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Babyliss Simply Smooth

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    7 Reviews
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      17.02.2014 13:41
      Very helpful
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      An ok product, and for me a wonder product, solving painful shaving for good.

      Let me paint you a picture: imagine shaving your legs, and the minute you are done, having such itchy legs that you need to use the corner of a bottle of face wash to scratch successfully enough to satisfy yourself. Imagine them remaining itchy, sore, bleeding and painful until the day before you decide they need shaving again.

      Well that was me - desperately trying to have silky smooth legs but being unable to shave, wax or epilate.
      And then eBay produced the Babyliss Simply Smooth. I wasn't looking for it, it just appeared on my news feed - and let me tell you, it's problem solved!!!

      What is the Babyliss Simply Smooth?

      This hair removing instrument effectively buffs and exfoliates your legs, gently plucking away hairs as it goes. The idea is that you are left with smooth, exfoliated legs - just what every woman wants, right? It comes in a purple box, and is a purple machine, shaped a bit like a hair brush, to which you attach grey exfoliating discs (the box comes with one already attached, and three replacements), plug it in and away you go! It comes with two speeds, and you have to hold down the button during use.

      Is it easy to use?

      Yes and no is the answer to that. On the flats of your legs, it's brilliant - it sits smoothly on your calves, and thighs for example. However, on the niggly bits, like knees and ankles, it has no give, so it can be fiddley and awkward! Holding the button can get a bit tiring - and I don't see the point in the slower speed if I'm honest - and by the time you've done both legs, the machine heats up a fair bit too, which is uncomfortable!

      Does it do it's job?

      For me, yes. I bought the machine as a pain free alternative to hair removal, and so far, so good! If you follow the instructions, it doesn't hurt at all, and yes it smells a bit as you buff the skin away, and yes it puts white "powder" everywhere, but for me that's worth it! No longer do I suffer from itchy legs as hair regrows, and this, for me, is bliss!

      If you're looking for silky smooth legs which last for weeks, then I'd say no. I do my legs with the machine an hour before I go out, and they last for the whole evening. By the time I get up the next morning, I've got hairs reappearing - not massively, but stubble - and by the end of the week, I'm hairy again. It takes about two weeks to be so hairy it's gross not to get the machine out again - which to be fair, is probably longer than shaving, but not as long as waxing.

      So it doesn't hurt?

      No! I don't know where people got that it hurts from - the instructions clearly say not to press so hard, and believe me, I knew when I had pressed to hard (red skin, very hot, and with a sunburn quality). If you buffer lightly, and don't spend too long on one spot, then it's pain free, burn free and a sort of silky smooth finish!

      Overall views then?

      I don't regret buying this product, although the fact that it has been discontinued by Babyliss hints at it not being right for most people. You can buy pads now, and manually buffer away your hairs, and this machine is just an electrical version of those, so obviously, the technique lives on at least!

      When it first came out, it was around £40 from Boots, or any top leading store, which is a really brilliant price, I think, for something which comes with four pads, so lasts about four months with regular usage, considering razors cost a bomb! I grabbed my Babyliss for a bargain £10 from eBay - and there are more available on there! You can still buy the pads from Babyliss' website, so it made sense buying it too!

      The smooth legs don't last very long, but for me, I don't care so long as I can have a comfortable nights sleep after hair removal for a night out! It really does get rid of the coarse, rough hairs especially - the results are brilliant in that respect - and for someone that has spent so long in pain, it's a buff of fresh air! Result!

      Star rating = 4/5 for me, but from a regular user point of view, maybe 3/5 instead.


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        05.02.2014 14:50
        Very helpful



        Thanks for Reading :)

        The Price

        I purchased this Babyliss Go Smooth Hair Removal system from Amazon for around £40 a few years ago. It seems Amazon are not currently selling this hair removal appliance, which is the same from most online stores. There are a few for sale on eBay with average price being approx £39.99. It is worth keeping a look out auction sites as you may be able to grab yourself a good bargain.

        Product specifications/Summary

        * Revolutionary hair removal and exfoliation system for long lasting smoothness and comfort

        * Clinically proven to last 3 times longer than blades without the discomfort of waxing

        * Gentle fine grain exfoliating pads remove hair to leave skin feeling wonderfully soft and silky

        * Can be used on any length of hair, no waiting for re-growth

        * Comes with 3 additional sets of replacement pads

        * On/off switch

        The Design

        The hair removal system looks almost like a mini shower head; it has a circular compartment in which the round hair removing pads sit. The hair removing device is pink in colour and the hair removing pads are blue in colour. It has a power cord and power adapter to plug into the mains. The power button is located on the handle, and the hair removal pads have special designed frames so they can be inserted into the head compartment. It comes with 3 hair removing pads and instructional manual.

        My Experience

        I wanted to get out of the habit of shaving my legs with a bladed shaver, mainly due to the thicker re-growth, but also due to the fact that it can be a little harsh on my skin causing cuts etc. It also irritated me that I had to shave quite frequently as the hair would grow back within a day of shaving. Therefore I opted to try this Babyliss hair removing system which basically uses pads with special abrasion coating that removes hair and dead skin at the same time. It acts as an exfoliation system and a hair removal tool at the same time.

        The instructions advise to test the hair removal system in a small area of skin first, just in case of any adverse reactions or irritation. It is fairly easy to set up and use, simply insert a hair removing pad into the slot located on the head and click into place. Once the power button is switched on you simply move it gently over the skin areas with hair making sure not to spend too long in the same area and not to push too hard onto the skin. It does take a little getting used to in terms of knowing how much pressure and the type of angle needed to remove hair behind legs and from knee areas, but it does get easier after a couple of uses. I also remember on my first use taking a bit too long on some areas, therefore I would feel a slight burning sensation after use, so it is important to move the pads around the legs using the handle grip.

        The handle is well designed and allowed me to gain a comfortable grip and provided added control when removing hair from hard to reach areas. The length of the handle meant that the hair removing head could easily reach back of legs and calves without me needed to stretch too much or do my back in! It managed to remove hair quite fast and easily, even thick long hair got removed quickly, but required a little more time than shorter thin hair removal. I found that it takes approx 30 minutes to remove hair from both legs which is reasonable in my opinion.

        The device is quite noisy when operated, sounding like a cross between an electric shaver and a hand blender! The noise isn't a huge problem but it does seem a bit too much when using it in a confine space like in a bathroom for example. It cannot be used for underarm hair removal or bikini line.

        The pads do last quite a while, I found that the three pads lasted me almost a year. However after the three pads were used up I didn't actually repurchase any replacement pads due to the price (£14.99 for x 4) and hassle of finding places that still sell them.

        The results

        I was fairly happy with the results, hair was removed reasonably quickly and painlessly. I found that the exfoliating aspect to be a little harsh on my skin, as after each use my skin would feel a little sensitive and appear a bit red. It seems that the removal of dead skin had some mild negative effects as well, but this could be due the fact that I do suffer from quite bad dry scaly sensitive skin. I found that I would have to use the babyliss go smooth every two weeks before the hair would start growing back, which is great in my opinion as shaving the hair with a shaver used to grow back within a day. The hair regrowth was slower and also didn't grow back thicker which is definitely a plus. Although experiencing initial redness and sore skin, after a few hours the effects would subside and instead my skin would feel smoother.


        Overall I was happy with this babyliss go smooth hair removal system, as it was easy to set up and simple to use. It was slightly more time consuming to use than using a shaver but the results were better. The only downside is the slight redness and soreness effects on dry sensitive skin, and the price/availability of the replacement pads. Therefore I would rate this item 3/5.


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          25.02.2011 14:52
          Very helpful



          I would not recommend this product and found it to be a bad buy.

          Simply Smooth Dual Speed 2 Hair Removal & Exfoliation System


          I purchased the Babyliss Simply Smooth Hair removal System some years ago, in the never ending quest to find a solution for hair growth that would be long lasting and painless. I read the hype, and although this item was expensive, I thought it might well be worth a try. I had previously bought an epilator and OUCH! It really hurt. I think epilators can provide good results but, alas, they are not for me.

          I wasn't so much interested in it smoothing my skin but hoped it would remove hair painlessly and keep the hairs away for longer than shaving.

          I have used many depilatory creams with varied results and varied intensity of odours. I will wax before holidays. I find waxing to be a good method, which leaves areas treated, free of hair for much longer than shaving. However it is a little on the painful side, can be messy, and I find that I usually get fed up before all hairs are gone and so usually complete the hair removal process by shaving. Also the problem with waxing is that the hair has to grow a little until it's ready to be removed, and that to me is awkward and annoying. There are some good home wax strip packs available which work on short hairs but I still find the hair has to be allowed to grow to an uncomfortable length first. Also I mostly would wax my legs in the summer and so find it difficult when the weather is warm (or even hot!) and I have to keep my hairy legs covered.

          I have also tried a home electrolysis system but found this a very lengthy process with disappointing results.

          Really, I find most ways of depilating messy or time consuming or painful or some of all of these. That is apart from my usual method, which is a quick shave while in the shower. But although shaving is my preferred way to rid myself of unwanted hair, it has with me to be a daily, or at least almost daily, task to keep my legs feely smooth. I cannot stand the feel of stubble growing though because, as well as looking horrible, it irritates.

          Well I thought this product must be worth a try going by its claims. I decided to use some money I had been given for a birthday and went ahead with the purchase. I bought it from Boots the chemist. After using it just once I wished I hadn't bothered.

          WHAT IS IT?

          The Babyliss Simply Smooth is an electrical hand held device with dual action, meaning it should depilate as it exfoliates.

          Babyliss Simply Smooth is supposed to remove body hair, mostly recommended for the legs, painlessly. It should keep them hair free for longer than conventional methods of hair removal. At the same time it should manage to smooth the skin.

          It is equipped with two counter rotating pads which exfoliate the skin, meaning that while the hair is removed from the skin(in a way similar to gently sand papering) dead skin cells will also be removed, resulting in legs feeling smooth as well as hair free.

          The Simply Smooth is electric. It looks a bit like a back or muscle massager. It has quite a long flex, which is one plus to it as this provides flexibility of where it's used. I managed to plug this in at a socket near to my dressing table and was able to start by sitting at my dressing table stool and then moving to the bed a little further away.

          It is lilac in colour.

          The head is round and to this is attached the round epilating and smoothing pads/discs. These have to be renewed every so often. In my case this would have to be frequently if I used this often. I found one disc became used fairly quickly. This therefore adds the hassle of buying and finding stockists of the pads. Three spares were included.

          This item concerning the product has been taken from www.prohaircare.co.uk:

          'Clinically proven to last over 3 x longer than blades before re-use was required, an average of just under 2 weeks and 4 out of 5 women who tried the Simply Smooth Dual Speed for 12 weeks said it was a pain-free way to remove hair, 3 out of the 5 said it made their skin feel healthier and smoother!'

          I agree that skin felt smooth and the process was painless, although slightly stinging/irritating. I feel if one has very sensitive skin then it may feel uncomfortable after using this product.

          PRODUCT FEATURES (Taken from www.prohaircare.co.uk)

          * Revolutionary hair removal & exfoliation system for long lasting smoothness and comfort

          * Results last 3 x longer than blades without the discomfort of waxing

          * Counter-rotating fine-grain exfoliating pads gently remove hair to leave skin feeling wonderfully smooth and soft

          * Two-speed action

          * Can be used on any length of hair, no need to wait for re-growth

          * Comes with 3 additional sets of pads

          * Mains operated

          * 2 year guarantee

          HOW TO USE

          Below the head is the handle which houses the dual controls. The shape of this makes it comfortable to hold but unfortunately it is quite heavy. Now for me, after a while of using this it became much too weighty and then it became uncomfortable to use.

          I think that the biggest design fault was the fact that the two controls, governing the speed, have to be held in whilst using the device. I found this quite awkward, especially in the more difficult to reach areas that were being treated. I would have found this much easier to use if it was controlled in a way similar to a hand held food blender, in the sense that one control could be used while pressed in in the way of a pulse button and the other once pressed would remain on until pressed again. I feel this would have made the Simply Smooth easier to operate. When using this and having to keep ones finger on the button, and taking into account the weight, it becomes, in my case anyway, very awkward and, in fact, causes discomfort.

          Once set up and the pad attached the best results are achieved by using small, light, circular movements over a small area of the leg and then moving to a new area.


          It took a long time to remove a decent amount of leg hair. Actually it never got rid of enough that I could have gone out with legs bare. I had to revert to my most trusted method of hair removal-shaving.

          I found using this caused some redness to my skin which gradually faded, within an hour or so.

          As I said, little hair was removed. It might possibly work better on those ladies having very fair and fine leg hair.

          My legs did feel quite smooth after use, even though they weren't entirely hairless. But I would never have chosen to spend this amount of time on my legs to reach an effect which could have been better achieved by a razor and a decent body lotion.

          If used regularly then this would perhaps prove to have better results because this type of epilation tends to reduce hair growth with prolonged use. In my case I tried this several times but feel that for the effort and time involved, and the cost of the product, it really, in my case, was a waste of time and a terrible buy.

          If this had removed a decent amount of hair then i might have been able to better judge whether hair took a longer time than usual to return. As it only removed minimal amount of hair then i can't say that it did.


          I don't remember how much I paid for this as it was bought a few years ago. However, I do know that it was more expensive then than it is now. I do feel it is a waste of money however low the price due to the poor results and time consuming process needed to achieve any results.

          If you are still interested in purchasing this product then it can be found from online beauty stores and chemists.

          www.prohaircare.co.uk sells this product for the price of £22.99.

          It can also be found from sellers on www.ebay.co.uk


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            27.01.2011 00:01
            Very helpful



            Give this one a miss- lots of pain, no gain.

            In a desperate bid to try something to rid me of the regular chore of shaving my legs- without the pain attached to methods like waxing and epilating, or the very pricy laser removal, babyliss simply smooth looked like a very attractive option.
            It was on offer in boots and I had a lot of points to use up... so I bought this on a bit of an impulse buy... what a mistake (and a waste of good boots points!!).

            The simply smooth offers a painless way of ridding you of leg hair, with results lasting 3 times longer than shaving. I found however that it not only ridded me of my hair, but also of the skin on my legs.

            The simply smooth comes with 3 exfoliating pads- not sure where you get replacements from and I have never seen them in any shops. So I'm guessing that if you did carry on using this you would soon run into problems finding replacements- I didn't get that far.
            The simply smooth is also very noisy- if you want to be discreet with your hair removal, this is not the right thing to be using- I found the noise quite off putting.

            The instructions do say that it will act as an exfoliator as well- and I was surprised to see how much dead skin I seemed to have on my legs (didnt think I was that ineffective in my washing and exfoliating!). All appeared well after the first use and after a hoovering session to get rid of the skin!!! However, by the end of the day my legs were red and sore and it hurt to put trousers on or have anything touching my skin.
            The instructions did say not to press too firmly upon the skin and to only have the pads just touching during use, so I put this mishap down to being a little too heavy handed with my new contraption!

            Two more attempts later- same effects, same pain, same soreness- so the simply smooth was confined back to its box to gather dust and never be used again.

            I'm afraid I don't have many positive things to say about this product- I'm usually a fan of babyliss products, with most of my current and previous beauty 'devices' being made by babyliss. This however is probably one of their few misses.
            Its ok for exfoliating I guess, but only if you want red legs. I think it would be better suited for exfoliating something like elephant skin!


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            19.08.2009 12:47



            Good idea but didnt like the product

            I had this product for xmas and I was not very happy with the results! Yes its easy to use and put together but the after effects I found were not good.
            I do not have sensitive skin but the next day I discovered my legs were covered in red lines were the "sander" had been used, red and itchy is not a good look! Also I found that the hair grew back within a few days which is the same as shaving really, and I was expecting it to take at least a week to grow back. My sister tried the product also (joint crimbo pressies from the folks!) And she had the same problem, red and itchy, her hair took a little longer to grow back though. It was easy to use but I was expecting more from the product and was disapointed
            This product was not for me.


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              17.10.2008 16:33
              Very helpful



              Great as an extra to your present routine but its not a stand alone product

              As a gadget guru I think I have used just about every hair removal technique going from razors, epilators, wax strips, microwave wax, ladyshaves, two different electrolysis kits and the obligitatory hubbies razor which he then blamed me for it cutting his face. I got this on its release as I had used a manual version called silky mitts previously. This was pretty much a pair of fingerless mittens made out of sandpaper which you rubbed in a circular motion over your legs etc and it had worked well.

              This is a plug in device which uses the same sort of idea involving a sandpapery type disk rotated at speed which you move in circular motion around your hairy bits.

              - - Set up - -

              The unit was simple to put together remove the body of the device and connect one of the disks (three extra supplied). Then plug in and you are good to go.

              - - Using it - -

              Simply place the disk on the area where you require hair removal and push in the button. Any problems take your finger off the button and move the unit away from your skin. On first use you might panic a little as after a short while there is a burning flesh smell and you wonder whether you are quite sane as you sit there sandpapering your leg. Also be ready for witty comments from any member of your family who may catch you using it.

              You start by trying it on a small area to check that your skin isn't going to be ridiculously sensitive and then move onto a larger area. You press gently on the skin while moving the unit in circular motions. I definitely notice if I have spent to long on a particular area that it is itchy and burney for a couple of days afterwards.

              The knee and ankle area are quite difficult to do as the disks are quite large, hard and flat making it difficult to get them into unflat areas. This also means its not suitable for underarms or bikini line.

              The time taken is a lot more than shaving but less than epilating.
              There is no pain involved unless you stay for too long on one area and even then its less than what you would get with an epilator if you epilate without being straight out of a hot shower or bath.

              - - Results - -

              Of every hair removal method I have used this leaves the best result although it may take a few goes before you manage to catch every single hair. The rotating head not only removes hair but also the top layer of skin and the area left behind feels as soft as a babys bottom and if you follow up with a nice shimmery body lotion your legs literally shine with health. Unfortunately looking at the amount of white powder on the floor (looks like I've had a few pop stars over) you begin to wonder if you use it every few days how long would it be before you wore through to the bone!!!!!!

              The hair growing back seems to take a little longer than shaving and is softer and less prickly. You can use this even when the hairs are really short and get a great look.

              - - Claims - -

              Results last 3 times longer than shaving - possibly

              Leaves a smooth finish - definitely

              Due to the aggressive nature of this machine and the amount of skin removed I did not take to using it constantly - if I'm going out or its due to be sunny for a few days in a row this is my torture implement of choice as the finish and smoothness is the best of any method. I haven't even finished my first disk yet but then I'm only using it once every couple of months.

              My sis-in-law, niece and I were watching an infomercial for a similar product by Rio last Saturday which they both liked the look of and when I jumped up to get my babyliss saying I've something similar you can try, they looked at each other knowingly and my sis-in-law said we love coming here on a Saturday its like coming to a toy shop - Has my gadgetaholicness got out of control!!!!!

              They loved the effect it had on their legs particularly my sis-in-law who has very dry skin on her legs as she ended up with them having a lovely shine. They were planning to stop at boots on the way home and purchase one. Currently priced at around £40.00


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                15.12.2005 10:39
                Very helpful



                good easy way to deal with hair removal

                Like many people I had been shaving for years using various products ranging from disposables, gillette razors and electric ladyshaves. I felt it was time for something new and as waxing or epilators didn't appeal to me I was very excited by this product when I first saw it.

                It is very easy to use and not only gets rid of hair but removes dead skin too to leave healthy glowing skin. It was quite expensive around £40 so I was extremely happy to receive it as a gift.

                Made by Babyliss, who are probably more well known for their haircare products and their wonderful bath spa, this was a bit of a surprise to me that it wasn't Braun or Philips - who are well known for their ladyshave products - that had brought out a product of this kind.

                It comes with 3 spare pads which last a long time so there isn't constant extra spending like with ladyshaves where I found it was very expensive to replace the foil and how often do you go to use a disposable and find you need a new blade and try as hard as possible to find some you bought on sale months before with no luck. With waxing too there is constant extra expenses so £40 starts to look quite reasonable when you take all this into consideration.

                You are advised to try the simply smooth on a small area to start with in case of skin irritation and you have to be careful not to press too hard or leave the spinning pad on an area too long as this can cause redness and a bit of discomfort and burning after use. Luckily since the first time, when I think I left it on a little bit long in certain areas, I have had no problems and the result has been brilliant. It does take a bit more time than shaving but the difference is amazing - really smooth skin and I've found that the hair grows back finer as it is not getting cut, but rubbed off so every time you use it gets easier and I've found that I only have to do it once a fortnight instead of 5 or 6 days with shaving.

                Even the initial discomfort was helped by using a good moisturiser afterwards which I would recommend using anyway.

                The one bad thing about this is you can't use it on your underarms or your bikini line so I do have a disposable for this still.

                I can honestly say I love this product and my daughter has even tried it as a new user of hair removal products and is most impressed as she didn't really feel comfortable about shaving with a blade.

                Since getting this I notice there is now a cordless rechargeable version which is slightly more expensive than this one and Babyliss have also brought out their own range of ladyshave products too.


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