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    1 Review
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      12.07.2009 20:14
      Very helpful
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      This is a modest priced recorder packed with loads of features

      After many years of messing around with video tapes we finally made the decision to move into the 21st century with this DVD/HDD recorder.

      Specifications **************
      LG RH188H - DVD recorder / HDD recorder with TV tuner
      Product Type DVD recorder / HDD recorder with TV tuner
      Dimensions (WxDxH) 43 cm x 27.5 cm x 5.4 cm
      Weight 4.1 kg
      DVD DVD recorder
      TV Tuner - PAL, SECAM
      Digital Storage Media Hard disc drive - 160 GB
      Audio Stereo
      Remote Control Remote control - infrared
      Power AC 230V ( 50/60 Hz )

      Appearance **************
      The recorder is thin and sleek and will compliment any TV set or combination. On the front panel you have the disc tray and next to that is the LCD display window. The display window is not too big but the numbers or details on it are very clear and easy to read. Directly underneath the LCD display is a concealed panel that conceals a connection socket, DV, IN for a digital cam corder. Next to this is the AV IN 4 socket, for connecting the s video output of an external source i.e TV/Monitor, VCR, camcorder, and finally there is the AV IN 4 (VIDEO IN / AUDIO IN. This is so that you can connect the audio / video output for a Audio system, VCR, cam corder etc.
      On the top of the unit on the left hand side is the power button. On the top on the right hand side is the manual buttons such as stop, play, record, HDD/DVD. Having these buttons is a great idea as you can still control the unit even if the remote control becomes lost or faulty.

      Set up *****************
      In the box we had the recorder, the multi function remote control, a scart lead, the power lead and an rf lead. The instructions that come with the recorder were easy to read and understand. There were diagrams next to the instructions which made it easy to compare what you should be seeing on the TV screen. The instruction had detailed diagrams showing how to set the recorder up to the TV, as well as including how t0 set it up to a sky box as well. The auto programming was easy to do and we had it set up and ready to use within minutes of switching it on.

      Operation ****************
      Once the initial set up is done, it is just a matter of slowly working through the instruction manual. When you switch it on you just use the remote control to access the on screen menus. My wife and i to begin with worked out the basics, which was recording on to the hard drive and playback, as well as working out how to watch DVD's. Once you have worked through the menu a couple of times it becomes very easy. In fact we have had VCR'S more complicated to work than this. To try and understand every function you can do with the recorder is best done a bit at a time. Otherwise it may all become a bit too intimidating.
      You can also set up a timer to record your programs, or use video plus. Using video plus for a program means that it will record that program each time it is on even if you are not there to set it up to do so. There is also live record so if you are watching a live event and the phone rings or someone comes to the door, you just press instant recording, and the program will be recording onto hard drive but you can then restart it from when you were interrupted, and the clever machine will carry on recording, so its like pausing live tv.
      As well as DVD you can watch DivX Movie files and play audio CD's on it, as well as viewing jpeg images that you may have saved on to disc from your pc or lap top. You can also record things you have recorded onto the hard drive onto DVD, and record things from DVD onto the hard drive. Recording from DVD to hard drive can only be done if the DVD is NOT copy right protected.
      There is a host of things you can do with the recorder and to list them all would take too long.

      My View *************
      This recorder is almost all singing and dancing. The record function is very easy to use and the playback quality is excellent. The audio is as good as the TV you have and there is no loss in both audio and picture quality on recordings. The same can be said for recording from the hard drive to DVD.
      What i like about it is, that the programs you record onto the hard drive you can label and date them using the remote control. this makes it easy to find even if its months later when you watch it. When you access the hard drive you get a thumbnail of the program you have recorded as well.
      The only problem with putting things onto DVD from the hard drive is that if you have already dubbed the program, so maybe you have deleted the adverts in a film you recorded, you can not use fast record. This means if the film or program is 2 hours long, that is how long it will take to burn it or copy it to a DVD.
      If like me you want to make the jump from VCR to DVD/Hard drive recorder, then i would recommend this machine to you. The ease os use is ideal for someone new to these machines, but it has a host of technical functions that are there for you to experiment with.
      We have had ours for a year now and we have had no problems at all with it, sorry, the only problem we have had with it, is that once during an electrical surge it froze, but all we had to do to rectify that was unplug it from the mains socket for a couple of minutes, and once plugged back in it has not gone wrong since.
      The only maintenance it requires is a once weekly wipe over with a duster or cloth to take away any dust accumulating.


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