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Sony DVP NS718HB

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    2 Reviews
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      22.12.2010 17:04


      • Reliability


      A great entry level DVD player that works well with HD upscaling.

      I've had one DVD player, which was great when they came out, but as technologies changed, I found it not so useful.

      The previous dvd player I had was a Sony DVD player, with which just played DVD's, DVD-RW's etc, and very few CD-Rs and nothing else.

      I could connect it to my amp and have some really great sound.

      Now I have had a DVD player in my PC since 2000 which worked great, and as you know with computers these days DVD players come installed by default.

      And they can do pretty much anything.

      But a set-top DVD player is limited so what the manufacturer has created it to do.

      What I tend to do with expensive DVD's I've bought is to make a backup of them as you know DVD's get scratched, we learned this when CD's came out. Making them unreadable.

      Well I do not want to pay £20-£40 for a DVD or Boxset I've bought to be useless after a few viewings.

      So I backup my DVD's using my PC and I DivX them or shrink them to a recordable DVD using compressing software.

      But I did not have a function to play these backups before on my current set-top DVD player. And I have had to use my PC to watch films I have purchased legally.

      But since buying this DVD player, I am able to play all the movies that I have bought without the risk of scratching the original discs. buy the DivX playback function.

      Amazing! The quality of the picture is great for DVD, and the DivX picture quality is always variable, as it depends on how well you compressed it. As I am somewhat of an expert in the compression its always a good picture.

      The HDMI upscaling this DVD player has is great, it improves the picture quality of a normal DVD to 1080p (HD).

      I had my doubts on how well this would work, because in essence you are streching a picture and trying to sharpen it as you go along.

      If you have ever looked at a photo on your computer and zoomed in all the way till the zoom function cant go any further will start to notice that the picture degrades highly, you will notice most pictures degrade at 200-300% zoom.

      I was really impressed with the upscaling feature of this DVD player.

      The menu system is a standard Sony menu system really easy to use.

      Connections are great too.

      The design is nice, the black finish fits in well with what the other equipment I have. My previous Sony DVD player was silver.

      I would recommend this if you have a Standard DVD player connected to a HD capable TV. You will see a difference, and you will enjoy it!


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      11.06.2010 23:56



      Great player

      This player was built to breath new life into your DVD collection on your HD TV. This is achieved by increasing the perceived quality. The player looks very stylish and obviously would look good with any other Sony products.

      This player was purchased for my lounge to match my other Sony products. It fits right in, the controls immediately felt familiar as the remote control and on-board controls are more or less the same as other Sony products. The unit like most Sony products is reliable and of high quality. The menus and features are well thought out and easily executable. The players size and shape is such that it can be stacked on top of other equipment, and other equipment can be stacked on it also. This unit will fit on any mid sized table, or join your existing equipment by stacking. Ease of use is a big part of why this player is so good. Many tasks are performed so easily that you do them mindlessly, such as menu navigation, which turns from being a fiddly affair with non-responsive remote control buttons on lesser players to a quick easy task which is smooth and effortless with this this player.

      The playback is fast, smooth and great quality although not the as good a quality Blu ray. This is well worth doing still though as the difference is defiantly noticeable on larger TVs. The player is pretty basic in that It doesn't have a million features, but it makes up for it in picture quality. The unit is quiet and does not distract from the movie you are watching.

      The player supports many formats including DVD-RW/-R /-R, JPEG, MP3, AAC, WMA, CD, CD-R/RW, Super VCD discs which is quite an inclusive list. This player connects via HDMI to your TV and is very easy to set up.

      This is for anyone who wants a no nonsense player who cares about video quality rather than features. But at the same time its worth mentioning that most Blu ray players do this stuff and more anyway.


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