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Sony RDR-HXD890B

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    4 Reviews
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      24.09.2009 20:58
      Very helpful



      Very useful

      The Sony RDR-HXD890 is a great little box with a bunch of magic. It has lots of very useful features. I bought this DVD player in my local Currys store for just under £200

      Not only is this a DVD player it is also a recording device so you can record your favourite programs to watch them at a later date or over and over again. You can record onto blank DVDs or you can record onto the 160 gigabyte hard drive.

      The DVD player is so useful and very simple to use. The menus are clearly laid out and getting use to it will only take around 5 minutes. I purchased this product because of the brand. Knowing Sony, it is a great and reliable brand and one that i definitely trust.

      The Sony RDR-HXD890 is something that i use a lot because as i am mostly always working, i always miss the programs that i want to watch the most. So i usually record most of my programs so i can watch when i get the time to. If i really like the program, i will then record it on to a blank DVD. This is really good.

      There is not anything that i do not like about this product.

      Also on shopping.com under the same name dixin123


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        03.08.2009 22:10



        An excellent DVD / Hard Drive recorder for SD broadcasts

        This unit is excellent. It gives a wide range of quality options so you can decide whether you want to go for top image quality or maximum recording time. You can record direct to DVD or to the built in hard drive. If you do record to the hard drive you can burn the recording to DVD later if you want, and play it in other players.

        The built-in Freeview works really well, and seems to be a lot more sensitive than the one built into my TV, picking up more channels.

        Recording from the built-in program guide is easy - you can even get it to control your Sky box (via an included Guide+ infrared dongle) so that it can change to the right Sky channel for a timer recording.

        If you haven't gone "full HD" yet, this recorder is hard to beat. The only downside is that it makes a noticeable "buzz" when in Standby if it is updating the program guide - could be annoying if used in your bedroom, but in a living room it is great.


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        12.12.2008 00:58
        Very helpful




        The Sony 'RDR-HXD890' is both a Freeview Hard Drive recorder, and a DVD recorder, which has a current price of £174.80 from Amazon.

        The capacity of the hard drive is 160GB, which equates to roughly 23 hours in the high quality recording mode, and 455 hours on the lowest quality setting. The machine is labelled as being 'Freeview+', which means you have the ability to pause and rewind live TV - handy for a quick trip to make a cuppa without missing anything.

        Sounds good? - well it isn't - or not in my experience anyway.

        After reading a number of positive reviews on Amazon, I found myself disappointed when I actually used this product.

        Firstly, on a positive note, the picture quality of the recordings which the HXD890B produces are very good - with the high quality setting not losing any detail from the original Freeview broadcast. This however, is probably the only good thing I found about the machine.

        The Downsides
        - - - - - - - - - -
        Firstly, the manual is the most difficult to understand piece of literature that I have ever had the misfortune to read. I really struggled with the explanations - and I consider myself to be a bit of an expert when it comes to hooking up AV equipment - being a gadget fan, I have done a fair bit of it in my time.

        When I finally got it set up, I was informed that I would need to reconnect my old Freeview box (which I was hoping to get rid of) in order to access the Guide+ feature on the machine. This is really not good enough - it's got its own Freeview tuner for goodness sake. Basically, unless you use it in collaboration with another Freeview box, you can't change channels when the machine is recording, and you can't use any of its other advanced features.

        My advice would be to buy a simple Hard Drive recorder with a twin tuner - that way you can do all the stuff that this machine should be able to do, without the need for two Freeview boxes.

        You may find the Sony RDR-HXD890B to be good if you've just stepped up from a VHS player, but if you're a long term Freeview user, you will be disappointed with the unresponsiveness and dated feel of the user interface. My six year old Netgem iPlayer is ten times better than this machine, both in its onscreen layout and easy of use. The menu's on the Sony look so dated it's unbelievable.

        I guess you can tell that I didn't like this piece of equipment - I sent it back to Amazon.

        Technical Bits
        - - - - - - - - - -
        160GB capacity for a max recording of 455 hours onto the Hard Drive
        Electronic Programme Guide (8 Day on digital)
        Integrated Digital and Analogue Tuner
        BRAVIA Sync
        HDMI output with 1080p upscaling
        USB Port for Digital Camera
        USB Port for PictBridge Printer
        i.LINK (DV) input for Camcorder
        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

        Best avoided - and the next model up shares the same electronics, so give that one a miss also!


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          28.11.2008 18:35
          Very helpful



          It's just a great machine...

          Well recently it got to the point that our old video-recorder started chewing tapes, so it was about time that we got a new one. We already had a DVD recorder, but had been using it in tandem with our video recorder through an aerial booster that split the signal between the two machines without loss of quality. We looked at the few video recorders that were still being manufactured but weren't that impressed, so we went for another DVD recorder, but not like the one we already had...

          When it comes to such gadgets, being the sort of person that likes to see what I am buying, after a little preliminary research on line, I went off to Comet's to see what was available. Being a Sony lover I was impressed by the RDR-HXD-890, one of the latest hard disk drive/DVD recorders from Sony's Range. I could either have had it in black or silver, and even when silver was in vogue, I much prefer black.

          When I got the machine home, I discovered that there were so many options on this machine that I had to sit down and study the manual closely. Not that it was complicated, but just a lot different to my last Sony machine.

          The RDR-HXD-890 has a built in digital tuner for freeview, and an analogue connector for those who cannot yet receive a digital signal, or if you have two aerial cables you can connect both. It has two scart lead connections and a HDMI output to connect to a high definition television. (HDMI is for high definition television).

          The machine has a 160GB hard disk drive and a DVD Recorder. The hard drive will store a maximum recording of up to 455hours and 23hours in *HQ+ recording mode. There is a button on the handset you need to push to select the hard drive, and then record as you watch, record by timer manually, or use the **EPG menu, by pressing the guide button on the handset and simply select the program you want recording. With the press of the "enter" button, the machine will then tell you the timer is set and the program will be recorded.

          *Highest Quality
          **EPG stands for Electronic Program Guide.

          If there are recordings you want to keep, you can transfer them from the hard drive to a DVD disk. I have not tried this, but according to the handbook, due to copyright laws, a recording can only be transferred once and is removed from the hard drive once on a DVD disk.

          Whilst you are recording to the hard drive, you can watch DVD or vice-versa (i.e. whilst recording to DVD, you can watch a program on your hard drive). Also whilst on the hard drive, you can playback your stored programs while new ones are being recorded.

          Like other recorders, you can use the RDR-HXD-890 just to watch TV if you wish and it is capable of freezing, rewinding and fast-forwarding real-time television, should your viewing be disturbed by a phone call or visitors.

          If you have other Sony products (we also own a Sony Bravia TV), the RDR-HXD-890 is designed to work seamlessly with all other Sony home cinema products, so that they can be controlled by just the one handset. However, I am still using separate handsets so that my brain can cope with what I am recording and where I am recording it, and what I am watching until I fully familiarize myself with the machine's capabilities.

          What I have noticed but not yet attempted to use on the machine...

          A Series Link: With the touch of a button you can record automatically all episodes of your favourite soaps or series so that you will not miss anything during the season.

          PictBridge: This is a socket that I can connect to my printer that also has a PictBridge facility. That would be useful whilst viewing photos with friends that are stored on the hard drive or DVD. If they fancied having a copy of one, you can print it for them there and then without having to power up your computer.

          Enhanced Photo Slide Show: This is a feature that provides transition effects from one photo to another, and then there's the option to put frames around your photos and burn them later onto a DVD for sharing.

          USB and iLink Connection: There is a USB connection if you have a hard drive camcorder or camera that uses USB, or an iLink (firewire) connection if your camcorder uses this form of connection. This way your home videos and pictures can be copied over to DVD or the hard drive in the machine.

          Digital Music Jukebox: This is where you can store and playback up to 999 of your favourite songs.

          I have only owned this machine for a short while so cannot comment on its durability, but I expect it to be like other Sony products that I have owned in the past. They may be a little more expensive than other makes, but I find them to be reliable and of a good build quality.

          But having said that Sony products tend to be on the expensive side, I thought the price reduced from £250 to £230 for this machine was quite reasonable considering what its capabilities are. I did need though, to spend another £30 for a HDMI connection cable so that I could view in HD format where available. If you are prepared to buy from an Internet source, I should imagine there would be even better deals out there.


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