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Panasonic Diga DMR-ES10

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    5 Reviews
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      06.03.2011 23:29



      Great product but may now be outdated

      I must say that when I first went hunting for a dvd recorder I had high hopes: The idea that I could record my favorite programs direct to dvd and then possibly transfer them to my PC for further viewing inspired me greatly, so off I went to the UK's online market place: eBay! because they can be feverishly expensive and I wasn't looking to have to remortgage my house to get one! Well in the end I snagged this player for £20 including postage and was delighted with my purchase at such a low price.
      My first impressions were that It was easy to setup: The TV was ready to be recorded off in minutes and I even hooked up my PS3 on a double scart lead to record my gameplay for my casual youtube use. But I soon began to realise that DVDs maybe were not the best media for recording. What I am trying to say is that while it recorded to DVD they don't hold much and so maybe were not for me, Bu that's not the players fault - it's a great player that included dvd longplay- something I didn't even know existed until then: It can cram roughly about 8 hours of video onto 1 dvd.

      So you could say my first impressions were good, with a slight disappointment with the DVD format. The loading time is very slow - I do not recommend this player for watching dvds as it is so sluggish in startup. But that was never a big worry for me. It plays dvds other players couldn't read and has that all important time for when you are out. I also noticed the LCD display faded slightly on one side but again no worries on my side. All in all this is a recommended buy if you can get it for the same price that I did, but I now recommend a hard drive player/recorder: times have changed a hardrive recorder is faster more reliable and easier to transfer, but this is still a great player.


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        25.08.2009 21:51
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Build up your DVD movie collection at your own pace

        With technology racing along with the speed of a three legged donkey with piles it won't be long before the humble 'VHS Video Cassette recorder' will become as obsolete as Beta-max, taking its place in the history books. So, with a quick and easy replacement needed, the boffins soon realised that the next stage to recording your favourite programmes, (apart from these really modern 'Hard drive' systems from sky and the like), is to use a DVD recorder.
        Anyway, a few years back I decided to join the anti-VCR revolution and went on the hunt for one of those modern, (at the time), DVD recorders which would be simple to use for a simple soul like myself.
        Unfortunately, during my hunt through the concrete jungle which is the high street I came across a several different types of DVD recorders which promised to do exactly what I needed, and this freedom of choice really confused my tiny little mind, so I had to do more research into which one would be best for me at a reasonable price.
        So when I came across a branded name, such as Panasonic, I took quite an interest in the DMR-ES10, with its numerous capabilities.
        When I got this back home I set about attaching it to my television, using a scart lead (not supplied), to do so and placing it onto a shelf on my television stand, the largish looking silver machine with a black face sitting proudly in place
        Then it was a simple matter of following the simple on-screen instructions to set it up so as to be able to record the right channels, this is done with the click of a few buttons on the remote, (and a quick flick through the instruction manual which comes with it).


        * Plays: DVD Video / VCD / DVD-RAM / DVD-R / DVD-RW / DVD+R / DVD+RW / DVD Audio / CD (Audio) / CD-R / CD-RW / Picture CD / MP3 / JPEG.
        * Tunes to the TV signal
        * TV resolution: 480i, 480p,576p.
        * Video output: NTSC
        * Audio DAC: 24bit, 192 kHz
        * Video plus
        * Parental control
        * Remote control
        * One touch recording
        * SP, XP, LP and EP recording speed
        * 1 to 8 hour recording time
        * 30 day-16 event programmable timer.

        ** IN CONCLUSION...

        Once the recorder is set up to your television your laughing as it won't be long before your starting to record your favourite shows onto DVDs.
        I personally couldn't believe how easy it was to set up and to get used to.
        The first thing I did was to set the recording time to its maximum as it does not change the quality of the recording whilst allowing you to fit a lot more on your DVD.
        The remote is quite easy to use, being very similar to many standard remotes which most people are used too.
        It has the usual channel buttons, stop, play etc and even has a volume control button for your television.
        It has two record modes, a direct record, which will record what you are watching at that moment, or a normal record which will record a set channel.
        The direct navigation button allows you to set up you DVD which you are recording on, giving you that personal touch to your finished disc, with a sub-menu button for extra editing.
        There is many things that this remote can achieve which basically become self explanatory as you play about with the buttons, the instructions coming on the screen as you go.

        This great bit of technology is capable of being used with-in minutes of plugging it in, and with it's one touch record process you can begin recording your favourite show in seconds.
        When you recorded a show which you want to keep you can change the thumbnails to your own desire simply by following the simple on-screen instructions until you are happy with what you have achieved, (the thumbnail can be any part of the recorded show).
        Then, again, following the on-screen instructions, you can add a name for the disc and ass the title of the recording you have made, and with a possible 8 hours of recording time you can fit many movies on one disc without losing any quality of the viewing pleasure.

        When you're happy with your recordings and your DVD is full to overflowing with your favourite 'chick-flick' recorded off certain television channels you simply finalise the disc and can then watch the finished product on any DVD player you wish.

        The unit itself is a little on the larger size compared to DVD 'players', being 430mm wide, 354mm deep, 64mm high and weighing in at a hefty 3.6kg
        When I first bought my Panasonic DVD recorder I got it at a knock down price, just under a hundred quid in fact, although the price these day is a little bit more than that being nearer the £150- £200 mark, (I do believe JXL are selling it for £150 at the moment, although do shop around as there are bargains to be had). But, even for the higher price you are still going to get a bargain as it will last for years and save you a lot of money in the long run in the shape of recording those movies for a rainy day, instead of rushing out to rent one.

        One other good and very useful feature about this device is that you can also transfer your video camera footage onto DVD by simply slotting in the appropriate leads into the recorder and your camera, I have made many family DVDs this way.

        In all, a great bit of technical kit which will do the same job as a VCR only with much clearer results and is less likely to become as obsolete as analogue television.
        It may not have a built in hard drive, or be able to record in blu-ray fashion, but it does what it is programmed to do, it records what you want onto a DVD for future viewing.
        The price may seem a little on the high side but for what you get is well worth the cash.


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          25.07.2009 23:24


          • Reliability


          Very good for analogue tv users

          I have had this DVD recorder for over two and years and as always from Panasonic this product has been amazing. I picked it up as a refurbished item for only £60 expecting to replace it after a year with a hard drive version but since the time I turned it on I just wanted to keep it for as long as possible. There are two major drawbacks though, one of which is the lack of free view unless you have a Panasonic television which is compatible with the "Viera link", if you are lucky enough to own a television that is compatible then you can record free view programs although both units must be left on therefore only one channel can be watched and if you are going to leave the system unattended then it would be on which is a waste of energy and life span of the television. When it comes to recording this player exceeds all my expectations. When used on XP or SP mode which offer 1 and 2 hours per disc respectively the picture quality is simply amazing. When played back there are very little artefacts and the sound is pretty much decent considering that most broadcasts are in stereo. Overall a must buy if you mainly record from analogue channels.


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          20.09.2008 17:23
          Very helpful



          Good for the price

          The 'DMR-ES10' is a DVD recorder made by Panasonic.

          As it's now a few years old, you can pick-up this model for an average price of around £40 on ebay. This represents good value for money considering the machine when new cost just under £200.

          The DMR-ES10 supports DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM formats - it doesn't however work with DVD+RW discs.

          There's a whole host of input / output options round the back of the unit including: A digital optical out (useful for when connecting to a 5.1 cinema system or amp), a Scart in and out, S-Video in and out, composite video in and out, and compononent outputs.

          All in all then, the machine isn't lacking on the connectivity front.

          The remote control is fairly easy to use, with all of the important function buttons located in accessible positions. There's also a Video+ option to make sheduled recording a little easier.

          When recording, the DMR-ES10 offers four main options - Extended Play (8hrs), Long Play (4hrs), Short Play (2hrs), and XP (1hr).

          Playback quality is acceptable at all quality levels, and although EP and LP have noticeable JPEG artifacts, they are still watchable.
          SP and XP are pretty much true to the original broadcast, and I haven't noticed any quality loss issues with either.

          Sound is good also. As I mentioned earlier, if you've got a Dolby Digital or DTS system, you can hook it up via the optical digital out, which makes this product an viable DVD player to watch your movies on.

          There is, in my opinion, quite a large drawback with this model. It primarily relates to the overall speed of the unit. Turning it on seems to take an age, and when simply trying to watch a film, 'Reading Disc' is displayed for quite some time on the screen before you can access any of the functions.

          Overall, for the price, you can't really complain about the Panasonic DMR-ES10. It supports a whole host of inputs, and delivers a great picture in both playback and record modes. A recommended buy for the price.


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            13.04.2008 03:10
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            See for yourself.

            ...The Brand...

            As anyone who knows anything about audio visual products would know, Panasonic are one of the best in the business and they have been hugely prolific over the past ten years winning awards for their televisions, dvd players and home cinema speaker kits. I have a fantastic Panasonic CRT Television which was given five stars by many of the reviews I have read.

            ...Panasonic DMR ES10...

            Just one of a number of great DVD Products from Panasonic this DVD Recorder was released at £200 in 2005 and is one of the most awarded recorders from the past few years. It has won awards against more expensive recorders which is a pointer at how good this machine is.

            As you can see from the picture this DVD recorder is available in a black finish but it is also available in a nice silver finish, the choice of the two finishes is a good thing as you can choose the one that will fit together with your other audio/visual equipment If you want everything to match up with each other.

            ...Build Quality...

            This is something that Panasonic is known for their fantastic build quality. This DVD recorder is one of the most sturdy looking I have seen and will last you years without losing anything in terms of picture quality or anything else. A very sturdy machine.


            This is really easy to setup and you will be able to produce copies without any trouble at all. There are a number of ways you can select record. You can do quick start from the remote or the recorder itself or you can search the epg (Electronic Programme Guide) and then find the programme you want to record and it will put it in the library and record when the selected programme is on. The all important results from the recordings are as good as the originally broadcast and importantly lose nothing of the original.

            The only slight glitch with the recording is that there is no Hard Disk on this DVD recorder unlike most of the new ones coming out now. This will be a minor dent for most people but there are other Panasonic's that have a hard disk and are award winners too. So you wouldnt be losing anything in terms of picture quality.

            ...The Picture...

            This DVD recorder is superb at reproducing a fine image whether from a copy or from a normal DVD. the detail is really well produced and there are no glitches in the picture. Watching a movie DVD you will see the Clean edges and fine detail that the best players around this price will have.

            Dropping down the spectrum of recording options will slightly affect the picture but there is no time when you would be dissapointed with the image on screen enough to be short changed or anything close to that.

            ...The Sound...

            Although not quite as impressive as the picture quality, the sound quality is still very good indeed. Although there is more of a drop off in sound quality when you go down the recording options. But isnt affected when you watch a movie or anything from a normal dvd.

            This will be a massive improvement over just about anything up to around £250 from the time this was released and will still sound as good as most of the new recorders around the £200 mark.

            ...The Remote...

            Panasonic are known for their superb remotes. This remote is very easy to use and is packed with useful buttons which make recording so much simpler and all these buttons make this the complete remote. Will work with Other Panasonic audio/visual equipment too.

            ...Freebie Scart...

            It is worth upgrading the scart cable to something better as you can see improvements in picture quality and hear a clearer sound if you upgrade the scart cable. It doesnt have to be much, just a £5 Scart cable would increase the quality even further.


            The front fascia opens up and housed underneath the flip cover are the connection options, these include, composite, stereo
            analogue audio and S-video inputs. There's no DV-link for camcorder hook-up or an SD card slot which most of the Panasonic recorders will have.

            On the back of the recorder are all the normal connections like the two Scarts are RGB-enabled for input and out, there's a set of component outs that are PAL progressive scan-enabled
            and an optical digital audio output is also thrown in. Another composite input is supplied (along with its analogue stereo audio counterparts), as is an S-video input. All these connections are easy to use and easy to understand.


            Despit the lack of a hard disk this is a great recorder and is a worthy product for anyone who wants a great setup at home. If you are set on a hard drive then you can pick up some great deals on fellow Panasonic players but for the money this is one hell of a recorder and player.

            And now it is available at only £69.99 on Hyperfi it is time to pick one hell of a bargain up considering all the supermarket specials around. I will soon pick one up myself as I would like to transfer some of the stuff on my Bush Hard disk recorder to DVD.


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