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Braun 3610 Interface Rechargeable Shaver

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Brand: Braun / Type: Men's Shaver

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    1 Review
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      01.03.2002 04:33
      Very helpful



      Opinion Index (1) The Introduction. (2) The boring sun shining in a moonlit sky below my feet bit. (3) The even more boring technical details. (4) The opinion of Charles Chuckle ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (1) This opinion is broken down into four sections. The first, after this introduction, is the section that people write to get a crown on dooyoo. It is a boring load of irrelevant mince. However, this is the sort of thing that gets crowns, although I'm sure I'll never ever get a crown for anything that I write (one of the guides told me that it was disgraceful that my budgie opinion didn't get crowned). The second section is the technical specifications. Again, nothing to do with opinion, but essential if I don't want my opinion locked again like two of my previous ones. Technical specifications, like plot in film and book reviews, is fact, not opinion, and is easily found on a box or a technical specification site. The third section is what I think of the shaver, the only part of this opinion that actually matters. The fourth section is actually this, the first section. An introduction to my opinion especially for the intellectually challenged who need every little detail spelled out to them. You can miss out the following two sections if you want, unless you want to nominate for a crown. (2) From the age of about twelve I was aware of a phenomenon taking place on my face. Little hairs had started to spout from my chin and my upper lip. I was later to find out that this was a normal occurrence and would lead to a necessity to shave on a daily basis in later life. At first I was happy to leave those wispy whiskers where they were, having convinced myself that they were a sign of maturity and a guaranteed craddock magnet. How wrong I was. Actually they just led to a new nickname, bumfluff boy, that the bullies, the hairy-faced bullies with real moustaches, would use to taunt me merciless
      ly. Eventually I decided that the hairs had to go. I followed the example of my old fella and used an open razor for my first attempt. Much mopping of blood, drying of tears and sewing back on of ears later I decided I needed a safer plan if I were to keep my face as intact and handsome as it was. I tried disposable razors, but for a young lad on a budget of paper delivery earnings I couldn't afford such luxury. It was then that I decided that mamma and papa could save their son's face by buying me an electric shaver for Christmas, or more accurately having Santa deliver one - isn't that right kiddies? I have found to my great joy that electric shavers are the only way to live. They are quick and convenient, I can use them while reading the newspaper or eating corn flakes or having a dump or walking in circles around the garden trampling slugs. I have had many electric shavers over the years, some good, some bad, and some just plain ugly. I have come to regard them as a part of me, an intimate part of my facial presentation, and I mourn them like a lost love when they eventually head towards that great shaver factory in the sky, or the bin. This is my opinion of one such shavery love affair. (3) I would like to be able to show you a picture of this shaver but Dooyoo have not included one. However, if you type, or copy, the following URL into your browser you can wonder at the visual treat before your eyes. This is a picture of the Braun 3610; http://store5.yimg.com/I/appliancesourcecom_1665_88527 The description from the box, and please forgive my plagiarism but Braun can describe their own product so much better than I ever could, is thus; 1. Combination shave: foil and floating cutter combine to cleanly shave short and longer, curly hairs. 2. Foil only: floating cutter is deactivated for shaving under the nose. 3. Pop-out trimmer: for trimming moustache and side burns. Switch lock to
      prevent accidental operation while travelling (on holiday, but not to see a bullfight). Ultra thin platinum-coated foil interacts with spring-mounted floating cutter to ensure superior closeness and comfort. First the floating cutter cuts off longer hairs and then the foil follows to give a close, smooth shave. Unfortunately Braun have not given the dimensions of the shaver on the box, but I have taken the liberty of measuring it for your consumer opinion reading needs. Length is 5 inches. Depth is an average of one inch, slightly less at top and bottom and slightly more in middle. Width scales from two inches at the top (the cutter end) to one and a half inches at the bottom. The shaver comes complete with a mock leather pouch, a little brush for cleaning it and a charging lead. Charge time is approximately eight hours that will give approximately 30 minutes of cordless shaving, depending on the face involved. The price is a mystery. I paid, if I recall correctly, £29.99 from a high street store, Dixons I think. I have had a look on the web and with American based sites in particular the price of this model varies greatly. One site is selling it for $29.99 while at another it is $79.99. If you do decide to buy this model, fool, then I would advise using kelkoo or pricerunner or the Dooyoo price comparison function to find the best price. Or let me know and I will put mine up for auction on e-bay and you can buy it, signed, for bids of around £6000. (4) Over the years I have had many electric shavers. The Braun 3610 is not my favourite by a long way. I do find that it is quick to use, it does give me a reasonably close shave and it is comfortable to hold. It is also lighter than many shavers I have had in the past. But having said that there are drawbacks with this shaver. The main drawback is that it is solely a cordless shaver. That means that it cannot be operated from the mains with the
      charging lead. I often forget to charge it and it is pretty annoying when it runs out of juice half way through a shave. Another downside is that the charging indicator light does not go off when it is fully charged. I left it charging for three days once and the light stayed on. Perhaps that is a fault in my shaver and not a design flaw. I might write and ask them. The third annoyance is the pop-up trimmer which pops-out from the side rather than popping-up from the top like on many other models. It is almost impossible to direct it with any precision, leading to squinty sideburns that would be the laughing stock of any Elvis convention. The floating cutter idea is a good one and cuts down considerably on the time that it takes to shave. The idea is that the floating cutter will chop long hairs and the foil will then only have small bristles to deal with. This does seem to work well and leads to a quick shaving experience. Cleaning of the head/foil is made difficult by the unclipping mechanism, which is hard to unclip. Getting your fingers round the head and making it come off is a task which requires great skill and practice to perfect, as you may well know, if you have one of these shavers. All in all this is a decent enough shaver that does give a good shave. The annoying drawbacks, however, mean that I really cannot recommend that you buy this model. There are other, more user friendly models available. Go read the reviews of them.


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