2 DVD player although I have played multi-region DVD's on the item and they have worked perfectly well.

      Along with the great speed it load discs and the quality it can produce on the screen you have a great menu as well. If you want to sharpen the image or change the viewing angle you can do that but not only that but if you have many items on a homemade disc and wish to choose particular ones you can.

      I have found that when loading a disc which is full of features you can wait a short while because it tries to load it up but I guess for the price you cannot expect everything to be super quick.

      Setting up the item was fairly simple because I plugged the scart connector into a spare scart connector on my television and it was done simple as that. Now if you have pictures on a disc and wish to go through them all on a television screen this DVD player is very good for that and I do find features like that very helpful.

      I have had no problems with discs being scratched or stuck inside the device which I have had before and if the DVD player has a problem with a disc it tends to open up and let you have it back. I would suggest to people if you are someone who loses controls for items easily this might not suit you as without it you're limited to what you're able to do.


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      22.09.2009 02:46
      Very helpful



      A reasonably priced entry level multi region DVD player

      When my trusty old DVD player finally died, I bought the Sony DVP-NS38 B as its replacement for approximately £60.

      My requirements for a DVD player were extremely basic: I wanted an entry level multi-region DVD player. So I headed off to my local Richer Sounds and had a look at the two or three that satisfied my requirements and didn't look too flimsy and picked the one that they happened to have in stock.

      According to the manual, as well as commercial DVDs, this model supports a variety of different formats: DVD-RW/-R, DVD+RW/+R/+R DL, Video CD, Music CD and CD-RW/-R.

      The DVD player is very thin, meaning that not many buttons or controls fit on it, and the LED display is very small and does not contain a lot of information. In terms of outputs - it has a digital audio coax and a SCART socket.

      On the front of the case there are the following buttons: standby, open/close, play and stop. With the number of DVDs that require menu selection, the lack of up/down buttons is frustrating as it means that the DVD can't be played without the control.

      The case is black and sleek-looking and fits in well with the VCR and cable TV box. It appears to be fairy sturdy, although at under 2kg it is not too heavy.

      The remote control is fairly complicated with many different buttons and I am constantly left looking for the right one! When pressing the arrow buttons on the remote control, e.g. to change to a different track, it frequently skips ahead more than one step, which can be annoying, particularly when the colour contrast between the selected and unselected items is not very great, because this means that it is very hard to see what is selected.

      The picture quality of the playback of commercial DVDs is great; I've tried it with both region 2 and 4 DVDs. As well as playing DVDs, there are dozens of other functions (many of which only make sense if you're listening to music or looking at pictures) - for example creating a play list, A-B repeat, sharpening pictures, shuffling tracks, parental locks etc. My personal favourite is playing the DVD in slow play or fast play mode - the picture and sound are sampled so that the voices sound at normal pitch, just speeded up or slowed down. Watching speeded up version of films is highly amusing.

      As well as the functions I've listed, it does have a lot of other options, most of which have to be accessed through several layers of menus. Simply watching a DVD is straightforward, but you can do so much more if you are prepared to read the manual.

      In conclusion, this player is not too expensive, is great for watching DVDs and multi-region comes as standard. A second remote control with fewer buttons that just let you do the basic play functions would be a big benefit through!

      (Cross-posted elsewhere - ciao.co.uk)


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    • Product Details

      Sony's worldwide reputation for creating unique, attractive, high-quality, advanced technology products rests on a long line of innovations embraced by people from all walks of life. With a diverse product lineup serving a variety of lifestyles and industries, Sony continuously strives to introduce new products and technologies to meet changing market needs.


      Precision Drive 3 Mechanism for fast, stable and accurate playback;

      Playback of DVD+R/+RW/+R DL/-R/-RW/-R DL (VR and Video Mode) discs;

      Playback of JPEG, MP3, Audio CD-R/RW, Super VCD discs;

      Playback of CD-R/RW with DivX;

      Contents Browser - a powerful on screen menu to browse easily through your MP3 and JPEG files;

      TV Virtual Surround Sound;

      Multi Brand TV Remote Control;

      Quick Set-up.