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Toshiba SD 290

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    2 Reviews
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      21.01.2011 07:57
      Very helpful



      Average, but ok for me, dvd player

      I often head to bed when my son does at night, be it to read or to watch a film and so it is pretty essential for me to have a dvd player in my bedroom. When my husband and I split up almost two years ago I had to start again and so I ordered a Toshiba dvd player from my littlewoods catalogue where at the time it cost me £40.00 which I felt was a reasonable price for the brand and the fact that I was purchasing from a catalogue where prices are usually slightly higher. The dvd player I purchased was the SD-290 model.

      The dvd player arrived safely packaged in a cardboard box. In the box you have the dvd player, the remote control, some batteries and the user manual. The dvd player itself is black with a Toshiba logo on the left hand corner. On the right hand side you have a silver button which is the on/off switch and this is followed by a silver trim right the way across the dvd player. I think this looks nice as the black and silver compliment each other well. Also on the front of the dvd player are black open/close, stop and play buttons as well as the tray which you put the dvd in. There is a panel on the front of the dvd player which lights up when the player is switched on and will show information such as loading or the scene number you are on. It is nice that the screen isn't always lit up as being in my bedroom I would find it quite distracting at night.

      Also on the front of this dvd player is a usb slot so you can store photos, movies or music on a usb device and simply slot it in to the dvd player and it would begin playing for you. Whilst I haven't used this function I can see it would be very handy to use.

      The manual that comes with the dvd player is pretty straight forward but to be honest it isn't really all that hard to set up a dvd player anyway! I simply plugged my scart lead into the dvd player and the television and I was ready to go. There is no HDMI port on this dvd player so if you are looking to link up for high definition pictures I would say you need to look at a different dvd player.

      The dvd player can be quite slow at times in opening the tray to put the dvd in, this seems to be intermittent though and sometimes it works instantly. Another thing with this dvd player I have noticed is that it can be very loud when loading a dvd so there is a lot of whirring or clinking noises which I know comes with all dvd players to some extent but this seems overly loud. It is not an issue in terms of how well dvds play or anything like that, but it is something to note.

      The sound and picture quality on the dvd player is decent enough for when I am watching a dvd and I have no complaints with this aspect at all and to be honest that is the main thing I am interested in with this kind of product anyway! The remote control is simple to use although the buttons are quite small and it can be a nightmare hitting the right one when it is quite dark in the room! It is responsive though and I have not had to change the batteries yet and it has been almost two years so I feel that is good going.

      I would like it if the dvd player would save the place you were at with a film like some I have owned in the past do, as sometimes I fall asleep during a film and I don't really want to start from the beginning again! Of course I know I can skip through the parts I have seen but it would be a handy function to have it remember where you stopped the dvd and it ask did you wish to start from there.

      Apparently this dvd player can also be multi regional if you enter the code 98790 on the remote control whilst the tray is open, however this isn't something I have done as I don't need to play anything but my normal dvds on it!

      I think this dvd player is decent for being in a bedroom if that is something you are looking for. I would also say if you are looking for a reasonably priced, simple, no frills dvd player then this would be a good one to buy.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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        25.06.2010 15:59
        Very helpful



        Best to go for something a bit less 'I'm going to just give up' like.

        Of all the appliances in our home, The DVD player has the unenviable job of entertaining a house full of varied ages and interests, all of whom fight over use of the TV. Although the arrival of new gadgets like laptops and iPods with movie capabilities have perhaps lessened the fights over the sacred living room + TV spot, it is still the ultimate comfort to sit down and lounge on the sofa, pop a DVD in and indulge in a bit of entertainment.

        After our previous DVD got so burnt out that it just obstinately refused to open its disc tray, a quite major problem when it comes to DVD players, we searched around for a sturdy and cheap, simple to use player. Well, whilst this product ticked all the boxes, it also ticked some boxes that we weren't quite searching for...and they weren't particularly nice surprises.

        Before I start being completely negative, the DVD player plays DVD's well. The quality onscreen is perfect and there is nothing to complain about on that level, the picture is always crystal clear, which obviously heightens enjoyment of any viewers. The installation was easy, with all the wires and leads needed in the box, and a simple plug in and go type set-up, the most technology iliterate would be able to install without any problems.

        But, alas, clarity comes at a price.

        This DVD player is without a doubt the loudest one I've ever come across, and I don't mean the sound on the films it's playing, I mean the actual DVD player itself whilst it's trying to read disks. A screeching and machine-like racket heralds the player's attempts to load a DVD's main menu, which is a ridiculously slow, difficult and noisy process. It makes you wonder how good this could be for any precious home movie or collectors discs that may be put into the tray, because it really sounds like some hard gruelling, violent work is being done in there.

        The sound quality of the player is satisfactory. Whilst it is clear and easy to hear almost all of the time, occasionally we can hear the TV over the film that is being played. I'm not sure why this is, but it means that if there is something loud being shown on the channel that was on TV before we switched to the DVD, we can hear it over the sound of the DVD we are playing! I once tried to watch Lord of the Rings whilst a football game was on. This was a mistake. Epic battle scenes were preceded by a crowd of football fans singing the national anthem ,and whilst I'm as patriotic as the next LOTR fan, please guys, I'm trying to watch Gandalf here...

        Another issue we have with sound is the fact that the player struggles with surround sound. Some DVD's spread their sound around the speaker setup, so if someone is saying something off screen, it will be played on the respective left/right speaker. The DVD has to be told that this is going to happen (by going to the setup menu and pressing 3DON) or else it just totally ignores the poor character trying to say something. The thing is you have to do this every time you put a new disk in, as there seems to be no way to save your customised settings. This is a minor pain but still a bit of an issue for my little sisters who just can't work the DVD settings.

        The major issue we have is that from time to time (every two weeks or more) the DVD just decides it's not going to work. When a film is running or the menu is on, and you press a button, the picture just completely freezes and no amount of yelling, swearing or button bashing will get the DVD to work. So, you do what any self respecting technology wiz would do and unplug the whole machine, triumphantly plugging it back in expecting everything to be reset and fine. Not so much. The TV screen now turns black whenever the DVD is plugged, mid tantrum, back into the mains, and the whole thing has to be left, unplugged for about twenty minutes until it works again, happy as Larry. We called the customer service helpline and were told it must be an issue with the discs we are playing; we're playing bought at the shops DVD's, what one earth else could we play that is more legitimate? A further call accused us of playing pirate DVD's, which we never do, when we called again, they just said we must have dropped the DVD player. We haven't, honestly! The customer service was a joke, and whilst the issues aren't monstrous or dangerous, it does get a little annoying when you want to wind down at the end of the day to a family film and the DVD player goes bust.

        I'm aware we may have just been unlucky enough to purchase a faulty player. However, there are other DVD players which are just as cheap and have much stronger reviews, so why take this risk?

        I wouldn't advise you to get this player. Although the price seems cheap, you are paying for even more than you get, which is never a good thing right? Although the DVD plays well, when it wants to, the disappointing performance otherwise is a big no. Naughty Toshiba...


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    • Product Details

      The simplest DVD player is perfect for watching pre-recorded DVDs and edited content archived onto writable and re-writable DVD. It produces good quality, stable, progressively scanned video images through its component video connection and great sound is guaranteed with the analog 2 channel output.

      This great little player also lets you playback DivX video and audio files, the JPEG viewer lets you view all your photo disks on the big screen and MP3 playback lets you play your tunes through your TV.

      Toshiba now takes connectivity and simplicity to a whole level with USB, content can simply be moved onto USB and plugged straight into your player.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: Toshiba SD-290 - DVD player
      Product Type: DVD player
      Dimensions (WxDxH): 43 cm x 20.9 cm x 4.3 cm
      Weight: 1.43 kg
      Media Type: CD-R, CD-RW, DivX, SVCD, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD, CD, Video CD, DVD-R DL
      Remote Control: Remote control - infrared
      Sound Output Mode: Stereo
      Form Factor: Tabletop