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Sony DVP SR90

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    2 Reviews
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      18.07.2013 15:17
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      Cheap, lightweight, works well and no technical problems to date

      I purchased this Sony DVPSR90 DVD Player from Sainsbury's about two and a half years ago for under £30 which I thought was a real bargain at the time.

      ~#~WHAT'S IN THE BOX?~#~

      In the packaging there was, of course, the DVD player with a mains cable, a remote control with 2 AA Sony batteries and basic instructions on setting up the DVD player (which I have never needed to refer to), along with details of the 1 year warranty that comes with the product. There was no SCART cable included.

      ~#~SETTING UP~#~

      Setting up the DVD player couldn't have been easier. I just plugged in the mains cable and connected the SCART socket in the back of the player (which luckily I already had from my previous player). Inserting the batteries into the remote control I pointed the remote at the player and pressed the green "on/off" button. Within a few seconds the player "whirred" into action and when I say "whirred" I'm not saying it was noisy, just barely discernible. I pressed the eject button on the player to insert the DVD and within a few moments my DVD was ready to play.


      The front panel of the DVD player allows you see what you're doing as well as the buttons on the remote. You can play, pause, fast forward at 3 different speeds, rewind at 3 different speeds, jump forward or backward a chapter at a time, slow rewind or forward and navigate through the various DVD options on screen with the up, down, left and right arrows on the remote.

      If you used any remote control (which let's face it, pretty much ALL of us have) you'll have no trouble in working out how to use the remote and operating this DVD player. It's literally child's play!

      The player supposedly is for Region 2 DVDs but I've purchased and played Region 1 DVDs on this without realising and found no problems with playing them at all. CDs can be played as well as good old fashioned VCDs. I've even played home videos on DVD+R and DVD+RW and watched CDs with holiday photos on them. MP3 and MP4 videos all play fine too with no issues at all evident and double sided DVDs have worked fine too.

      Title and chapter viewing is available as well as instant replay and instant search. When pausing your DVD it doesn't release the pause after some time, sometimes I've left something paused overnight by accident and gone back to it the next day (I don't think this is recommended though).


      Overall I'm very happy to rate this DVD player with a strong 5 out of 5 stars. It does exactly what I need it to do, this is our secondary DVD player and it doesn't need any fancy bells and whistles so suits its purpose to a tee. Highly recommended, lightweight with a small footprint and a real bargain price to boot!


      Having bought this some time ago, I'm not sure if it's still available in Sainsbury's but at the time of writing Amazon are selling used models for around £23.


      Now for the really exciting stuff all you techies have been waiting for.

      * Region Code - 2 (which isn't true as I've played Region 1 with no problems)
      * Video D/A Converter - 12bit / 108MHz
      * Custom Picture Mode
      * Picture Sharpness
      * Audio D/A Converter - 192kHz / 24bit
      * DTS Digital Audio Output
      * 96kHz/24bit Digital Audio Output
      * Display on Front Panel
      * SCART Connector - Scart(Video/RGB) x 1
      * Digital Audio Output: Coaxial
      * Quick Setup
      * High Speed Smooth Search
      * Signal Format System - PAL(F)
      * Power Requirements - 220-240V, 50/60Hz
      * Power Consumption (in Standby) - less than 1W
      * Dimensions (WxHxD) - 320 x 32 x 209mm
      * Weight: 1.2kg

      NB: there is no eject button on the remote but seeing as you have to physically go to the player to insert a different DVD anyway, this is really not an issue for me.


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        23.01.2011 20:40
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        definitely worth a look at

        Before I bought this DVD player, it had been a while since all the family had sat together and watched a film together. I usually lay around in my room, chilling out watching DVD's on my laptop, my mum doesn't really bother much with DVD's, and my dad would try get a DVD working on the playstation or our old DVD player that loved to reject the DVD by claiming it was a 'wrong region' disk (when it was not), or even eat his DVD's. (DVD's often got stuck and were a nuisance to get out).
        So, by the time it was Christmas I decided I was going to buy a new DVD player in particular for my dad, who loves to just put a music live concert DVD on, plug in the earphones, and sit and relax with the live music as loud as it can be. However, when I began to search for a decent DVD player, I came to realise that perhaps I could benefit from one too, rather than watch DVD's on a small screen on my laptop, so I decided to get a DVD player that my whole family could benefit from too.

        Not being an expert at looking for things like DVD players, I searched the sites I know fairly well such as Amazon, as well as websites such as Currys and Comet. However, coincidentally the day I was looking, my dad brought home an Argos catalogue and I decided to look through and this is when I found the Sony DVP SR90. Argos have DVD players from a range of prices usually starting at £19.99 and gradually increasing. I decided to get a DVD player which was middle priced as I assumed this would mean the DVD player was mid-high range. I bought my player for £42.99 however after doing a bit more digging I have come to realise that the DVD player can be bought for as cheap as £35. To be honest, I think the DVD is worth at least £42, so if you decide to buy this and can get it for even cheaper then I do really think you have a bargain on your hands.

        We were all a little cheeky and did start to use this DVD player before Christmas day and were very impressed. The set up was easy, and the manual guide was easy to read, very simply explained and getting the DVD player going was a very smooth process.
        The DVD player is set at Region 2, so it is a little annoying that it can't play all regions, but I guess most of the DVD's we own are region 2 anyway so it's not too much of a problem.

        If you are looking for a simple DVD player for a fair price then I would definitely recommend this little gem. It's slim, its compact, its quiet, its stylish, and looks great alongside your TV. The only thing I don't like is that the DVD is only available in black and I think it may be available in silver, which to me is a little boring, and I think it would be cool if new colours were launched such as a dark blue.

        What really impressed me though was the picture quality which in my opinion was outstanding. Picture quality is very important when watching something because obviously you don't want the picture to blur or go fuzzy or have any nonsense stuff happening, and I was pleased with how clear and sharp the picture was.

        The DVD player has a range of features, including video and audio playback, instant search options, child lock, chapter view and screen saver and some batteries for the remote are also provided in the packaging. (2XAA Required).

        I havn't had the player long but so far no faults, so nothing to complain about there.

        This DVD player is a great budget option. It basically does what it's supposed to do and it does its job well. It's not the cheapest on the market but I guess you get what you pay for, and if you want a good viewing experience for your films/TV series/live concerts! then I definitely suggest you consider this brilliant DVD player.


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