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Toshiba RD XV48DTKTB

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    2 Reviews
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      11.12.2011 13:41
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Love this - so reliable and really recommended

      We have owned our Toshiba XV48DT recorder now for approximately 9 months and we love it. In fact we would not be without it in our family. It cost £234 from Amazon and was delivered super quickly. It is easy and simple to use and the picture quality and sound are excellent in my opinion. It is a bit larger than we would have liked and looks bulkier than the one I have downstairs in the basement but this is a hard to beat model in my opinion as it has everything I need and want.

      It has a 160GB hard disk drive which allows us to record for up to an impressive 284 hours. We like the idea of having a hard disk drive and in my opinion this is far better than having to look about the house for spare discs. I personally use it a lot for transferring tapes to DVD.

      It is easy and simple to connect to the existing in my opinion and this can be done either via the rf cable or the cart socket. I was impressed to find it was already pre-tuned to appropriate TV stations so there was no need for me to have to fiddle about with that. The menu system is also straightforward in my opinion and I love the fact that it can receive both analogue as well as digital channels and access to Freeview - all of this is also available through my existing aerial - brilliant!

      As a family and also personally speaking, we all love the fact that we can watch a DVD and record a channel both at the same time, without any problem at all. I was very impressed with this feature when I first started to use the Toshiba XV48DT recorder but now I think I have probably become accustomed to this little luxury of the 21st century. This is a fantastic feature for me personally as it means that if we hire a DVD out over a weekend and watch it as a family or as a couple, we are still able to record our favourite programme at the same time. In our case, it would probably be Downton Abbey or the like!

      The Toshiba XV48DT recorder also has the amazing added advantage of having 'chase play' and 'pause live TV' - again another brilliant feature in my opinion and this comes in so handy. This recorder also has the added advantage of allowing us to connect to our camcorder to make a permanent viewing of various footage and we used this feature most recently at a friend's baby's christening. It can play MP3 files and I also love this feature.

      Although we have had several video recorders over the years this has to be one of the very best ones we have owned, in my opinion. I know technology is getting better and better and one day I may look back on this and wonder what on earth I ever saw in it but at the moment, for me personally, nothing can surpass it in terms of technical ability. The remote control is also easy and simple to use and causes us no headaches and the useful instruction manual has also been very easy to follow.

      The picture quality is in my opinion, spot on and the sound is sharp and the picture is bright . It is very simple to set up and just as easy to navigate your way around, so simple in fact that even my other half can manage it without her having to call me up at work to ask for help, and that can only be a good thing.

      In my opinion a brilliant little recorder. Not overly expensive, but it has the features I could ever want. Spot on and highly recommended.

      review also poasted on Ciao as sorehead


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      13.07.2010 10:44
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      See Review

      We bought our Toshiba Hdd, Dvd and Video Cassette recorder before we had got Sky Plus as we wanted to be able to record things easier plus we didn't want to keep forking out for dvds to record on when we only watched the programme once. Our videos we used to record on were getting a bit past their sell by date too.

      We chose this model, the RD-XV48DTKB because a) we wanted a Toshiba one, and b) because it did everything we wanted it to do.

      The machine is a bit bigger than a normal dvd player what you buy these days. Ours is black in colour and very smart looking on the shelf under the tv.

      You can connect it to your tv via a normal rf cable to the antenna out socket on the back of the machine and you connect the outside antenna cable to the antenna in. You can also connect it to the tv using the scart socket. There are two of these scart sockets on the back so you can also attach it to your sky box or another unit. It also has sockets for component video out and audio out. It also has a HDMI socket so you can attach it to your tv via an HDMI lead if your tv has the socket. It has a Digital Audio out socket as well where you can attach an Audio Coaxial cable to attach it to your hi fi equipment. These sockets are all on the back of the machine. There are also sockets on the front of the machine for connecting a cam corder or connecting video and audio to another external device like a game system.

      The machine was easy to set up, it auto tuned the stations although you had to go through to the correct part of the menu system first. It can receive digital channels as well as the analogue channels. We found it picked up quite a good selection of digital channels even though we have a very old tv ariel on the roof (it was there when I moved to the house and that was in 1982), although we don't get the full range. We think we will have to have a better ariel put in to get them all, one that points in two directions at the same time.

      The picture quality on the digital channels is really good, the picture is bright and sharp and much better than the picture we get through sky for the same channel. The sound seems better too, much clearer and you can hear everything perfectly.

      You can get up a programme menu showing what tv programmes are coming on and you can then set up the machine to record them for you. It is not the same as Sky Plus though, we find Sky Plus easier to navigate than the menu on here. If you want to record something that is on later in the week we find we have to press the sideways button to go through the programmes each day right up the the day we want to record from instead of being able to go to a certain day like you can on sky plus by pressing yellow or blue to go forward or back 24 hrs. You can set up the time and date yourself manually though if you want to and you can also set it to record at the same time for a lot of different combinations like every Monday to Wednesday or every day or every Friday etc. This makes it easy to set it up to record a series as long as you know when it is coming on etc.

      Now that we have Sky Plus we find that we only record from the digital channels that are direct from the dvd recorder itself as it is a bit harder to set it to record from Sky now. You used to be able to set Sky to turn over at a certain time so you can watch a programme and then get the recorder to record at the same time but with Sky Plus it is different. This is not really a problem as we can record it direct to the hard drive in the Sky Plus but sometimes it would be handy to record it to the other hard drive instead like if the Sky Plus was filling up.

      You can set it to record to either the hard drive, a recordable dvd or to video. We usually record it to the hard drive and then we can erase it after we have watched it. If it is a programme you want to keep for a bit longer then it would be better to record it onto a dvd instead. It doesn't allow you to record films. We haven't tried recording to a video, we wanted the video part as we had some things on VCR that we wanted to copy onto DVD so that we wouldn't lose them so have only really used it for this purpose.

      You can record from a DVD onto the hard drive or video, or visa versa.

      When watching a bought dvd the picture is really good, and the sound we get through our stereo is brilliant. All in all I am very pleased with this machine and would highly recommend it.

      Coped to Ciao under username Harveydog52


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  • Product Details

    Blending the old and the new, this do-it-all deck can play VHS and DVD. What's more, it can pause live digital TV or record 284 hours to its built-in 160GB hard drive. VHS tapes and camcorder footage can be archived to the hard drive or straight to DVD, with the RD-XV48DT sending everything to your HD ready TV in upscaled quality via HDMI.

    Technical Data

    Product Description: Toshiba RD-XV48DTKTB - DVD recorder / HDD recorder / VCR combo
    Product Type: DVD recorder / HDD recorder / VCR combo
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 43.5 cm x 38 cm x 10 cm
    Weight: 5.8 kg
    DVD: DVD recorder - PAL
    VCR: VHS - 4 head(s)
    TV Tuner: Digital tuner
    Internal Storage: Hard disc drive - 160 GB
    Audio: Stereo
    Remote Control: Remote control - infrared