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Bush IDPVR801B Hard Drive Recorder

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    2 Reviews
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      07.03.2007 14:03
      Very helpful



      A great deal can be had

      With the exit of Video recorders a couple of years ago came the emergence of DVD players and now we have more and more hard disk recorders hitting the shelves with varying hard disk sizes. This one is Bush Personal Video recorder which has an 80gb hard drive which allows you to record and store your favourite programs at the touch of a button.

      Great Deals

      I have seen some great deals on places like Ebay for around £50 for this Personal video recorder in very good condition. And considering that most freeview boxes around this price don't have hard disk recorders it is a very handy thing at a great price.


      This is a pretty good picture for Bush given that they arent one of the top makes alongside the likes of Sony, Panasonic, Samsung or Toshiba. There's good detail on show and programs are recorded as they were shown so there is no loss of quality unlike there was with VCR's.


      This is a slight letdown, when I compared this PVR to my previous freeview boxes from Sagem and Phillips I noticed that when compared there was quite a difference in terms of sound quality. Don't get me wrong this still sounds good but if Sound is the main priority if you only want to record films then I would say get a different PVR.


      This feature is the Electronic programme guide which is a great feature that allows you to search for programmes for the week. It gived you a quick description of the programme and you can set a timer to remind you when the programme is on or you can set the recorder to record the programme. Sometimes this feature doesnt work as far as you would want it to but if you go back later you will find the the programmes.


      There are very easy menus here so you won't get confused and have to start skimming through the manual to work out things. It is easy to install when you plug it in for the first time. It gives you an option to start searching for channels. Doing this will allow you to get the best signal for each channel. It will only take a few minutes and it will be setup then.


      This PVR looks very stylish with it's slim shiny fascia, the clock is easy to see and you can see a little icon when you have selected something for it to record which is a nice thing because it lets you know that it has registered on the hard disk so you don't forget that it has been setup to record.


      You get all the channels from freeview here including local variations of news programs and S4C for Wales. Plus the likes of Sky News and Sky Sports News plus all the Digital Radio channels that are on freeview. With channels being added all the time Freeview is a very good thing to have if you don't want a Sky subscription or want freeview In a second room.


      There are only a few drabacks from this Personal Video Recorder. They are the slightly weaker sound that is beaten by the competitors which I have mentioned earlier. Although I must say the sound isnt at all bad.

      And also one thing that I find a slight drawback is that this Personal Video Recorder only has one tuner so when you are recoring something you can't watch another channel on the box. Which can be annoying
      when you are watching a football match and want to check the other scores.

      Sometimes it can crash which can be annoying, it happens most often when you are looking at text. All you need to do is just restart and you shouldnt have any problems for a while.


      This is a very handy freeview tuner which will give you around 40 hours of recording space and as you can pick up a bargain with some great deals around for this PVR, you should have a look at this on your checklist. The reason that I didnt mention the EPG in the drawback is that it doesnt happen that often and usually comes up with all programs available.


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        06.01.2007 20:42



        I bought this as a £50 refurbished model on ebay and so far it's fine. There's only one Freeview tuner but we have NTL cable... it does just what it says on the box!


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