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Yamada DVX 5500

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  • Piracy!
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    1 Review
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      15.03.2004 18:01
      Very helpful
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      • Piracy!

      I bought a 6100 from amazon.co.uk for £79.99 after being recommended by some online forum readers. It has all the features of a standard DVD with IR remote control, digital output in Dolby 5.1 surround, stereo output and RGB. Scart connection only. It plays formats MP3, MPG, MPEG, AVI and is comaptible with Kodak picture discs and jpg files viewer. It will not play .mov, .asf or .ram. If you are wondering what is different about this DVD player than others, well here it is in a nutshell. DVD are an MPEG4 format digital video. MPEG4 is a high quality digital output you watch on standard DVD's you buy or rent. The problem with MPEG4 is the file sizes can run into gigabytes in size (4 to 5GB). Not a problem when it is on a disc. If you want to download the file from the Internet, it can take several hours even on a high speed broadband connection. On a modem, forget it! It is possible to 'rip' the DVD to an avi video file using a codec (compressor/decompressor). DivX is a codec used for this purpose. The advantage of this is the file squeezes down to an average of 650-800Mb. Much smaller than the MPEG4 format of comparable video quality, and a downloadable size from the Internet. Problem is, you could only watch avi format files on cmputers with the correct codec installed (Divx-3.11-alpha). Up until now, you could convert the avi file back into MPEG4 format and burn to a DVD-R using a DVD writer to play on a standard DVD player. The problem here is that most conversion software of quality is very expensive and it can take 4 hours or more to do on a high spec computer. Plus it is fraught with problems and takes a lot of knowledge of different formats such as NTSC/PAL and frame rates. To cut a long story short, you could end up with a DVD where the sound doesn't match the film or is out of sync or wont play at all. You can buy software that can convert your video camera output to MPEG to put onto DVD, however
      this seldom works to convert a downloaded file to a DVD format. With the Yamada DVX player, you can put the avi directly onto a CDR/CDRW/DVDR and play on the DVD player without having to convert back to MPEG4. You can also put more than one video file on the disc. The player has an in-built 'file browser' so you can select which file to play. In other words, this player lets you download DIVX (avi) files from the Internet and play them directly on the DVD player as well as VCD (MPEG2) in any format NTSC or PAL. Although this is an excellent idea, it does encourage piracy of films from the internet. I am not condoning this in any way with this review.


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