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Toshiba SD P94SWB

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    1 Review
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      26.10.2010 13:41
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      A decent DVD player (portable)

      Having many DVDs is a great pleasure but sometimes when I am out on long journeys I need something to amuse me so having a portable DVD player is a huge must for me.

      I had to spend hours looking through the various types out there and I wanted something stylish, plenty of features and a huge brand name which I could rely on.

      I finally settled for the Toshiba SDP94 and this was a DVD player which I felt would suit me really well.

      The first thing which grabbed me with this item was the fantastic colour it has with the piano black which just shines all the way through and everything you see is black. You have the top of the item which you open up and it displays this fantastic 9 inch screen.

      On the side of the screen is one of the speakers and you have many buttons underneath the screen which give you things to do. One of those things is play and stop whatever you are watching which is pretty good if you have mislaid the control (I am always doing this).

      You then have on the bottom section the DVD section which you open and place inside the DVD you want to watch. You have just one button there which opens this area up and that is it so the bottom of the item is very clear so it does not destract you. I have had items which have stickers and labels all over them and they can seriously cause you distractions so this is something I found good.

      The item is very light in weight being just 1.2kg which is very light and the majority of that weight is from the battery which has a 4 hour charge limit so you know full well once that battery is charged you should be able to watch an entire film if not 2 depending on there length.

      You also have the ability to plug in your SD cards with pictures on and show off the Jpeg images and make it appear to be this digital photo frame and this is good for showing the family somewhere your pictures and it looks pretty good.

      There is good news as well because you could play music on this item so it appears as a music player but also has Divx. I have mentioned before sometimes how important this can be when making home movies and stuff so this is a good feature to have as well.

      The contrast ration is relatively good being 500:1 which is kind of alright considering the size of the screen and the resolution of the screen is 640 x 234 pixels.

      The DVD is widescreen and also you can twist the screen to various angles to perhaps show people what you are watching or if your laying down and want to watch something at a different angle this would work also.

      I think this item is fantastic because I can load discs within a few seconds of turning on the item, you can charge the product up inside a car if you want and listen to music and view pictures.

      I think the price perhaps needs to be lower as this can be expensive ranging at over £150 which is expensive and definitely not something you should just go and buy without scouting for cheaper prices first.


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