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Typhoon Portable DVD Player

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    1 Review
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      05.08.2010 20:30
      Very helpful



      Ideal for travel

      I wanted to get a portable DVD player for holidays, as I very often become bored by foreign television and the limited English language channels that are available abroad. The Typhoon Portable is ideal for travel, as it is slim and not embellished with any unnecessary protrusions.

      This Typhoon Portable has 8" wide screen display that flips up, and can be adjusted so that you can view it at a downwards or upwards angle. I have found this to be particularly useful when I am watching DVDs while lying down, as when the device is resting on my stomach I prefer the screen to be angled back. This flexibility means you are not restricted to the position you can relax in, and so you can arrange the player anywhere in the room and incline the screen to suit your preference.

      I cannot fault this model for its image quality. The Digital TFT LCD delivered beyond my expectations in terms of sharp, clear pictures, and although I have occasionally experienced some sticking and stalling with disks, this may have been down to smudges on the surface of the disks rather than the player itself. I say this because on these occasions wiping the disk with a cloth most often rectified the problem.

      The player accepts disks via a compartment in the centre of the base. Loading disks is simply a case of selecting the Open key, then placing the disk in the machine and closing the lid. The DVD will then load automatically. Operating keys are located down the right side of the base, with the standard Play, Stop, Fast Forward, Rewind and Menu options all being present.

      One aspect of the Typhoon Portable I might criticize is the sound quality. Despite the fact that there are several surround sound acoustic options, the sounds that emit through the two inbuilt speakers is not as rich as I would have liked. The size of the speakers must, of course, be taken into consideration given that this is a portable model, but nevertheless I find the delivered substandard. This is why I rarely play DVDs on this system without using my headphones, which markedly improves the sound quality and picks up on the more subtle nuances.

      As well as being compatible with DVDs, this product also supports the following disk types:

      · DVD
      · VCD
      · HDCD
      · SVCD
      · CD
      · MP3
      · CD-R
      · CD-RW
      · Kodak Picture CD
      · Fuji Picture CD

      Being so versatile in this respect the player allows you to run music and image CDs. This is another feature that makes the Typhoon Portable ideal for holidays, as you can create a pleasant musical atmosphere without packing a CD player, and you can also view holiday snaps in the comfort of your hotel suite.

      This is a great option if you are looking for a versatile, travel-friendly DVD player. At £160 it offers many pleasing features, and is simple to operate. The sound quality is not ideal, but if you pack a pair of headphones you can enjoy your evening entertainment and avoid disturbing the neighbours, too.


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